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Many unique items are important pieces of gear that are either best-in-slot, or even so important that certain builds cannot exist without them. So if you’re in need of one but don’t want to farm or buy using orbs, then buy POE Uniques with real money with PlayerAuctions.


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While it’s possible to completely rely on Rare gear with the best mods, there are lots of builds that are not only better with Unique gear. Some builds are even completely reliant on them.

What are Path of Exile Unique Items? How to Get PoE Uniques?

PoE Unique gear aren’t always better than Rare gear when it comes to attack or defense rating or mods. But what it lacks in sheer numbers, it more than makes up in unique mods that can’t be found in Rare gear. These includes giving you special charges, automatic casting of skills, granting of active skills that can’t be found in skill gems, very specific effects, and many others.

There are many ways to obtain Unique gear. Mostly, it’s dropped by monsters, but there are also specific ones that are only obtained through vendor recipes and taking on challenge leagues. Last but definitely not least, you can also buy Unique Gear from other players. You can either choose to buy it with orbs or other gear, or go to third-party sites and pay for them with real money.

Path of Exile Unique Items: A Few Examples

Here are some of the most popular PoE Unique gear.


  • Atziri’s Acuity – gives bonus to intelligence, critical strike chance, armor, maximum life, and grants Vaal Pact after after dealing a Critical Strike
  • Doryani’s Fist - grants level 20 Doryani’s Touch skill
  • Voidbringer - +1 to elemental socketed gem levels, bonus critical strike chance for spells, energy shield, and energy shield gained on kill
  • Tombfist – has two variants
  • Haemophilia – causes bleeding and deals bonus damage to bleeding damage
  • Facebreaker - 600-800% bonus unarmed physical damage


  • Lycosidae – bonus 250-300 cold damage to counterattacks
  • Tukohama’s Fortress – increased totem damage, +1 to maximum totem, +300 armor per active totem, grants Blood Magic and Mortal Conviction
  • Lioneye’s Remorse – reduces projectile attack damage by 25
  • Atziri’s Mirror/Reflection – reduces curse duration, curse reflection, +20-30% elemental resistances
  • Victario’s Charity – Grant nearby allies Power Charge on Kill and Frenzy Charge on hit


  • Skyforth – gain power charge on Critical Strike, no life regeneration, stun threshold is based on 500% of your mana
  • Kaom’s Roots – cannot be knocked back, grants Unwaring Stance, +150-200 Life
  • Victario’s Flight – 5-10% of damage taken gained as mana, 10% increased movement speed for you and allies
  • Atziri’s Step – increased evasion, life, and movement speed; chance to dodge spells.
  • Voidwalker – grants celestial footprints, gives phasing after recently killing, gives chance to avoid projectiles and projectiles pierce 5 targets during phasing.


  • Abyssus – 100-125% melee critical strike chance multiplier
  • Starkonja’s Head – increased global evasion when low on life, increased evasion rating, 25% increased global critical strike chance
  • Crown of Thorns – reflects 5 damage to melee attackers, grants bonus energy shield and pain attunement
  • Devoto’s Devotion – increased attack speed, movement speed, evasion, and chaos resistance; grants Mercury Footprints.


  • Shavronne’s Wrappings – increases energy shield and energy shield recharge, lightning resistance, imbues lightning damage to physical attacks, and chaos damage cannot go through energy shield.
  • Kaom’s Heart – increased fire damage and +500 maximum life, but has no sockets.
  • Voll’s Protector – increased armor, energy shield, gain power charge for every enemy hit with critical strike, grants inner conviction.
  • Lightning Coil – increased lightning damage to attacks, increased armor, evasion, life, resistance, and 30% of physical damage taken from hits become lightning damage.
  • Cospri’s Will – apply additional curse, even on hexproof enemies; 6% chance to poison on hit cursed enemies.
  • Tabula Rasa – has six fully linked white sockets, no energy shield
  • Belly of The Beast – 150=200% increased armour, 50% increased flask recovery, extra gore
  • Victario’s Influence - +1 level to socketed aura gems; socketed gems are supported by level 30% Generosity and have 30% less mana reserved.
  • Inpulsa’s Broken Heart – increased shock effect, increased damage to shocked enemies, be unffacted by shock
  • The Perfect Form – grants Phase Acrobatics, reduces Arctic Armour mana reservation by 100%, increased life and evasion.


  • Headhunter – has bonuses to strength, dexterity, and life; 20-30% bonus damage to rare monsters, and gain modifiers of killed rare monsters for 20 seconds
  • Doryani’s Invitation – has four variants


  • Eyes of the Greatwolf – doubles implicit modifiers
  • Blightwell – increased energy shield, fire and lightning resistance, 370% net increase in energy shield recharge during flask effect; corrupted.
  • Natural Hierarchy – increased global physical damage, as well as elemental and chaos damage, corrupted.


  • Starforge (Unique Sword) – increased attack speed, physical damage, life, chance to shock with physical damage, 20% increased AoE, deals no elemental damage
  • Atziri’s Disfavour (Axe) – increases socketed support gem levels by 2, adds (220-235) to (270-290) physical damage, 12-16% attack speed, chance to cause bleeding on hit, and +2 weapon range
  • Mjolner (Mace) – triggers socketed lightning spell on hit, triggered lightning spell deals 100% bonus damage, increased physical damage, skill chain +1 times, increased lightning damage with attack spells, +300 strength and +200 intelligence requirement
  • Void Battery (Wand) increased spell damage, cast speed, critical strike chance, maximum mana, +1 to maximum power charges, 25% spell damage per power charge.
  • Windripper (Unique Bow) – increased elemental damage with attacks; increases quantity of items dropped by slain frozen enemies, and rarity of items dropped by slain shocked enemies.
  • Ngamahu’s Flame (Axe) – 50% of physical damage converted to fire damage, damage penetrates 20% resistance, chance to trigger level 16 Molten Burst on hit.
  • Cospri’s Malice (Sword) – global critical strike chance multiplier, deals no physical damage but adds (80-100) to (160-200) cold damage and bonus cold damage to spells, 60% critical strike chance against chilled enemies, triggers cold spell on melee critical hit.


  • Drillneck (Quiver) increased attack speed, evasion, life, physical damage to bow attacks, and arrows deal 50% increased damage with hits and ailments on pierced targets.


  • Astramentis (Amulet) – bonus to all attributes, -4 damage taken.
  • Andvarius (Ring) – increased rarity of items found.
  • Hinekora’s Sight (Amulet) - +1000 Accuracy, increased chance to dodge attack and spell hits


  • Clear Mind – increased mana regeneration rate, increased spell damage when there’s no mana reserved.
  • Malicious Intent – gain Unholy Might on melee kill.
  • Primordial Might – increased damage after summoning golem within 4 seconds, increased golem life, golems have increased damage within 8 seconds of summoning.
  • Primordial Harmony – grants golems increased cooldown recovery speed, increased golem damage for each type of summoned golem.


  • Divination Distillate – increase rarity and quantity of rare items found during flask effect.
  • Rumi’s Concoction - +3000 Armor and chance to block physical attacks and spells.
  • Taste of Hate – during flask effect, user takes a percentage of hits as cold damage, a percentage. of physical damage becomes extra cold damage, chance to avoid being frozen or chilled.

These are just a few of the popular Unique gear in the game. There are lots of others that haven’t been mentioned, and they’re either as popular or are just waiting for their applications in builds to be discovered. Try some out yourself. Who knows? You might come up with a hot new build.


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