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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Selling Information

Have too many keys, jackets, and scavs on your inventory? Then why not help other players battling for their lives in the Escape from Tarkov make their survivability rate go up a notch. With the game’s brutal game-play and in-game economy to match, gamers can bet there’s a demand for Escape from Tarkov items, making it a great alternative for some folks to sell their loot instead.

What Escape from Tarkov Items Can I Sell

To make a fortune out of Escape from Tarkov items, it is recommended that sellers need to get the ones that sell for a high price. Examples include cases (money cases, weapon cases, S I C C cases), lab and shoreline keys, red cards, and physical bitcoins. They’re not exactly easy to get, and that’s exactly why they fetch quite the price.

How Much to Sell EFT Items for

While a seller's goal is to make a profit, it’s also important to check if their pricing is reasonable. This is to ensure that potential buyers won’t be immediately turned off upon checking the listing. To the sellers that want to get a better idea of how much their items are worth, it's a worthwhile effort for them to check out how much the other players sell all of their stuff. From there, they can adjust their prices according to the current market.

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