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Welt Build and Guide

Welt Build and Guide

Sub-headline: As a debuffer, Welt excels in slowing enemies down and delaying their turns, making him the perfect character that can open opportunities for DPS mains like Seele and Dan Heng.

In the story, Welt is seen as the father figure in the Astral Express, and it’s hard not to see why. Known to have a fountain of knowledge and a calm temperament, Welt isn’t just a shoulder you can lean on when your life goes off the rails. He’s also a great asset to any team, capable of inflicting enemies with debuffs and incapacitating them.

If you’re lucky enough to roll Welt in one of your 50 free Warps that guarantee a five-star character, congrats! You’ve just rolled one of the best carries for the early game in Honkai: Star Rail. Welt follows the Path of Nihility and uses Imaginary damage. His playstyle consists of imprisoning enemies to force them to skip turns and stacking loads of debuffs. This guide will discuss the best build you can do for Welt.

Best Light Cones for Welt

The best Light Cone you can get for Welt is undoubtedly In the Name of the World. This five-star Light Cone is designed explicitly for Welt, increasing his damage to debuffed enemies by a whopping 24%. Furthermore, it boosts his Effect Hit Rate for their skills by 18% and increases his attack by 24% when using a skill. In the Name of the World is the perfect fit for Welt as it enhances debuffs and damage contribution to your team.

That said, five-star Light Cones are only obtainable through gacha pulls, so they’re pretty difficult to come by and should be considered a secondary option (unless you’ve got money to burn). For most F2P players, equipping Welt with a four-star Light Cone is the way to go, and thankfully, there are more than enough viable substitutes for In the Name of the World.

Here are some four-star and lower tier Light Cones I recommend for Welt:

Light Cone


Eyes of the Prey (4-star)

Increases Welt’s damage to debuffed enemies by 20%. Whenever Welt uses a skill, his Effect Hit Rate and attack increase by 20%.

Resolution Shines (4-star)

Gives Welt a 60% chance to ensnare an enemy when he attacks. Ensnared enemies will have their defense reduced.

Void (3-star)

Welt’s Effect Hit Rate is increased by 20% for three turns at the beginning of a battle.

The Best Relics for Welt

To fully optimize Welt’s performance in battle, selecting the right Relics to equip him is the key to many victories. The best Relic set for Welt bar none is Wastelander of Banditry Desert. Not only does it fit his skill set perfectly, but he’ll also be able to increase hit crit rate and damage consistently.

Here are the best Relics to equip Welt with:



Wastelander of Banditry Desert

● 2-piece set: Increases Welt’s Imaginary damage by 10%.

● 4-piece set: Whenever Welt attacks debuffed enemies, his crit rate increases by 10%. If there’s an imprisoned enemy, Welt’s crit damage goes up by 20%.

Thief of Shooting Meteor

● 2-piece set: Increases Welt’s break effect by 20%.

● 4-piece set: With each weakness break, Welt regenerates his Energy, allowing him to attack multiple times to stack more debuffs.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

● 2-piece set: Increases Welt’s attack damage by 10%.

● 4-piece set: Increases Welt’s basic attack damage by 10% and his speed by 6%.

As for what main stats and sub-stats you should go for, you may refer to this table:

Relic Stats


Main Stats

● Crit Damage

● Crit Rate

● Effect Hit Rate


● Imaginary Damage Bonus

● Attack Damage

Best Team Comp for Welt

Welt specializes in debuffing enemies and destroying enemies weak to Imaginary. As a result, he’s more of the sub-DPS or support of the team rather than the primary damage dealer. Check out these team compositions that would be perfect for Welt:

  • Dan Heng / Welt / Tingyun / Bailu – By taking advantage of Dan Heng’s Slow skill, Welt can deal bonus damage with his attacks. This composition puts Dan Heng in the main DPS role, while Tingyun and Welt have support roles. As for the healer, Bailu is the optimal choice for most cases, but you can swap her out for Natasha, depending on what type of enemies you’re facing.
  • Dan Heng / Asta / Welt / Bailu – Again, this team composition is more or less the same as the first one I suggested, but instead, we’ve swapped out Tingyun with Asta. The main reason is that Dan Heng and Asta have traits that perfectly synchronize with Welt’s debuff build. Asta can provide an ATK buff and SPD buff using her Ultimate skill. Combine that with Welt’s Imprison and Dan Heng’s slows, and you can delay the enemy’s attacks by a mile. And, of course, every team needs a good healer, and since Bailu is arguably the best right now, I’ve slotted her right into the team.
  • Seele / Asta / Welt / Bailu or Natasha – This is the best team composition for Welt if you have a five-star Seele as one of your characters. By swapping out Dan Heng for Seele, your team has more raw attack damage than Dan Heng’s Slow skill. By pairing Seele with Asta’s ATK and SPD buff and Natasha/Bailu’s heals, you essentially have a team capable of wiping out a boss in just a few turns.

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