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Best Builds for Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf Honkai

Silver Wolf is a Path of Nihility Quantum element character in Star Rail. She's a well-known hacker from Punklorde, a planet where the inhabitants treat life as a game. She joins the Stellaron Hunters for an unknown reason. All this is reflected in her character stories.

But first, let's take a look at the overview of her abilities.

Ability and Trace Overview

"Allow Changes?" is her Skill. It has a high chance of adding an elemental weakness to the target, one that is not natural and your party carries. For example, the enemy is weak to Physical, Wind, and Imaginary, and you have a team of Physical, Ice, Quantum, and Lightning. Using Silver Wolf's Skill will add Ice, Quantum, or Lightning weakness at random. It lasts for three turns.

Only the last applied Weakness will remain, as a target can only hold one. Using the skill on the same enemy as last time will overwrite the previous one. However, it will also reset the duration.

"User Banned" is her Ultimate. Adding a DEF reduction debuff and dealing Quantum DMG to the target is much more straightforward.

Her Talent, "Awaiting System Response…" provides a medium chance of applying one of three 'bugs' (debuffs) to an enemy she hits. The possible bugs are ATK, DEF, and SPD reductions. The percentage depends on how high the Talent's level is. The debuffs last 3 turns, and it doesn't matter what kind of ability she uses to attack.

"Force Quit Program," her Technique, immediately attacks and triggers combat. It reduces the enemy's Toughness and HP bars by 80% of her ATK. Targets who get Weakness Broken by the Technique will receive the Entanglement status.

Strategy and Usage

As a Path of Nihility character, Silver Wolf can be used to debilitate enemies. Whether that's through creating a new weakness or reducing stats, she's a must-have in battles.

If you're farming something and your DPS of a specific element doesn't have updated equipment, you can use Silver Wolf. She can add the Weakness to your preferred DPS, making things simpler. You won't have to think so much of team compositions and keep using your best DPS character.

Besides that, her ability to add debuffs with every attack is beneficial. Lowered ATK means enemies won't hit as hard. Reduced DEF lets you hit harder. As for decreased SPD, it enables you to have more actions than the enemy.

Silver Wolf Builds


Her most recommended Relic set is either the Musketeer of Wild Wheat or Genius of Brilliant Stars. If you want more utility, Thief of Shooting Meteor can make her a breaker of Toughness Bars.

As for Planar Ornaments, the Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise is the best. This increases her Effect Hit Rate, meaning she lands her debuffs more often. Other alternatives include Fleet of the Ageless or Talia: Kingdom of Banditry.

Main Stats: Effect Hit %, SPD, Quantum DMG, Energy Regen

Substats: Effect Hit %, SPD, Break Effect, Effect RES

Light Cone

Of course, the best Light Cone for her is her signature one, "Incessant Rain." It's a 5-star LC that is tailor fit to her abilities. It increases Effect Hit Rate, Crit Rate (conditional), and adds another debuff that makes targets receive more damage.

Other Alternatives:

  • In the Name of the World
  • Before the Tutorial Mission Starts
  • Good Night and Sleep Well
  • Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat
  • We Will Meet Again
  • Void

Character Backstory

Silver Wolf grew up in Punklorde, the world of hackers extraordinaire. Her childhood was spent in a fast food restaurant with one employee and a basement converted into an arcade. She played Pong, Battle Wheel 32, Geometric Wars, Odysseus, and Star Cheetah. Soon, all the high scores in all machines bore her name. One night, she said goodbye to the proprietress and left the restaurant.

She tried to find another job, but nobody wanted to hire a loner. All Punklorde inhabitants tended to work in teams. So she created her own team. Friend, Demon Lord, Whitecollar, and Servant became her partners, stored within an intelligent weapon.

Her first job was risky, probably given to her only because people wanted to see the results, whether she died or lived through it. People on Punklorde may tend to work in teams, but those who survive being alone become legends. After a day, she finished her first job alone but alive.

Silver Wolf had climbed to the top of Rainbow City. Literally, since she could see the fast food restaurant she lived in as a child. Metaphorically too, as no other hacker could keep up with her. However, she still looked higher despite reaching this point, past the stars and the galaxy that housed her planet.

Soon, she returned to her childhood 'home' and saw it almost virtually unchanged. The basement was the same as ever, as the proprietress kept it that way for her. She thought about the other legends of Punklorde.

There was Zero, a terrifying figure from the Internet Wars. His claim to fame was causing a system paralysis to call an IPC escort ship to his doorstep. Then there was Sage, who named himself after the dead. After creating the aether editing technology, he cast off his physical form to raid the Dark Zone. He became a phantom haunting the Interastral Network.

Stoneblade, the pride of Mount Scrap, and his lover Twinsnake were next. The former was a rebel against the Oasis Zone, and the latter was a celebrity in that same region. Though nothing could keep them apart, the galaxy eventually separated them. Rumors say Stoneblade joined the Galaxy Rangers, and nobody knew where Twinsnake was.

All these legends had the same fate. Silver Wolf, as the legend of the current era, knew she was at that threshold. She heard the footsteps of visitors. Four of them. It was a man, a woman, a metal humanoid, and an undescribed fourth.

Turning to whoever stopped at the door, she said, "I'll join."

Thus, the most recent legend of Punklorde left the planet.

Fun Facts About Silver Wolf

  • In Kafka's splash art, she stands behind the subject and holds an umbrella.
  • Her design is based on Bronya's Haxxor Bunny battlesuit in Honkai Impact 3rd. It's interesting that she's based on Haxxor Bunny (a prey animal), but here she's Silver Wolf (a predator).
  • She shares the same voice actors in Chinese and Japanese with Bronya Zaychick and PROMETHEUS in HI3. Specifically in Star Rail, she has the same VA as Bronya in Japanese.
  • For even more Bronya connections, her name came from an alias the former used in HI3, "Silver Wolf of the Urals."
  • She has amassed a bounty of 5.1 billion Credits from the Interastral Peace Corporation.
  • Though her motivations to join the Stellaron Hunters are as mysterious as the groups on objectives, it is implied that she did it to find stimulation or a challenge. Staying in Punklorde seemed to bore her near the end, and what could be better than traveling to collect beacons of disaster?

Is Silver Wolf Worth Pulling for?

She's a top-tier 5-star character with tons of utility. Her kit is handy for any fight, and she trivializes combat by applying a new weakness. More than that, she can stack up debuffs like it's nobody's business, making her a must-have character in the game.

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