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New World Armoring Leveling Guide 1-200

New World Armoring Guide

New World offers no shortage of addicting gameplay loops and progression systems for players to interact with. Gamers can enjoy the world of Aeternum by joining expeditions to kill enemies or simply spend their time crafting items. Trade Skills are some of the game’s core features that give players an alternative to combat. Armoring is one of the more unique crafting skills which can yield a ton of profit for crafters. Armorers will have to level up this profession to the max to gain tons of gold out of this feature.

Armoring is unique from other Trade Skills since players can progress in this skill by using two different crafting stations. Armorers can use both the Forge and Outfitting stations. Using these workshops means gamers can level up their Armoring by crafting Light and Medium Armor in the Outfitting station or creating Heavy Armor in the Forge. 

With so many ways of ranking up, players might get confused about what they should do. Fortunately, New World Armoring guides like this exist to help adventurers direct their efforts to the right and most efficient paths. Here are what gamers should know and do in their quest to rank up their Armoring:

Why Level Armoring?

Aside from weapons, protective gear are some of the most critical items in the game. Every player needs armor to ensure that they survive any encounter. This situation creates a large market and high demand for excellent quality defensive equipment. Armorers can generate a fortune by supplying tons of goods to this niche market. 

 To satisfy the demand for high-quality armor, players need to level up their Armoring skills to enable them to create different types of gear. Learning a variety of recipes makes crafters more flexible and adaptable to changes in the Trading Post demands.

What Can Players Do First?

Various Trade Skills like Armoring will have companion skills that complement other professions very well. For Armorers, they should learn how to gather their materials and process their ingredients. Here are some of the best companion Trade Skills for this profession:

  • Leatherworking
  • Skinning
  • Smelting
  • Mining
  • Weaving
  • Harvesting

The most essential complementing jobs are the ones that involve Harvesting. Leveling up Armoring requires tons of materials, which means players will have to stockpile great ingredients. Adventurers are encouraged to gather the items themselves to avoid using too much money in the Trading Post.

What to Remember?

The most optimal way to level up this crafting profession is to focus on creating low-tier equipment. It is ideal for crafting less advanced armor due to the number of resources needed. As players unlock more complex recipes, these high-tier items will require more materials and more complex objects. Aside from these reasons, crafting higher-level equipment also requires higher crafting costs.

Though lower grade gear provides less crafting EXP compared to higher tier items, creating these pieces in bulk can make up for the lack of EXP rewarded. In addition, the ingredients for lower-grade items are more accessible and can be easily gathered. Players will have to spend less time scrounging up materials for this type of equipment, making crafting them more efficient and less time-consuming.

Level 0 to 50

There are several items that Armorers can craft that will take them straight to level 50. Focusing on making one specific type of item will help players reduce the amount of time they spend going around and exploring. Here are the best craftable equipment and the amount needed to level up to 50:

  • 112 Rough Leather Gloves
  • 112 Linen Shoes
  • 56 Linen Pants
  • 56 Linen Leggings

Players only need to focus on one of these items to reach rank 50 fast. Here are the ingredients required to craft each item:

  • Rough Leather Gloves
    • 4 Coarse Leather
    • 16 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Linen Shoes
    • 3 Coarse Leather
    • 20 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Linen Shirts
    • 3 Coarse Leather
    • 20 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Linen Pants
    • 3 Coarse Leather
    • 20 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Linen Leggings
    • 3 Coarse Leather
    • 20 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot

All of these items require the same set of materials in varying quantities. Fortunately, players can easily harvest these items in beginner areas. Fiber can be acquired from Hemp Plants found in bulks in areas around Monarch’s Bluff and Windsward. Rawhide can be easily farmed in beginner beach zones. It is recommended to farm Iron Ores in regions such as Everall, which has low-level mobs.

There may be players who find crafting one specific item repeatedly too wasteful. After all, there isn’t that much of a market for basic-level items. There is an alternate route where players can progress through level 50 without repeatedly crafting the same piece of equipment. Here is what crafters should do:

  • Level 0 to 20 – 33 Rough Leather Gloves
  • Level 20 to 60 – 55 Linen Shirts

Note: Players should consider doing Bags and Town Project Boards quest. These missions provide additional Armoring skill experience as rewards, which can help significantly reduce the amount of gear that Armorers need to craft.

