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New World Guides

New World Companies

  • New World Companies

    How do Companies Work in New World?

    New World features a lot of content to grind. From gathering crafting items through simple trade skills to fighting hordes of enemies in expeditions, […]

New World PvE

  • housing

    New World Best House Locations

    Among New World’s various features, housing is one of its most prominent features. Having your own residence will provide you with various servi […]
  • faction

    New World Best Faction

    Joining factions or alliances in MMOs is common in many popular titles, such as World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy XIV. New Wo […]
  • Housing

    New World Housing Guide

    With so many features available in New World, many players might get confused about what they should do and what to prioritize in-game. Housing is one […]

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New World Builds

  • new world musket

    Best Musket Build New World

    New World can be very chaotic, especially with all the melee weapons players can use. Frequent brawls between adventurers are common, so it wouldn&rsq […]
  • Best Tank Build New World

    Best Tank Build New World

    Most weapons in New World focus mainly on damaging enemies or providing crowd control, but none specializes in protection more than the Sword & Sh […]
  • Best Healer

    Best Healer New World Build

    With New World’s weapon system, players have free reign over what type of skill set and gameplay they will experience in Aeternum. Since the gam […]

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New World Gold & Farming

  • New World Trading Post

    How to Use the Trading Post in New World

    Like most other MMORPGs out there, players in New World can buy and sell items from different players via a trading post system. New World was taking […]

New World Professions

  • Placeholder

    New World Engineering Leveling Guide 1-200

    New World has a lot of features that players can try out. The game offers a lot more than just killing monsters and jumping from quest to quest. Trade […]
  • New World Stonecutting

    New World Stonecutting and Mining Leveling Guide 1-200

    Stonecutting is an indispensable profession in New World. From the moment you start the game, your Mining can begin with the Flint Pickaxe you have at […]
  • New World Armoring Guide

    New World Armoring Leveling Guide 1-200

    New World offers no shortage of addicting gameplay loops and progression systems for players to interact with. Gamers can enjoy the world of Aeternum […]

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