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Best Himeko Build


Himeko is the complete package—a formidable force on the battlefield, an intelligent scientist, and an adventurous trailblazer to boot. Moreover, she’s one of the few 5-star characters offering AoE DPS. With her high-tech weaponry, she can burn, slice, and dice groups of enemies. And thanks to her passive, she can obliterate mobs, making her one of the best “farming” characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

At first, Himeko’s damage can feel underwhelming since it pales compared to Seele or the Trailblazer (Physical). Her lack of utility doesn’t help her either. But with the proper build and Light Cones equipped, she can transform into one of the most efficient units in the game for farming Calyxes.

Best Light Cones for Himeko

If you’re looking for the best Light Cone for Himeko, Night on the Milky Way is the perfect choice for her kit. That’s because it increases her attack speed based on how many enemies are on the field and whether their break shields have popped. However, since Night on the Milky Way is a five-star Light Cone, you’ll have to pray to RNG gods when doing those gacha pulls.

While blazing through your Star Rail Passes, you can look for something to fill the slot. You can use any Light Cone that can increase Himeko’s attack, but just pick the one aligned with the Erudition path to activate its skill.

Here are the best Light Cones you can equip Himeko with:

Light Cone


Night on the Milky Way

Increases the user’s attack by 8% for every enemy on the battlefield. This can be stacked up to five times. Whenever the character inflicts a break on an enemy, their damage will increase by 24% for one turn.

The Seriousness of Breakfast

Increases the user’s damage by 12%. You can gain another 4% increase for every enemy you defeat.

Make the World Clamor

Upon entering a battle, the user regenerated 20 Energy, and their ultimate damage is increased by 24%.


Attack is increased by 24% when the user unleashes their ultimate ability.

The Seriousness of Breakfast and Sagacity are the most F2P-friendly options, while you’ll have to rely on gacha pulls for the other Light Cones.

Best Relics for Himeko

Since most of Himeko’s damage relies on her fire damage, it’s best to use the Firesmith of Lava Forge relic set. Aim for more attack and fire damage above all else. Everything else—like energy recharge or speed boost—is secondary.

Here are the best relics you can equip Himeko with:



Firesmith of Lava Forging

● When two are equipped: Increases Himeko’s fire damage by 10%

● When four are equipped: Himeko’s skill damage increases by 12%. This relic also boosts her fire damage by 12% for her next attack after triggering her ultimate.

Thief of Shooting Meteor

● When two are equipped: Break effect will increase.

● When four are equipped: Break effect is increased by 20%. Himeko will also regenerate three Energy for every weakness break.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

● When two are equipped: Attack is increased by 12%

● When four are equipped: Himeko’s speed and basic attack damage increase.

Best Team Composition for Himeko

I’ll place Himeko as the main DPS for the team compositions I list since she excels at dishing out AoE fire damage. With that in mind, she needs to have characters that can support her in many ways.

Here are the best team comps for Himeko:

Team Comp 1

Himeko, Bronya, Tingyun, Bailu

Team Comp 2

Himeko, Kafka, Sampo, Natasha

Team Comp 3

Dan Heng, Asta, Natasha

For the first team comp, you can use Bronya to increase Himeko’s attack and grant her an extra turn; this can be great for inflicting Burn or more damage before an enemy makes their move. Meanwhile, Tingyun can do the same, but she can regenerate Himeko’s Energy, enabling you to trigger her ultimate more frequently. And while I slotted in Bailu as the healer, you can use Luocha or Natasha (depending on the enemy's weakness) to keep the team alive.

The second team comp is all about taking advantage of damage-over-time. Himeko’s Fire DoT and Kafka’s Lightning DoT can become deadlier with the help of Sampo’s effectiveness. Of course, we must constantly have a healer like Natasha on standby to restore the team’s health.

The last team comp is the best team you can get if you’re a F2P player. Dan Heng is a surprisingly strong Wind damage dealer despite being a four-star character. What’s more, he’s perfect for covering Himeko’s weaker single-target damage. Having Asta can give the team the needed SPD boost and increase Himeko’s fire damage. Finally, Natasha is part of the team since she can ensure that the team can survive.

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