Level 50 to 100

At this stage, players gain access to slightly more advanced recipes. However, crafters should still focus on lower-tier items that require easily accessible materials. Here are the best items to craft in this level range and how many are needed to reach 100:

  • 345 Rugged Leather Gloves
  • 384 Sateen Gloves
  • 173 Sateen Shirt
  • 173 Sateen Leggings
  • 173 Sateen Pants
  • 345 Sateen Shoes

Gamers only need to focus on creating one specific type of armor to reach level 100. Here are the recipes for each item:

  • Rugged Leather Gloves
    • 9 Coarse Leather
    • 2 Aged Tannin
    • 16 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Sateen Gloves
    • 4 Sateen
    • 4 Coarse Leather
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Sateen Shirt
    • 22 Sateen
    • 12 Rugged Leather
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Sateen Leggings
    • 10 Sateen
    • 6 Rugged Leather
    • 2 Iron Ingot
  • Sateen Pants
    • 10 Sateen
    • 6 Rugged Leather
    • 2 Iron Ingot
  • Sateen Shoes
    • 5 Sateen
    • 3 Rugged Leather
    • 1 Iron Ingot

The materials used in this bracket are still essential ingredients that can still be farmed efficiently. Players will just have to revisit starter areas. It is ideal for keeping surplus supplies of fiber, rawhide, and iron ore since they can all be used later.

Of course, there is still an alternate route to crafting one specific item repeatedly. Here is the other potential method of reaching 100 and above:

  • Level 60 to 75 – 45 Sateen Pants
  • Level 75 to 80 – 42 Sateen Robe Shoes
  • Level 80 to 100 – 110 Sateen Leggings

Level 100 to 150

Upon entering this bracket, players will find that items become much more complex. The majority of the recommended crafting gear here will require more than three ingredients. Adventurers will need so many materials from this point on that farming or harvesting resources that gamers will spend more time in this aspect than the actual crafting activity.

Materials at this bracket tend to be found in higher difficulty zones, so it is recommended that players level up their characters and increase their gear score. Powering up will ensure that adventurers will be able to survive encounters while looking for materials. 

Aside from increasing their characters’ offensive and defensive power, adventurers should also be improving their harvesting tools. Preferably, players should start investing in Starmetal tools since they offer 3-perk advantages. Here are some of the best bonuses that harvesting gear should have:

  • Azoth Extraction (Any Tool) - Gain a 30% chance of acquiring 1 Azoth after characters finish gathering a node
  • Skinning Yield (Skinning Knife) - Gain additional 10% more resources after Skinning
  • Tanner’s Disciple (Skinning Knife) - Gain an additional 3% Skinning EXP
  • Horticulture Disciple (Sickle) - Gain additional 3% Harvesting EXP
  • Harvesting Yield (Sickle) - Gain additional 10% more resources after Harvesting
  • Prospector’s Discipline (Pickaxe) - Gain an additional 3% Mining EXP
  • Mining Yield (Pickaxe) - Gain an extra 10% more resources after Mining

Crafters should now start to create more complex protective gear at this bracket. Silk items are the most ideal equipment that adventurers should craft. Here is the required amount for the most optimal leveling Silk items:

  • 653 Silk Gloves
  • 653 Silk Shoes
  • 327 Silk Leggings

 These items require more than three ingredients, so players will be spending more time gathering the materials to craft them. Here are the recipes for each piece of equipment:

  • Silk Gloves
    • 19 Silk Threads
    • 7 Sateen
    • 3 Wireweave
    • 4 Coarse Leather
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Silk Shoes
    • 23 Silk Threads
    • 8 Sateen
    • 4 Wireweave
    • 3 Coarse Leather
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Silk Leggings
    • 47 Silk Threads
    • 16 Sateen
    • 8 Wireweave
    • 6 Coarse Leather
    • 2 Iron Ingot

At this stage, adventurers will have to farm in more dangerous areas to acquire all the materials needed for their crafting activities. Raw fabrics like Silk can be obtained in abundance in Restless Shore and Mourningdale. Other ingredients like hiding and iron ores should be harvested in bulk in starter regions.

