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Honkai Star Rail Tier List

Honkai Star Rail Tier List

There are 27 Honkai Star Rail characters (21 released, and the Trailblazer is included), and though that’s a low number for gacha, it will increase as time goes by. Still, even with the fewer number, it’s challenging to pick and choose among them. Who do you focus your resources on that’s worth it? One of the worst things about limited resources is investing them into a character only to stop using them when someone better comes along. For beginner guides, check out our other resources here.

Though we know that all the 5-stars will be worth it, F2P players must rely on 4-stars until they receive a handful from the Warp mechanic. Fortunately, there are many useful 4-star characters to use. Even better, they require fewer quantities of the same materials as their 5-star counterparts.

Here are the best 4-star characters in Honkai Star Rail.

The Best Honkai Star Rail Characters (A-Tier)

These characters have high DPS or utility and will be helpful in various activities in the game.


With an Ultimate that can recharge an ally’s Ult and boost its damage, it’s no wonder people love Tingyun. Plus, her Skill can buff the ATK of a partner and follow up their attacks. Her utility makes her an excellent addition to any party.

Her element is Lightning, making her perfect for the early game when you encounter robotic enemies weak to the element.


She’s a straightforward DPS, being able to break weaknesses in fewer hits. Her Skill even works around it. When activating it, her extra hit always triggers when the enemy is under Weakness Break. Sushang’s Ultimate deals almost TRIPLE (192%) her ATK at level 1! Can you imagine how high it could go when at max level? It even buffs her ATK when used.

If you ever need a Physical element single-target DPS, Sushang definitely fits the bill.

March 7th

As a free starter character, March 7th has surprising utility. Her Technique allows her to Freeze enemies before the battle even starts, along with Weakness Break if they’re weak to Ice. In battle, she can shield one character at a time. When an enemy hits a shielded ally, she counterattacks (up to twice every turn). Her Ult is an AoE attack with a 50% base chance to Freeze, allowing some crowd control.

Being a ranged character, she’s also useful in ambushing enemies before you can be seen.


Despite her lackluster DPS, Pela can dispel buffs for enemies with her Skill and reduce their DEF with her Ult. Some guides note that she’s not good in the early game, but things can be different later. Once we have characters that can take advantage of the opportunities she gives, she’ll be a must-have in the party.

B-Tier Honkai Star Rail Characters

They’re less valuable than the characters above, but they will do well with good builds.


Currently, she’s one of the three healers in the game, the other two being five stars (one still unreleased). You get her free after one of the main quests, so you’ll have her either way. Her primary utility is to keep your team alive in consecutive battles such as Calyx farming or the Forgotten Hall. If you also have March 7th, they can keep your team alive between them.


As a Path of Harmony user, she can buff allies, specifically their speed. Your team can get their turns earlier than the enemy with high SPD. Her element is Fire, which most of the enemies in the early game are weak to. Your first warp on the permanent banner is guaranteed to be her, so the game encourages you to use her.

Dan Heng

Dan Heng is the other starter character, along with March 7th. He’s an excellent single-target DPS, though a glass cannon. He needs allies with healing or shielding abilities because of low defenses and HP. Also, his abilities need a slowed debuff on enemies to be efficient, which makes him a good partner with Welt. Otherwise, he’s just a moderate DPS.


She’s an AoE Lightning DPS, recommended if you don’t have other options for that role (Jing Yuan or Arlan, so far). Serval is decent for her part, though reliant on the Shocked debuff. Her Ultimate can extend its duration for 2 more turns, ensuring that she’s always at maximum efficiency.


This adorable child is one of the 3 Fire users in the game and the only other DPS. She can replace Himeko in some situations and is an even better choice depending on the enemy. Her abilities can Burn enemies, dealing damage when they take a turn.

She also has a unique mechanic where using her Ultimate will enhance her Skill. The latter is usually a single-target attack. However, after using her Ult, it will become an AoE blast with a +20% increased damage. (Clarifying that the damage goes from 120% to 140% of her attack, not 20% of 120%, which is different.)


He is a decent unit whose abilities revolve around damage over time (DoT). Specifically, he can increase the damage enemies take from DoTs. This lets him be an excellent partner to Hook, Serval, and even Kafka, who isn’t released yet. He’s at the bottom because of this rather strict requirement, as he’s only decent if not in a party with those characters.


These 4-stars have some problematic mechanics that players don’t like. Still, they are usable with enough time and effort.


If you’re unlucky enough to lose 50/50 in Seele’s banner, she’s your only hope for a Quantum element character. She’s a good DPS. However, her abilities rely too much on RNG, making her damage unpredictable and unstable. You must be lucky to always get what she needs to attack well.


Arlan is a strong character. However, his abilities need him to be at low HP to be effective. His Skill even uses up his HP instead of a skill point in combat. Enemies can easily knock him out without characters like March 7th and Gepard.


Herta doesn’t have much going for her other than dealing damage. Even then, her abilities have lackluster multipliers, and she doesn’t have utility abilities to make up for it. She can be good in the early game. However, there are better DPS characters out there.

Honkai Star Rail 5-Star Character Tier List

All of them are useful, as every tier list puts them at the highest two rankings (SS/S/A, Tier 1, etc.). If you have them, you’ll want to use them. Here’s a summary of their abilities:

  • Bailu (Lightning, Healer): Currently the best healer in the game.
  • Bronya (Wind, Buffer): Boost ATK, Crit DMG, and advances ally actions (she can make an ally take the next turn).
  • Clara (Physical, DPS): Her primary way of dealing damage is to have Mr. Svarog counterattack, so her kit revolves around that.
  • Gepard (Ice, Shielder): A good tanker/defender who can also Freeze enemies.
  • Himeko (Fire, DPS): Deals good AoE damage and can easily break Fire Weaknesses.
  • Seele (Quantum, DPS): Currently the best single-target DPS, she can take another turn if her attack kills an enemy. A limited banner character.
  • Welt (Imaginary, Debuffer): He’s the only Imaginary element character. His abilities revolve around delaying enemy turns and slowing them down.
  • Yanqing (Ice, DPS): Has a built-in Crit buff, letting him deal immense damage on his own, though he has a steep energy requirement for his Ult.

The Trailblazer is unusual. Because they can change their element and path (role), their ranking in tier lists varies depending on what they’re using. Physical DPS Trailblazer is good and works well, but their Fire Tank configuration is even better.

The latter can taunt enemies, directing attacks toward themselves. Plus, you can enhance their normal attack to Blast, making it more effective in breaking weaknesses. Lastly, with enough stacks of Magma Will, all their actions will put a shield on all allies when using any of their abilities (Basic Attack, Skill, or Ultimate).

You Can Make Things Work With 4-Stars Only

Although 5-star characters are good to get, they only make things easier for you. That means that playing with 4-stars only is possible, though a bit more complicated. Still, with guarantees, you’ll never be without stronger characters. However, your luck determines if it’s one you want, need, or not.

It’s never the end if you don’t get 5-star characters! F2P players can get limited characters if they save up beforehand or budget their Stellar Jades wisely. Whatever happens, they can still progress through the game.

Enjoy Honkai Star Rail!


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