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Welcome to PlayerAuctions' Escape From Tarkov Trading Market

Escape From Tarkov has always been an intense game, especially for those who aren’t used to first-person shooters. Now, gamers have the chance to take a gander at the offers, posted by other players, in PlayerAuctions’ Tarkov market. Filled with the best guns, attachments, and many more, players will no doubt find something of use in the marketplace.

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by Escape From Tarkov or its trademark owner.
About Escape From Tarkov Online Marketplace

Escape from Tarkov Marketplace

In PlayerAuctions’ Escape from Tarkov marketplace, players are able to meet up in order to buy, sell, or trade anything related to EFT. These can range from roubles to items such as map keys and cases, to accounts, and even power leveling services. Players who are interested in buying do so by picking a trading category (roubles, items, accounts, or power leveling), reviewing the offers on the page, picking one, and then communicating delivery with the seller.

Sellers, on the other hand, are the ones who create offers that appear on these pages. Creating offers is free (a small service fee is only taken once an order is completed) and can be done easily by those interested in selling. Once an offer is up, they just have to wait for a buyer to purchase it, at which point they will be notified and will begin communications to organize delivery. Once the buyer has confirmed delivery, payment will be released from escrow to the seller.

What is The Tarkov Flea Market?

The Escape from Tarkov Flea Market is a place for players to trade within the game. Trading is an essential part of EFT as it keeps the dynamic economy alive. It’s often looked at as a handy tool for players who are looking to make a couple of roubles or bitcoin. Simply put, the Flea Market in Escape from Tarkov has everything that a player needs to jumpstart their journey. To have access to the Flea Market, players must be at least PMC level 15. It’s recommended that they do as many trader missions as they can so that they’ll be able to unlock it quickly. The trader missions, in particular, are not only essential since they’ll give players access to the Flea Market, but they’re also a great source of experience points and is a great “tutorial” for newbies that are still learning what Escape from Tarkov is all about. Players also don’t need to worry about trying to escape as a raid every time. So long as they pilfer a couple of cheap guns within the raid and kill as many Scavs as they can, then those will also net them a good amount of EXP to level up their PMC.

How to Have a Better Escape from Tarkov Flea Market Experience

The Flea Market can be difficult to get around to despite being an awfully useful tool for its players. Almost everything within Escape from Tarkov has a learning curve, so it’s no surprise that even the Flea Market can be a bit daunting for other players. But should they manage to learn everything within the Flea Market, they can easily make lots of in-game currency such as roubles. By far, the best thing to do after gaining access to the Flea Market is to use filters. There are a couple of options and alternatives when it comes to narrowing down the lengthy listings. Tracking down the items that they want can be hard for a player, especially since there’s no “wishlist” tab or section that they can use. This is where the EFT filters come in. Players can use the filters to search specific variants of each weapon, keep tabs on the items that they’re planning to get in the future, and even look for the attachments for different types of weapons without having to scroll through hundreds of them at a time. It’s unavoidable to have a lot of odds and ends in Escape from Tarkov after a couple of raid sessions, which is why having filters is extremely useful. Some filters are specifically used for selling purposes such as being able to quickly check the prices of items that are in the Flea Market. This is great for players who are planning to list the items that they own for sale. This way, they’ll at least have a gauge of what pricepoint they should go with.

How to Increase Tarkov Flea Market Reputation

The reputation of a player in the Flea Market is crucial for scoring deals and discounts from the traders. Depending on how low or high a player’s reputation is, it will ultimately affect their number of offers and how the other players in the game view their offers. The biggest perk that a player can have by scoring a high reputation is having more offer slots. This is because the offer slots of a player will increase accordingly to a specific reputation value. Offer slots are specifically great to have for players who are more focused on selling rather than buying items in the Flea Market. The best and arguably the fastest way to gain reputation is by doing quests. Doing quests is integral for players who want to increase their reputation. There are specific quests per trader that players can opt to do to level them up. In terms of what trader that a player should focus on first, most other gamers tend to lean towards Peacekeeper as the first trader to level up since he has the lowest initial requirements. To make things easier, players should start with the traders that have low requirements and finish with the more difficult ones. Increasing trader reputation in Escape from Tarkov is handy in the long run as players get to unlock new items that they could not have purchased at the start.

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