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Clara Build and Guide

Clara Guide

When people talk about the most notable characters, people won’t be surprised to see Clara’s name pop up as one of the best 5-star units in the game. Despite being a The Destruction Path unit, she can compete with some of the top DPS characters in more offensive-oriented categories like The Hunt and The Erudition. Clara shines more due to her survivability and ability to cover her allies with counters. If you want to make this character even more powerful, this guide will help you optimize her kit further.

Clara Overview

Svarog’s adopted daughter is a unit under The Destruction Path, emphasizing offense and survivability. Most of the characters in this category are considered all-rounders and possess various abilities that make them suitable substitutes for different other Paths. However, they tend to fall off in certain situations because they don’t specialize or excel in one role. Despite this setback for Destruction characters, Clara can still replace most units, even in extreme and role-specific situations. 

Clara has good defensive and offensive capabilities. She can also damage enemies more due to her ability to increase her chances of being targeted and counterattacked. Her unique kit makes her very effective in various situations, whether you are up against multiple enemies or just one elite boss. 

How to Build Clara

Stat Prioritization

Clara is a well-rounder that can provide a degree of protection to her allies due to her increased chance of being attacked, but she also is excellent at offense. Her significant damage comes from counter-attacking due to her passive and ULT. For this reason, we focus more on building her DPS than her defense. Here is her stat priority from most important to least:

Main Stats (These are the stats you want to see on your relics right away) 

  • Crit Rate
  • Crit DMG
  • ATK%
  • Physical Damage

Sub Stats (There are the stats are the secondary attributes of your relics) 

  • Crit Rate
  • Crit DMG
  • ATK %
  • Break

Relic Sets

For Clara, only one Relic gear suits her the most, which makes it easier for players to focus on one Calyx to farm. We focus mainly on building her Physical Damage for her sets to enhance her counterattacks further. Here are the best items to equip Clara:

Champion of Streetwise Boxing

  • 2-Pc Effect – Provides additional 10% Physical Damage
  • 4-Pc Effect – Users gain an additional 5% ATK that lasts for the rest of the battle every time they attack or get hit. (Can stack up to 5 times)

Planar Ornament: Space Sealing Stations Relic

  • 2-Pc Effect – Provides an additional 10% ATK to the wearer and increases it further by 12% when their Speed is 120 or more.

Champion of Streetwise is the only Relic set that best fits Clara—her damage scales with Physical Damage, which is the primary stat provided by this gear. In addition, the 4-Pc Effect benefits Clara greatly because she can easily build the stacks quickly due to her counterattacks in long fights. At the same time, Space Sealing Stations Relic is the BiS ornament for her because it provides the most ATK % increase. Clara does not DEF% stats from her items because her kits allow her to survive most engagements already, so we need to focus on increasing the damage of her counterattacks.

Best Light Cones

Clara has more recommended Light Cones because many weapons can help augment her DPS even further. Most of these focus on increasing her overall ATK % and damage, but her BiS provides a bit of survivability to her kit. Here are all the most optimal Light Cones for Clara to use:

  • Something Irreplaceable – Provides an additional 24% to the wearer, a further 24% damage, and 8% HP recovery whenever the user defeats an enemy or gets hits, which lasts until the end of the turn. This effect cannot stack and can only be triggered once per rotation.
  • On the Fall of an Aeon - Provides an additional 8% ATK to the user when they attack, which can stack up to four times. This buff lasts for the whole battle. When the wearer inflicts a Weakness Break, they gain a bonus of 12% damage for two turns.
  • Under the Blue Sky – Provides an additional 16% ATK to the wearer and gives an extra 12% Crit Rate for three turns whenever the user defeats an enemy.
  • The Moles Welcome You – Using a Basic Attack, Skill, or Ultimate Ability to damage enemies provides the user a stack of Mischievous, which gives the wearer a 12% increased ATK per stack.
  • Nowhere to Run – Provides an additional 24% ATK to the user and restores their HP based on 12% of their ATK whenever they defeat an enemy.
  • Shattered Home – Increase damage the user deals to enemies with HP above 50% by 20%.

Something Irreplaceable is the best Light Cone for Clara because it was made for her. This weapon covers two essential aspects of her kit: damage and survivability. The Light Cone provides Clara with significant bonuses to buff her damage and HP recovery to ensure her self-sustaining. 

On the Fall of an Aeon and Under the Blue Sky are good 2nd choices and equal prioritization. The former increases Clara’s ATK% significantly due to the stacking buff, but the Weakness Break condition may be hard to trigger. Meanwhile, Under the Blue Sky provides a flat 16% ATK, further augmented by the 12% Crit Rate increase after defeating an enemy. 

The third best option is The Moles Welcome You because of the high potential ATK % stacking buff, which can be quickly built by the ease of triggering. Shattered Home and Nowhere to Run are interchangeable because they are both budget Light Cones that can be easily replaced later. 

Skill Leveling Order

Clara’s bread and butter are her counterattacks, which provide the bulk of her damage. Her ability to deal significant hurt to her enemies will depend on how many are tagged with the Mark of Counter. We also need to improve her survivability by prioritizing the correct stats. Here is the perfect skill leveling order for Clara:

  • Because We’re Family (Talent)
  • Promise, Not Command (ULT)
  • Svarog Watches Over You (Skill)
  • I Want to Help (Basic Attack)

Clara’s Passive should be the main priority because it vamps up her damage reduction and DPS to her counter. Her ULT is the next one to focus on because it resets her increased chance of being attacked and will trigger her counterattack when allies are attacked. Her ultimate also augments her cleave attacks, which makes it easier for her to clear our groups. Her Skill and Basic Attack are supplementary so you can level up any of them for the third priority.

Best Composition for Clara

In most teams that include Clara, you mainly put her as your main DPS, and any subsequent teammates will revolve around her. Ideally, you would want offensive support that can buff her damage and a healer to keep her alive since she will usually get hit. The last teammate can be anyone, but it is recommended that you place a single-target DPS here since Clara’s major damage comes from her counterattacks. 

How to Play Clara

The primary way to play Clara is to focus all buffs and protection on her. This is why you need a healer and buff support. You have to ensure that she is not encumbered by any status effect or not in danger of being knocked out. Long story short, buff and keep Clara alive. 

Clara’s Ascension and Trace Materials

Ascension Materials

  • Ancient Part
  • Ancient Spindle
  • Ancient Engine
  • Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf

Trace Materials

  • Shattered Blade
  • Lifeless Blade
  • Worldbreaker Blade
  • Ancient Part
  • Ancient Spindle
  • Ancient Engine
  • Guardian’s Lament
  • Tracks of Destiny

Clara Might Be Too Broken

If you have Clara, you may realize her kit is too OP. As long as she gets hit, you will see Svarog retaliating so that you can do as much damage as possible with her. She is excellent in any situation, including fights against elite bosses. Make sure to build her properly to make the most out of her DPS capabilities.


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