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[Steam-EUC inanna] 1485 Shadowhunter 3 Relic set (+20 Relic Weapon +97 Quality). (PVE+PVP/GVG Inc.) x2 T3 alts: Deathblade & Glaivier OPEN TO OFFERS

I Want to Sell

$ 2000.00

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  • 2. Receive an email with the Game Account details
  • 3. Log in to the Game Account and verify description
  • 4. Confirm the delivery
  • 5. Seller gets paid

I will update photos for 1485 soon!


101 Roster Level / 59 Character Level / 366 Skill Points

1.1 Gear (PVE + Open World PVP/GVG)

1.1.1 PVE 

Highest Main Stats 


Legion Raid (Valtan Hard Mode) +20 Relic Weapon with +97 quality which is pretty impressive i proud of that tbh.

Also i have 2 other Relic Armor with same set bonus equiped and also have bunch of Valtan's bones for extra crafting


The Best 4x3 Engravings without Minus Stats. I do not suggest to use Grudge engraving with Shadowhunter. Because Hit Master gives +%16 ATK power and Shadowhunter can benefit from that %100 up time and no down times. But with Grudge you will have +%20 ATK power against boss only and -%20 incoming damage which will get you kill with 1 shot in Legion Raids (Real end game content). 20220613131103113.jpg

In Demonic build only 2 gems needed to activate all of your skills set. Because of that i used level 9 legendary gem with %30 buff otherwise you can not get this kind of high level gems. 


The Best Card Set Bonus over all end game. Pretty hard to get it since its RNG. I was very very very lucky with this ngl. When game continues more (it started already) people will reject you if you dont have proper card set bonus!!! Keep that in mind


I have the most important Legendary Runes. You can use this Runes with other characters too not only main character and especially Wealth Runes are the most important ones in game and if your character have specialization stat as main that Legendary and Epic runes gonna change everything for your class thats for sure.


1.1.2 Open World PVP/GVG

The best stats for Open World PVP/GVG Specialization and Swiftness on different Relic Accessories and different Ability Stone. But they are worth it since Weekly Guild wars gives the winner guild 300k gold. Which divided to 16 ppl so i get around 18-19k gold per week from that open world guild pvp event.


Also comes with different 3x4 PVP Engravings such as Heavy Armor and Fortitude engravings for surviving.  Ofc without minus stats again.


This is not everything. I will update this more very soon. If you want to know anything about this account don't hesitate to ask. I havent add any mounts or my items in inventory or other tones of things like other T3 characters. If you really know how this game works you will understand gear score is not everything. Some accounts have just gear score but not other qualities worth more than simply gear score. Also i give my personal steam account with purchased games available. ASK me anything if you want more info about anything.

Thank you for checking my offer,


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