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New World Housing Guide


With so many features available in New World, many players might get confused about what they should do and what to prioritize in-game. Housing is one of the most prominent contents in Aeternum that many gamers stay away from. Due to the complicated system that involves this specific aspect, fans think the hassle and complexity of the feature outweigh its benefits. However, players miss out on a lot of stuff if they don’t engage with the Housing system, and this guide will help them get into it. 

What is the Housing System in New World?

Like many MMOs, Housing in New World is more than just finding a place to stay and decorating it with tons of stuff. Players can gain various benefits from owning their own homes. While there may be some downsides, these bonuses will be beneficial in the long run. Here are all the advantages of owning a house:

  • Enables Fast Travels to places you own with a 2–4-hour cooldown (cooldown reduction time based on the value of the House)
  • Allows placements of trophies, which provides various buffs for every region
  • Boost the storage capacity in the settlement where the House is located

The first bonus allows gamers to bypass the Azoths, reducing travel time. In addition, players can have no more than three residences, which can be located in various settlements. Strategically placing these Houses in specific cities can help adventurers make an efficient travel system.

One of the best features gained from Housing is the buffs. Trophies grant passives that don’t only affect the settlement where you live but every region in the game. This is extremely helpful since every status bonus counts in the endgame. 

The increased inventory slots are the biggest boon for getting House. At the end stage of the game, crafting is essential, especially if you want to make money. Having bonus storage capacity can help players stock up on their resources before they start mass-producing weapons and armor. 

How to Purchase a House in New World

Now that you want to buy your very own place to crash into, it’s just a matter of acquiring yourself one. Multiple houses can exist in each settlement. These properties are semi-instanced, meaning while various players can buy the same House, they will be transported into different instances when they enter the building. This system allows everyone to get their place without overlapping with others. 

Before you can buy a House, you need to ensure that you have a good reputation. Players must get a Territory Standing of at least ten to make their first purchase. Your respect for regions will dictate which properties you can acquire and which will still be unlocked. Here are the costs and benefits of purchasing Houses per tier:

Tier 1 (requires 5,000 gold and 10 Standing)

  • 500 Tax Upkeep (on average)
  • 4 Hours Fast Travel cooldown
  • 1 Storage Furniture Cap

Tier 2 (requires 10,000 gold and 15 Standing)

  • 1000 Tax Upkeep (on average)
  • 3 Hours Fast Travel cooldown
  • 2 Storage Furniture Cap

Tier 3 (requires 15,000 gold and 20 Standing)

  • 1500 Tax Upkeep (on average)
  • 5 Hours Fast Travel cooldown
  • 3 Storage Furniture Cap

Tier 4 (requires 20,000 gold and 30 Standing)

  • 2000 Tax Upkeep (on average)
  • 2 Hours Fast Travel cooldown
  • 4 Storage Furniture Cap

To start buying a house, you simply have to reach level 10 in any settlement. Once you reach this milestone, you will be given a prompt forcing you to redeem the “House Ownership” rewards, which will unlock your ability to buy property. Afterward, you can head towards any settlement and look for available houses. You will get a 50% discount on your first purchase, so it might be a good idea to hold off getting one until T4s are available.

Upon finding a House that you find interesting, walk up to it and press the “T” key to open the purchase interface. This menu will show you various aspects of the property, like how much it will cost, the taxes, and the benefits. After this, select a purchase, and you are good to go. 

As mentioned earlier, you can have up to three houses max in the world of Aeternum. Placing them strategically in specific settlements allows you to have an efficient travel system. Here are the level requirements to gain access to three properties:

  • Level 15 – 1st House Unlock
  • Level 35 – 2nd House Unlock
  • Level 55 – 3rd House Unlock

House Upkeep

Unlike some MMOs, New World implements a Property Tax system, wherein players will have to pay a small amount of gold to maintain their usage of their House. Here are all the consequences of not paying on time:

  • Fast Travel to homes is disabled
  • House decorations are disabled
  • Players cannot visit or be invited to your property
  • Buffs from Trophies will not be active
  • Storage Containers cannot be used

Being unable to pay for this upkeep doesn’t revoke your ownership, but it does prevent you from using the facilities and gaining the benefits of being an owner. You will regain access to these utilities once you have paid your tax again. In addition, your backlogs do not accumulate. Even if you have not paid for a long time, you will only have to provide payment for 7 days worth of taxes.

