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New World Mounts Guide

new world mounts guide

New World introduces mounts for the first time thanks to the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. It’s one of the most significant changes in the game and is something players have been begging for since the MMO’s release in 2021.

There are three types of mounts: lions, horses, and dire wolves. There’s also a riding skill associated with mounts that you can level up to gain more mount speed. The latest expansion lets you summon your mount from almost any location as long as you’re outside combat. In this guide, we’ll show you the ropes for securing your first mount, how to level it up, and what other features to anticipate as you delve into the Rise of the Angry Earth.

How to Get Mounts in New World

To obtain a mount in New World, it goes without saying that you’ll need the expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth. Once you have it, you’ll also need to reach a minimum level of 25 and complete the “My Kingdom for A Horse” quest in northern Everfall. The quickest way to get there is by teleporting to the Shadowmine Shrine and heading north. Once you’re there, interact with the quest giver—Jochi Khan—to begin the questline.

The quest is relatively simple, so it shouldn’t take long before you turn it in. First, head to the lake in the east and search for traces of the Beast Lord in a cave. Enter the cave marked on your map and interact with the two wall paintings. You’ll be sent out to befriend a horse after that.

After you’ve finished the quest, you’ll unlock the ability to summon a mount. You’ll first need to open the mount reward the quest gave you, then double-click the horse icon under “rewards” in your inventory to get your first mount. To use your horse, open your inventory tab and select the empty mount icon to change or equip your mount. You can also equip mount cosmetics and accessories here. In addition to getting your first horse, you’ll receive 500 rider experience points to level up your riding skill.

The Ins and Outs of Feeding Your Horse in New World

When you’ve completed the “My Kingdom for A Horse” quest from Jochi, he’ll tell you how to feed your horse. You’ll receive the “Hungry as A Horse” quest for this and be given a set of basic ingredients. The task is to cook the new recipe you received at your camp or by the campfire next to Jochi.

New World: How to Feed Your Mount

The first step to cooking the Mount Vittles is having the following ingredients:

  • 1 Water
  • 1 Barley
  • 1 Milk
  • 3 Basic Mount Vitamins

Besides the recipe for Mount Vittles, you’ll also get one for your Basic Mount Vittles. You don’t need to cook that to complete the quest, but you’ll need to use it to feed your horse in the future. Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

  • 1 Water
  • 1 Honey
  • 1 Barley
  • 1 Milk

Once you’ve finished making the Mount Vittles, assign it to your quick slots via the menu. Then, summon your horse and press the quick slot button assigned to it to feed your mount.

If you don’t have the necessary ingredients to craft your mount’s grub, don’t worry—mount food can be purchased from the trading posts besides being crafted at a cooking station. Mount food consists of Mount Vittles, which come in various tiers and rarities.



XP Awarded Upon Crafting

Luxury Mount Vittles

Tier 4

15,000 XP

Hearty Mount Vittles

Tier 3

8,000 XP

Mount Vittles

Tier 2

2,500 XP

Basic Mount Vittles

Tier 1

1,250 XP

Why You Should Feed Your Mount in New World

While feeding your horse outside the “Hungry as A Horse” quest is optional, there’s an advantage to it. Your horse won’t starve even if you don’t feed it regularly, but you’ll gain experience points for your riding skill if you do—allowing you to reach level 250 (the max level cap) quickly. With that in mind, using the best possible feed is ideal since you can only feed your mount three times a day.

New World: How to Level Up Your Riding Skill

You’ve now learned that feeding your mount provides a hefty chunk of experience points for your riding skill. However, this action can only be done three times a day. Thankfully, doing mount quests is another way to level up your mounts.

You can complete two mount quests to level up your riding skill. These are tours and rallies. You must complete both timed events within the timeframe to complete the quests successfully.

What Are Tours?

Tours are the simplest ones to understand. Travel from Point A to Point B; that’s it. You’ll have a few minutes to complete the tour and typically need to race across multiple zones before the timer runs out.

