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Honkai Star Rail Characters

  • Gepard Guide Honkai Star Rail

    Gepard Build and Team Comp Guide

    Gepard Landau is among the many 5-star units in Honkai Star Rail that some people overlook or undervalue. While people tend to prioritize and look for […]
  • Honkai Star Rail Tier List

    Honkai Star Rail Tier List

    There are 27 Honkai Star Rail characters (21 released, and the Trailblazer is included), and though that’s a low number for gacha, it will incre […]
  • Yukong Best Builds

    Yukong Best Build

    Yukong is the third Imaginary element character in the game. As a four-star, she's immediately more accessible to players, even having her as a reward […]
  • Luocha

    Luocha Best Build

    Luocha is a character added during the version 1.1 update of Honkai: Star Rail. As a Path of Abundance character, he keeps the team alive and well to […]
  • Silver Wolf Honkai

    Best Builds for Silver Wolf

    Silver Wolf is a Path of Nihility Quantum element character in Star Rail. She's a well-known hacker from Punklorde, a planet where the inhabitants tre […]
  • Welt Build and Guide

    Welt Build and Guide

    Sub-headline: As a debuffer, Welt excels in slowing enemies down and delaying their turns, making him the perfect character that can open opportunitie […]
  • Fire Trailblazer Honkai

    Fire Trailblazer Build

    Honkai Star Rail has a notable shortage of tanks or defensive supports, and players need help clearing content when their healers need to be more to k […]
  • Clara Guide

    Clara Build and Guide

    When people talk about the most notable characters, people won’t be surprised to see Clara’s name pop up as one of the best 5-star units i […]
  • Himeko

    Best Himeko Build

    Himeko is the complete package—a formidable force on the battlefield, an intelligent scientist, and an adventurous trailblazer to boot. Moreover […]
  • Seele Team Comp

    Honkai Star Rail Seele Team Comp

    Honkai Star Rail is taking the gaming scene by storm, and many players have been pulling non-stop to get the best units out of the game. This turn-bas […]
  • Bronya Guide Honkai Star Rail

    Best Honkai Star Rail Bronya Build

    Honkai Star Rail Bronya Best Builds The new Supreme Guardian of Belobog is one of the most coveted units in Honkai Star Rail due to its immense team […]
  • Honkai F2P Guide

    Best F2P Characters

    Mihoyo’s latest breakout game has taken the gaming scene by storm, and many players have been instantly hooked to Honkai Star Rail’s featu […]

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