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Make Money Playing Lost Ark

Smilegate’s ARPG has seen massive success across all its current data centers and servers. With almost every server being full, a lot of gamers are looking to make the most out of their time progressing in the game. Leveling up is a crucial aspect of the game since it enables adventurers to unlock various features or systems in the game as well as enabling access to all the skills. In addition, by ranking up the character’s levels, players can gain skill points needed to unlock effects for their abilities. Lost Ark’s gorgeous graphics and outstanding visuals are so great that players are distracted from realizing how many gaming hours they need to put into leveling up. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough time to commit to reaching level 50 and beyond.

There are various features in the game that players need to unlock as soon as possible. In addition, these gamers will undoubtedly want to reach higher levels in order to gain more skill points for their abilities. Adventurers who are looking to make a profit from playing the game and have time to spare can always offer their services to other people. In exchange for real-world money, power levelers can offer to boost other players’ character levels and obtain items at the same time. Players are sure to find customers who are willing to spend money just to speed up their progression.

How to Level in Lost Ark?

Progressing the characters’ levels will be the main progression aspect in the earlier parts of the game. Some features like sailing, engravement, stronghold, trade skills, and arena require certain milestones to be reached before gamers can access or use them. This shows how important leveling up in the game is since it doesn’t just make characters stronger. Ranking up will be the main service that buyers will be looking for, so sellers should make sure they know how to level up their accounts sufficiently. Here is the surest way to level up fast in the game:

  • Focus on the main questline
  • Pick up every side quest along the way
  • Do not do trade skills until level 50
  • Avoid gathering collectibles for now

Essentially, questing is the main source of experience points, so power levelers should focus on doing missions or storyline quests in order to level up fast.

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