What Are Rallies?

Rallies are more challenging since you must cross several checkpoints within jumbled timeframes. Usually, you’d have only a few seconds to cross a checkpoint. Crossing a checkpoint will refresh the timer. From there, you’ll need to then race to another checkpoint.

We recommend continuing the quest you got from Jochi, who will send you to your first race, which is the Hermit Rally. It’s pretty straightforward; you just have to cross the starting line and follow the checkpoints until you reach the finish line. A timer runs down, which is reset to a specific time—typically around 35 or 45 seconds at each checkpoint. Make sure to travel on the roads to get a speed boost. However, sometimes, taking a shortcut through the wilderness can be beneficial. The time is already quite generous, so you should easily complete the race.

Once you’ve completed the Hermit Rally, five more races will unlock in Lightwood and Everfall. Some are the standard checkpoint races, while others require reaching a specific destination within a time limit. If you try to complete all the races, your riding skill should be level 90 by the end. You’ll also get your first bonuses after this, such as gaining access to horse equipment and increased speed.

All Mount Bonuses in New World

At every 10 levels or so, you’ll unlock items or bonuses intended for your mount. Mount attachments can be equipped to the left and right sides of your mount. They’re purely for aesthetic purposes. Meanwhile, amulets, bracelets, horseshoes, and talismans can be placed in the equipment slots and provide minor bonuses.

Mount Skill Level Required


Level 10

Mount Attachment

Level 20

Horseshoe Level 2

Level 30

Horseshoe Level 2

Level 40

Amulet Level 2

Level 50

Talisman Level 2, Speed Bonus

Level 60

Mount Attachment

Level 70

Mount Attachment

Level 80

Horseshoe Level 3

Level 90

Talisman Level 2

Level 100

Mount Attachment, Speed Bonus

Level 110

Horseshoe Level 3

Level 120

Talisman Level 2

Level 130

Mount Attachment

Level 140

Bracelet Level 3

Level 150

Speed Bonus

Level 160

Mount Attachment

Level 170

Talisman Level 3

Level 180

Mount Attachment

Level 190

Talisman Level 3

Level 200

Mount Attachment, Speed Bonus

Level 210

Emblem Level 3

Level 220

Mount Attachment

Level 235

Mount Attachment

Level 250

Mount Attachment

Customizing Your Mount

Skins play a pivotal role in changing how your mount looks. Not only can you change their color, but you can also equip them with cool armor. You can customize your mount by adding your own attachments, buffs, nicknames, and dyes. All items can be equipped to any type of mount, regardless of whether you have a simple horse or a cool-looking lion. You can add variations to your mount by opening the mount collection menu.

Mount Attachments

Mount attachments are merely visual equipment with only one purpose: to be aesthetically pleasing. As such, equipping these will not impact your gameplay in any way. You unlock the left attachment slot at level 10, while the right one unlocks at level 250.

Mount Skins

Mount skins are available through the in-game shop, ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 marks (€10 to €25). You can also buy skins using coins through Mount Whisperers like Jochi, which cost around 10,000 coins. Besides that, you can get accessories for 3,000 lucky marks a pop, which can be attached to your mount.

Dyes and Renaming Your Mount

You can recolor and rename your mount by pressing the K key and selecting the Mount option at the top of the screen. Here, you’ll see all the mounts you own. Left-click on the mount of your choice to equip, rename, or recolor it. Clicking on Dye Armor opens a preview of your horse. From there, you can change the accent, primary, secondary, and shade colors of your mount’s armor. If your mount doesn’t have any armor equipped, you can adjust the color of its saddle.

How to Unlock Other Mounts

You’ll only get the horse mount at first, but you can unlock the two other mounts by completing quests. Players can only receive the respective quests for the wolf and lion after they’ve completed the previous quest series. This means that once you’ve finished all the races for the horse, the quest series for the wolf will follow. A character level of 45 is recommended for the Wolf Quest series. Meanwhile, for the Lion Quest series, being level 65 is best.

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