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Perfect Fossil, Gilded Fossil, Hollow Fossil and More

PoE fossils opened up a whole new way of crafting gear in Path of Exile. Now, it is a valuable currency for anyone who wants to modify their equipment themselves and buyers are looking to trade with the best online sellers to start their collection.

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Trading Information

Fossils are a kind of special currency that can only be obtained through Path of Exile’s Delve content. For those that are new to the game or had a break from it, Delve is a league that was released way back in Path of Exile 3.4. In it, players will be going down to the Azurite Mine

Why Do Gamers Want to Buy PoE Fossils?

There are two things that sets the Azurite Mine apart from other endgame content. First would be that players will be able to go down to such great depths, as the Delve level has been capped at 65,535. For most players, even dedicated ones that are willing to spend much time and energy into the game, that is a lot.

Another would be that throughout their run in Delve, players are reliant on a contraption called the Crawler. The darkness in the Azurite Mines are literally fatal, and the only thing that can ward it off would be the light given off by the Crawler, which requires voltaxic sulphite as an energy source. This mineral can be found in zones in Act 4 and onwards, as well as in maps in the Atlas of Worlds. Scarabs can also be used to increase the number of voltaxic sulphite that can be obtained in a map.

As they are such an important part of Delve content, some buyers decide to buy PoE fossils to try and stay ahead of their competitors.

POE Fossil Crafting

While Delve gives out lots of items, one of the most important of them would be fossils. Like most currencies, their purpose is to modify gear. Unlike regular POE currency, however, they are not applied onto items directly and then consumed afterwards. Instead, they are socketed into an item called a resonator. This is because fossils do not give out random mods per se, but guide the RNG of the resonator into what mods will be given. The number of fossils that can be socketed onto a resonator depends onto a resonator. While two are enough for a lot of players, some resonators have up to four fossil sockets, giving players a lot of customization options.

The resonator is then used onto an item, altering its mods according to what the resonator’s effects would be in line with the fossil’s meta-modifiers. However, unlike regular Orbs, which can be used on an item as many times as long as it can have an effect on said item, players can only use a resonator on an item once and then never again.

There are over 36 fossils available, and all of them vary in effects as well as location that they can be obtained from. There would be too many of them to describe all of their effects, so here are a select few fossils:

  • POE Perfect Fossil – improved quality
  • Gilded Fossil – item becomes overvalued by vendors
  • Hollow Fossil – gives an abyssal socket
  • Glyphic Fossil – gives a Corrupt essence modifier
  • Sanctified Fossil – numeric modifiers become lucky and high-level modifiers become more common
  • Tangled Fossil – gives any fossil modifiers
  • Fractured Fossil – creates a mirrored copy

Because of the versatility and reduced RNG that resonators and fossils offer, lots of players are more than willing to go through great lengths to obtain them. While this has become easier with Delve becoming a part of Standard League, this particular kind of content is still by no means a walk in the park.

On the other hand, there are also players that have no problem taking on Delve, but do not have the time to do so. Whatever their reasons are, some of them decide to buy their fossils from sellers online. When they buy fossils, they first figure out the value of those follows in Exalted Orbs before purchasing so they know how much they should pay.


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