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It’s been running for quite some time now, but Path of Exile continues to be a consistently solid hack-and-slash top-down action RPG. It’s why it also continues to gain new players as well. New exiles that want a head start or veterans that want an advantage are on the search for a platform where they can partake in Path of Exile Real Money Trading.

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About Path of Exile Online Marketplace

Why POE Trade and the POE Market

True to its subgenre, Path of Exile has a heavy focus on items. It can even be said that it’s more item-intensive compared to its rival titles, as it’s what allows its freer customization system that other games in the subgenre do not have.

The biggest hurdle in obtaining items in Path of Exile, however, is the RNG, or the random numbers generator. There is no guarantee that one will get the item they want or need. In fact, the closest thing players can do to affect drops is to equip gear that modify the quantity and rarity of drops. Alternatively, there is trading. Players engaging in POE Trade can exchange Rare and viable items that they find for those that they need.

Unfortunately, neither method is for new players that want to be strong when the endgame comes. They do not have the time or the ability to farm, and they do not have the resources for the latter. As for veterans, they could either do not have the time or energy to farm, or they don’t want to let go of any of their items. That is where the POE Market comes in.

In the POE Marketplace, players can buy all sorts of POE Items with real-life money. Doing so not only saves them from the time needed to farm – and there is no certainty as to how long this will last – but also from the need to sell their account assets in exchange.

How Much Are Items in the POE Market?

The price of items in the marketplace depends on the seller, but they try to follow community-accepted pricing and sell items according to their actual equivalent in real-life currency. At the same time, buyers also take cares to carefully check each offer in order to find the best deals.

What POE Items are Traded?

There are various items in Path of Exile, but there are three item types that are traded the most. First of which are skill gems. Rather than giving classes an inherent skill that only they possess, the game allows them to use any skill gem as long as they meet its requirements. Thus, what sets classes apart would be where they start in the shared passive skill tree, and they further specialized when they reach their Ascendancy skills.

Another important item would be gear. Among them, the ones most sought after are Unique gear and Rare Gear. For the former, it’s those that are essential or even central to a particular build that are the most commonly looked for. They are called as such because they provide skills or mods that cannot be found or modified into Rare gear.

Examples include the following:

  • Ngamahu’s Cyclone – a two-handed axe that triggers molten burst on melee hit, increases physical damage, and converts physical damage into fire damage.
  • Arakaali’s Fang – raises spiders on kill
  • Saqawal’s Flock, Winds, and Talons – these are synergistic gear that respectively grants chance to trigger Level 20 Tornado after gaining Avian’s Might or Flight, additional cold and lightning damage with Avian’s Might, and grants level 20 Aspect of the Avian.

There are many other Uniques like it, and the more specialized builds make good use of them. Their attack or defense ratings, however, are not as good as Rare gear. Thus, for builds that do not need too many mechanisms, Rare gear are the best choice.

Last but not the least would be POE Currency. While the game doesn’t have a numbered currency like gold or gems, it makes up for it in Orbs, which are stand-ins for currencies like gold. Most of the time, they come in the form of orbs, which are used to modify items. They vary in effect and are mostly applied to gear and maps. Certain currencies, however, like the Vaal Orb, can also be applied on skill gems, creating a gem that produces a more powerful version of the skill when used.

Because of the varying effects and the specific items that they modify, they vary in community-set prices. The most expensive ones among them are Exalted Orb, which adds modifiers to Rare gear, the Vaal Orb, and Mirror of Kalandria, which duplicates an item.

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