The tax for your properties varies from tier to tier. In addition, several other factors influence how much you have to pay. The two main influencing factors would be the Territory Standings and the currently residing Settlement Governor. Your reputation grants various benefits aside from Housing, so increasing it will be highly advantageous. Here are all the bonuses from this system:

  • Get a 5% increase in Faction Tokens earned in a specific territory
  • Get a 5% increase in Gathering Speed in a particular territory
  • Increase the number of Housing items that can be placed in one specific region by 5
  • Enables House Ownership in a particular territory
  • Get a 5% decrease in Property Tax paid for a particular territory
  • Get a 5% increase in Territory Standing earned in a specific territory
  • Get a 5% decrease in crafting fees within a particular territory
  • Gain a 25% increase in Storages
  • Get a 5% decrease in the Trading Tax rate in a particular territory
  • Get a 3% increase in EXP earned in a specific territory

With all these benefits from increasing your standing, it is always a good idea to boost your reputation, even if it's not related to Housing. 

Territory control is also one thing that players should be wary about regarding their taxes. The current governor of the settlement regulates the property fee you need to pay, so the amount you pay per region will vary. Remember that the rates are not static; these numbers can change anytime the governor is replaced. 

Decorating your Home

No home is complete without any sparkling decorations. There are tons of items that players can craft by themselves or buy from the trading post. You can place furniture such as chairs, beds, tables, floral designs, and trophies. 

While your home’s appearance is mainly for your enjoyment, you can share your property with friends by allowing them to visit. Furthermore, home decor can also be ranked depending on the number of items placed and your territory standing. If you are on the top of the leaderboard, your House will have the option to be seen by every player outside of it.

Prestige and aesthetics are not the only roles of decorations. Things like Trophies play a significant role, especially in endgame scenarios. These items provide buffs that will persist throughout every region, which is extremely useful. Here are all the available bonuses from specific decorations:

  • Combat Trophies – provides combat bonuses against enemies related to the trophy displayed
  • Crafting Trophies – increases the minimum GS when you create an item related to the trophy
  • Gathering Trophies – raises your luck in the field that corresponds to the trophy
  • Loot Luck Trophies – increases your luck with the quality and amount of loot from chests and monsters

You can have up to 5 Trophies per House, which means you can have 15 buffs active simultaneously. Players should note that displaying the same décor in the same House will not stack the buffs, so it is ideal for placing different types throughout your estate. However, placing identical trophies in separate properties doubles the effects of the buff provided by that specific type.

Extra Storages

Perhaps the biggest boon of owning your home is the increased storage capacity. Whether it be storing loot or stacking up on crafting resources, additional inventory slots are always a helpful feature in Aeternum. The number of things you can stow in Housing depends on your storage type and house tier. Here is how this system works:

Tier I

  • Hewn Log Storage Chest (Common) - 400 Storage Amount
  • Old Wood Storage Chest (Common) - 450 Storage Amount
  • Mossy Rock Storage Chest (Common) - 450 Storage Amount

Tier II

  • Iron Storage Chest (Uncommon) - 600 Storage Amount
  • Stone Storage Chest (Uncommon) - 650 Storage Amount
  • Hunter Storage Chest (Uncommon) - 650 Storage Amount

Tier III

  • Booty Storage Chest (Rare) - 800 Storage Amount
  • Dynasty Storage Chest (Rare) - 800 Storage Amount
  • Hope Storage Chest (Rare) - 800 Storage Amount

Tier IV

  • Golden Steel Storage Chest (Epic) - 1000 Storage Amount
  • Cursed Storage Chest (Epic) - 1050 Storage Amount
  • Polished Marble Storage Chest (Epic) - 1050 Storage Amount
  • Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare (Epic) - 1050 Storage Amount

Leaving Your Property

When you want to move to another property or just own a house that is not worth it, you can always choose to abandon them. Upon doing so, you will get a 50% refund of your initial payment for the estate, but you will not receive any refunds for the Taxes. To do this, you must go to the Property Taxes menu and select the “Abandon this House” button.

Get Your House in Aeternum

Before buying off new properties, it is always ideal to maximize your Territory Standings first. This will give you ample choices, so you won’t have to keep moving from House to House. Make sure to style your estate to make it feel as comfy as possible.

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