Here is an alternate route for those who don’t want to spam one specific item:

  • Level 100 to 125 – 259 Silk Gloves
  • Level 125 to 135 – 81 Silk Pants
  • Level 135 to 150 – 305 Silk Gloves

Level 150 to 200

Since most of the harvesting activities in this bracket will occur in higher difficulty zones, players should make sure that they are somewhere around character level 60 to survive any encounters. In addition, adventurers should upgrade their harvesting tools to increase the efficiency of their gathering ventures. 

At rank 60, Orichalcum Tools will be available to gamers. Using this harvesting equipment will ensure optimal efficiency in farming. Here are the best perks that the tools should have:

  • Durable (Any Tool) - Gain 25% increased durability
  • Azoth Extraction (Any Tool) - Gain a 30% chance of acquiring 1 Azoth after completing a gathering node
  • Skinning Luck (Skinning Knife) - Have a 2% chance of acquiring rare items while Skinning
  • Skinning Yield (Skinning Knife) - Gain additional 10% more resources from Skinning
  • Harvesting Yield (Sickle) - Gain an extra 10% more resources from Harvesting
  • Harvesting Luck (Sickle) - Have a 2% chance of acquiring rare items while Harvesting
  • Mining Yield (Pickaxe) - Gain additional 10% more resources from Mining
  • Mining Luck (Pickaxe) - Have a 2% chance of acquiring rare items while Mining

Here are the best items to craft to reach rank 200 in Armoring:

From 150 to 180

  • 518 Infused Leather Gloves
  • 259 Infused Leather Pants
  • 518 Infused Leather Boots
  • 259 Infused Leather Hat
  • 134 Infused Leather Coat
  • 1,553 Silk Gloves
  • 518 Infused Silk Gloves

From 180 to 190

  • 273 Infused Gloves
  • 137 Infused Leather Pants
  • 273 Infused Leather Boots
  • 137 Infused Leather Hats
  • 71 Infused Leather Coats
  • 818 Silk Gloves
  • 145 Beasthunter Mask

From 190 to 195

  • 155 Infused Leather Gloves
  • 78 Infused Leather Pants
  • 155 Infused Leather Boots
  • 78 Infused Leather Hat
  • 40 Infused Leather Coat
  • 465 Silk Gloves
  • 155 Beasthunter Handwraps

From 195 to 200

  • 168 Infused Leather Gloves
  • 84 Infused Leather Pants
  • 168 Infused Leather Boots
  • 84 Infused Leather Hat
  • 44 Infused Leather Coat
  • 503 Silk Gloves
  • 89 Beasthunter Leg wraps
  • 168 Beasthunter Handwraps

The reason why this stage is segmented into different sections is due to the number of materials needed. Instead of just focusing on crafting one specific item from 150 to 200, adventurers should be more flexible in making items depending on the available ingredients. Doing this strategy will help crafters become more efficient. Here are the recipes for each item:

  • Infused Leather Gloves
    • 4 Infused Leathers
    • 4 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Infused Leather Pants
    • 10 Infused Leathers
    • 6 Fibers
    • 2 Iron Ingot
  • Infused Leather Boots
    • 5 Infused Leathers
    • 3 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Infused Leather Hat
    • 11 Infused Leathers
    • 6 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Infused Leather Coat
    • 22 Infused Leathers
    • 12 Fibers
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Silk Gloves
    • 19 Silk Threads
    • 7 Sateen
    • 3 Wireweave
    • 4 Coarse Leather
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Infused Silk Gloves
    • 30 Wirefiber
    • 35 Silk Threads
    • 12 Sateen
    • 10 Wireweave
    • 4 Coarse Leather
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Beasthunter Mask
    • 12 Leather
    • 16 Fiber
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Beasthunter Handwraps
    • 6 Leather
    • 8 Fiber
    • 1 Iron Ingot
  • Beasthunter Leg wraps
    • 12 Leather
    • 16 Fiber
    • 1 Iron Ingot

Once players reach Armoring 200, they will have unlocked all the available recipes for crafting. Adventurers can now focus on creating items purely for profit. Armorers should take a worthwhile rest for achieving such a daunting task before they start making protective gear for profit. 

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