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Escape From Tarkov Account Value Calculator

The trusty EFT Account Value Calculator gives users as accurate an estimate as possible for the best offer possible. This handy tool can be used by both buyers and sellers alike. For sellers, it’s a veritable no-no to price their items too high as it could potentially put off potential buyers. At the same time, it’s also not feasible to price something so low that the profit margin is practically non-existent.

As for buyers, it’s only natural to want to get the best value for your money. While this is oftentimes tied in with affordability, it’s also important to check just how much value you’re getting for what you pay. While games are generally priced in a uniformed manner, Escape From Tarkov accounts can actually vary in terms of overall value. Different variables such as the EFT edition, the amount of Roubles that come with the account, and the readily available levels have legitimate weight.

With a decent and reliable price point in place, everyone can go home happy with the trade. Make sure to take advantage of this nifty tool brought to you by PlayerAuctions!

Escape From Tarkov Editions

Over the years, Battlestate Games has infused its prized game with various updates and editions. While it is still technically under development, many players have had first dibs on its heart-stopping action—so why shouldn’t you get to enjoy it too!

While EFT is still currently in early access, there are various editions that you can get your hands on. Depending on which you avail of, you can get a wide variety of bonuses and perks that you can use as leverage in the game.

The EFT editions are as follows:

  • Standard – The EFT Standard Edition is the most basic and comes with a 10x26 cell (to accommodate 260 slots).
  • Left Behind – EFT Left Behind edition will grant you a positive standing with all in-game traders—a good position to be in when starting the game.
  • Prepare For Escape – With guaranteed access to the closed beta, digital copy preload, and a season pass, Prepare For Escape just might be one of the most lucrative editions of EFT.
  • Edge of Darkness – This particular edition comes with a huge inventory space and lots of cool guns to blast would-be opponents with.

Escape From Tarkov Levels

EFT features a total of five skill categories that players can improve upon (given with active use, of course). The more a player uses these skills, the sharper they will be. They can be boosted up to level 51—which is also known as Elite Level.

  • Physical – Endurance, health, immunity, metabolism, strength, vitality, stress resistance
  • Mental – Attention, charisma, intellect, memory, perception
  • Combat – Assault rifles, designated marksman rifles, throwables, heavy machine guns, launchers, light machine guns, melee, pistols, recoil control, revolvers, shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, underbarrel launchers
  • Practical – Advanced modding, aim drills, auctions, barter, first aid, weapon modding, clean operations, covert movement, field medicine, free trading, heavy vests, lockpicking, night operations, prone movement, searching, shadow connections, silent operations, sniping, surgery, task performance, weapon maintenance, mag drills, crafting, hideout management
  • Special – Bear AK systems, Bear assault operations, Bear authority, Bear heavy caliber, Bear raw power, USEC AR systems, USEC deep weapon modding, USEC negotiations, USEC long range optics, USEC tactics

Escape From Tarkov Roubles

Being the main currency in EFT, Roubles are naturally going to be at a premium. With it, you can level up your character and gain various benefits throughout the game. The more of these an EFT account has, the loftier its price will be.

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