Like most other MMORPGs out there, players in New World can buy and sell items from different players via a trading post system. New World was taking the MMO genre by storm, and we are currently learning more about what the game has to offer. It's on a slight downward trend as far as player count goes, but the game is still worth checking out.

One key feature is being able to sell and buy items, which is what we are going to be looking at here. Trading Posts can be found in the settlements of each region in New World; after doing a bit of adventuring, you can list all of the items you've accumulated on the said post to sell them. Since there are no vendors in the game, it's a great option for players that want to make more money.

This article will look at the following:

  • What is the Trading Post
  • Why Selling Items to NPCs is Not Feasible
  • Placing Sell Orders
  • Placing Buy Orders
  • How to Trade with Players
  • Salvage over Selling

What is the Trading Post?

The primary location for selling items in New World will be at the Trading Post, which is found within settlements in the game. Most of your trades will take place with other players here, and every settlement has a separate Trading Post from others.

You will find the Trading Post usually in the central area of the settlement. Many different items and orders are located there, posted by other players looking to sell items. You will find orders for buying for those that are looking for an item. They will also ask for a specific price they want to pay. This can work heavily in your favor if you're going to sell an item as fast as you can. When you see a buy order, they tend to be looking for lower prices, but if you want to get rid of an item quickly, then this is the place for you to do it.

You may have used the practice of flipping and such when playing similar games. This is something that you can try out here as well in New World. You simply have to find what items are valuable, and what items are being demanded by other players. When playing the game, have you noticed that there is a rather hard-to-find item that you need for a quest? Odds are that you are not the only one in that situation, and there will be those who are looking to buy that item. So once you have the method down for acquiring it, you can then use this to your advantage to make a profit.

Another thing to look at builds. There is a lot of variety to enjoy when it comes to builds in New World, since it doesn't have a traditional class system. By going online, you can find out what builds are popular and require a specific gem. Then, craft the weapon and the gem and combine them. This is a sure-fire way for you to make money on the market by selling resources. As you can imagine, there is going to be a lot of demand for crafting materials that other people can use. Use this to help yourself to further profits, as crafting items are often needed for the likes of Town Projects.

Can't Sell Items to NPCs

In New World, we have an economy that is based on players, which is somewhat of a common theme in games like this. You will often see traits such as trading and crafting, and without many NPC trading options, you would need to integrate with other players. If you don't want to have to integrate with the community as much, then fear not – you have the option of the Trading Post.

Placing Sell Orders

To begin placing sell orders, go to your inventory and pick the items that you want to sell. Should another player purchase one of your items, you'll receive a notification that shows the number of coins from the sale. You might not even realize it at times since it'll show up anywhere and anytime, but if you go back to the Trading Post, you can find the order history for all the items that you've sold.

Prices for resources, especially those in demand, can change erratically, so it's wise to wait and check the average prices of these items. That way, you can maximize the amount of gold you can get from the Trading Post.

Oh, and don't forget about the listing fee. The listing fee is dependent on how long you want your item to be up on the Trading Post. The transaction charge is based on the Trading Tax of the territory in which you're selling the items – yes, you have to pay taxes even outside of the "real world". If you want to reduce the tax you pay, you can try increasing your standing with the territory. If you're the type of player that likes to wander from place to place, this method isn't recommended since it takes a lot of time.

Placing Buy Orders

To place buy orders, simply go to the Buy tab. The Buy tab lets you find everything that other players have offered up for sale. Then, enter a buy order for a specific resource that you're looking for and place your order. Note that you can use the filters on top of the Buy Order lists when looking for certain items. You can search for gear, weapons, or even gathering tools that have all the perks and modifiers with ease.

When a sale meets the price of your buy order, you'll automatically receive the item. You can find the items that you bought in the storage shed once you're done adventuring or exploring outside the settlement.

Keep in mind that each Trading Post from a settlement is different from one another. Also, you'll have to account for the weight of the items first before trying to purchase them. If your storage shed can't hold the required amount of weight, you can't buy it.

How to Trade With Friends

Should you not care for using the Trading Post, there is another albeit less popular trading method. This is done through trading with players directly. All you have to do is find other in-game players and start a trade, which you can do by pressing the "H" key whilst looking in their direction. You will see a window coming up so your trading can start when you have done so.

This is still generally a good way of trading, especially for those in your company and your friends. Use the text chat if you wish to share any items you think players would be interested in buying. Again, like with the Trading Post, this is a good opportunity to get rid of any items you want to get rid of quickly. Any armor or weapons you aren't using can be sold off quickly here.

Salvage Over Selling

You do have a third choice, which is to salvage your items instead of selling them. This is a way of making money, but is nowhere near as viable as other methods discussed. You will be making very little in comparison by salvaging, though it is still something you should be doing.

The reason for this is that you will have to use salvaging if you get the repair parts so you can repair your gear. This would be done by salvaging armor and weapons.

You will find that the New World Trading Post is a very viable way to sell items and buy them. You will see many similarities in features in New World that you would see in other MMORPGs. The Trading Post and the likes of salvaging items will be familiar if you are clued up with the genre. Not only that, but you can trade with other players in a rather simple manner. Usually, you would choose which method you prefer depending on your play style as far as selling items go. But the Trading Post is your best option for offloading any items you don't want. So, head to your nearest settlement and take a look at what the Trading Post can do for you.