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One of the rarest pieces of currency in Path of Exile is the Mirror of Kalandra, which can duplicate any non-unique item. While it can be easier to just buy another of the same item, it’ll never be an exact copy. So buy Mirror of Kalandra and multiply the items you need.


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Trading Information

What Does Mirror of Kalandra Do?

The Mirror of Kalandra is one of, if not the, rarest item in all of Path of Exile. This is because it does something that most games ban for: it duplicates an item. That’s right, if you use it on any non-unique item in the game, you can create yourself a carbon copy. There’s only one catch – you cannot change a mirrored item. This means that you can never change the item that you have mirrored, in any way. So, it had better be perfect before you use your Mirror of Kalandra on it!

Typically, Mirror of Kalandra is used in one of two ways. First, you find a perfect item that will complete your build and make you much stronger. The person is listing it on the forums with a mirror fee of some number of Exalted Orbs. You collect the requested number of Exalted Orbs, bring them along with your Mirror of Kalandra, and give them to the trader, who then creates a duplicate of his item for you to use. If you need different colours than the seller has, make sure you bring your Chromatic Orbs and inform the seller before the purchase.

The second, and far more common usage of Mirror of Kalandra, is as a trophy. Because it is so rare and so expensive, many players purchase one to show off their wealth. Occasionally if you play standard and have global chat open, people will flash their stacks of multiple Mirror of Kalandras. Bragging rights is no joke!

Mirror of Kalandra Drop Rate

After all this talk of wealth and bragging rights, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on your very own Mirror of Kalandra. Well, if you plan to find one yourself, good luck! The drop rate for a Mirror of Kalandra is well below a 0.001% chance. Conservative estimates have the average number of hours needed for a Mirror of Kalandra to drop at well over 10,000, speculations have it as in the realm of 20,000 hours of farming.

The true drop rate is unknown, only hints have been dropped by the developers. However, using those hints we can know that the odds of getting one from any given monster kill is approximately 1/26,000,000. To put this in perspective, a few years ago it was estimated that across all players in Path of Exile, a Mirror of Kalandra dropped once every three days. Now, there are far more players today, we are more efficient, and the game has gotten faster, so there are likely many more now. However, that puts into perspective your odds of finding one.

One more interesting statistic regarding Mirror of Kalandra, the developers at one point admitted that there was a light in their office that went off each time a Mirror of Kalandra dropped. And before you ask, no, there is no Mirror of Kalandra recipe. So, if you ever wondered if you’d find one yourself, the answer is a resounding no. Unless you’re the luckiest person in the game that day, of course!

Mirror of Kalandra Farming

After reading the drop rate paragraph you may be wondering why I even bothered to include a farming section for Mirror of Kalandra. Clearly it’s incredibly rare, and nearly unfarmable. The key word being ‘nearly’. There is a way to farm Mirror of Kalandra, it’s just incredibly slow and would probably take multiple leagues to finish. However, if you truly want to earn one yourself, it is possible. Once again we turn to the magic of Divination Cards as one of the few ways to properly farm for specific items.

There is a Divination Card will grant a Mirror of Kalandra – House of Mirrors. It takes nine House of Mirrors to make a Mirror of Kalandra. However, there’s no way to farm it, you would have to get lucky and find it from a Diviner’s Strongbox or a Stacked Deck. However, there is a way to get it from a second set of Divination Cards! That’s right, there’s a Divination Card that gives another Divination Card. The Immortal is a Divination Card that stacks up to ten, and when completed it gives you a single House of Mirrors card. Some basic math will tell you that it takes ninety The Immortal cards in order to get a single Mirror of Kalandra.

If you are still determined to go this route, you can only find The Immortal inside of the Hall of Grandmasters. This is an incredibly difficult map comprised of other Path of Exile players who have paid to have their character added to the map. In order to properly farm this map, you would have to make a build specifically designed around being able to handle all of the things the characters throw at you – there are guides that can help. Running Hall of Grandmasters can be very lucrative, especially if you can get players paying for completion. But very little of that profit comes from The Immortal. In our tests we ran around fifty Hall of Grandmasters and only found two The Immortal cards. As we said, it will likely take you multiple leagues to collect the ninety needed for a self-found Mirror of Kalandra. But it is possible!

Mirror of Kalandra Price and How to Buy

Mirror of Kalandra Price: How much is a Mirror of Kalandra worth?

Mirror of Kalandra, due to its rarity, has a very flexible price. If the league is extremely popular and there are many high-end players looking to use Mirror of Kalandras to create perfect gear, their price will be high. If the league is unpopular, the price will, actually, still be high because the demand of the hardcore players will rise above the supply of the lower playerbase. There’s a middle point where they are cheaper. Basically, they are very expensive items, and if you’re looking at buying one with in-game money, a Mirror of Kalandra will set you back anywhere from 100-250 Exalted Orbs. And even that is a very general price, and extremely subject to change.

The real money price of Mirror of Kalandra is also fairly flexible, but you can expect it to set you back at least $100 USD, very rarely going over $300 USD. This is the sort of item that you only buy if you understand exactly what you want and know what it will do for you. If you’re that top player who just needs one more perfect item, then jump on and grab yourself a Mirror of Kalandra today!

How to Buy Mirror of Kalandra for Real Money

If you’ve decided to buy a Mirror of Kalandra for real money, there are some steps you should follow. First, head over to our PlayerAuction marketplace. Find yourself a seller from our reliable sellers, and purchase one of their Mirror of Kalandras. If you want to ensure you get your Mirror of Kalandra as fast as possible, message the seller on the PlayerAuctions site – to ensure the fastest delivery possible.

Once you have contacted a seller and purchased their item, make sure you follow their steps to smoothly trade. This will likely include not talking within the game, and putting a rare item in the trade window when you do the trade. Follow their instructions if you want to be sure the trade goes as smoothly as possible. Due to our PlayerAuctions trading system, you can rest assured that you won’t be scammed, even with transactions as large as multiple Mirror of Kalandras!


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