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Escaping from the doom and gloom of the dreaded Chernobyl-like city of Tarkov can be a much easier prospect if a player has deep pockets filled with precious Roubles. Using Escape From Tarkov currency as a leverage could be a viable strategy for some players. More often than not, it's what the players need in order to upgrade their weapons or get decent armor for their next raid. Roubles, in particular, are the most used currency in the game. Players can buy almost everything in the game with Roubles thanks to its versatility.

Escape From Tarkov Money Making

What are the best ways to make Escape From Tarkov money? There are many approaches to farming money in Tarkov. But here’s the thing: There really isn’t a definitive way to farm Roubles. All that matters is that whatever it is, it has to be what a player thinks works best for them. With that being said, there are some methods that players can surely count on to stack up in-game cash!

  • Run Interchange – Play the Interchange, loot, profit, and repeat. This cycle is one of the most basic ways of making money early on in EFT. It’s a map that’s rich in loot so gamers will have plenty to scavenge.
  • Capitalize on the Flea Market – The Flea Market is a nice way of making money with almost no risk involved. Players can get a steady stream of passive income just from buying and selling (at a profit).

Sometimes, even if a farming method isn’t as profitable as others, it can still be a lucrative prospect if it’s reliable. This is certainly the case with these methods! Letting Roubles simply sit idly in the inventory isn't going to do a player any good, so it's best to keep the currency rolling and doing something with it at the very least.

Sell Tarkov Roubles and Currency of Different Types

There are all kinds of currencies available in Escape From Tarkov. The most well-known one by far is Roubles since they're the currency that's used most of the time when it comes to buying items from vendors and NPCs. There are also Euros and Dollars. The Euros are mostly used by players when they're buying items from the Mechanic and they can't be earned by simply just selling items to a trader. Thus, they can only be purchased from Skier once they have a loyalty level of 2. As for Dollars, they're considered as the main currency when buying items from the Peacekeeper. By having the different kinds of currencies available, sellers will be able to cater to almost any players in Escape From Tarkov.

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