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Unique Quivers for Sale: Maloney's Mechanism and More

Path of Exile builds based on bows are few and far in between, yet they are rather good choices. Of course, it should go without saying that bow builds require quivers. They’re not exactly hard to come by, but with the game being an RNG based looter, some prefer to buy unique POE Quivers, such as Maloney’s Mechanism and many others, from other players instead.

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POE Bow and Quiver Classes

Bows - and obviously, as well as quivers – are chiefly equipped by Rangers. While many Ranger Ascendancy builds, especially Raider and Pathfinder, switch to other weapons later on, the Deadeye continues to use bows, as many of its passives are geared towards improving bow damage and efficiency. At the same time, there are also advantages of sticking to bows as either of the two Ascendancy classes.

Here are some of the favorite bread-and-butter bow skills for Rangers:

  • Ice/Lightning Shot – fires an arrow with the specified element
  • Barrage – a support skill that causes the linked gem to fire projectiles of its kind in quick succession
  • Burning Arrow – fires an arrow that deals fire damage and has a chance to inflict Ignite
  • Tornado Shot – a channeling piercing shot that fires projectiles from all directions upon reaching the target
  • Caustic Arrow – deals chaos damage and spreads caustic ground

At the same time, there are also builds that are not under the Ranger but use a bow. Examples of these include the following:

  • Bleed Bow Gladiator – uses skills such as Split Arrow for clearing, while Puncture and Ensnaring Arrow linked to Ballista Totem against bosses.
  • Crimson Bow Gladiator – similar to the Bleed Bow Gladiator as it also uses Puncture against bosses, but is more focused on tanking, and uses Ensnaring Arrow with Barrage support instead of Ballista Totem.
  • Elemental Hit Ballista Totem Hierophant – while not exactly a traditional bow build as it uses ballista totems to deal damage rather than direct damage through bow skills, it’s still a build that isn’t a Ranger class but uses a bow.

There are lots of quivers in Path of Exile, and players choose among them depending on the bonuses. Some go for Rare Quivers when they have enough or the right bonuses.

Why Do Players Buy POE Unique Quivers?

On the other hand, some players choose to buy POE Unique Quivers when the build demands it, as they give out specific bonuses that cannot be found on other quivers. A good example of this is Maloney’s Mechanism, which, aside from bonuses to attack speed, life, and chance to blind enemies, also has three sockets and triggers a socketed bow skill upon attacking.

Here is a POE list of Unique Quivers:

  • Voidfletcher – adds cold damage to bow attacks; gain a void charge every 0.5 seconds, triggers level 20 Void Shot that consumes a void charge after firing arrows from a non-triggered skill; increased energy shield, cold resistance, projectile speed, and mana gained on kill.
  • Soul Strike – increased global critical strike chance, dexterity, attack speed, energy shield, energy shield recharge and recharge rate
  • Rearguard – adds 6-12 physical damage to bow attacks, chance to block attacks and spell damage, armor, projectile speed and damage, and stun and block recovery.
  • The Signal Fire – increased attack speed, evasion, mana, 25-35% of physical damage as extra fire damage, 50% of physical damage converted to fire damage, and 5-12 fire damage to bow attacks.
  • Drillneck – increased evasion, attack speed, life, physical damage to bow attacks, and 50% damage to hits and ailments on pierced targets.

While there are specific monsters and content that specifically drop these quivers, it is still affected by RNG, so there’s no guarantee that players will obtain them. As an alternative, players can trade items that are of equivalent value with other players for these quivers.

When a player wants to buy these items from other players, they usually look to online marketplaces to find sellers. The price of these items when they are being sold online is set by the sellers but is generally based on the demand for the item, how rare they are, and what the value of that item is in Exalted Orbs.

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