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How Much is My Honkai: Star Rail Account Worth?

This is a question many players ask, whether out of curiosity or wanting to buy or sell. Well, with the Honkai: Star Rail Account Value Calculator, they can remove the uncertainty and get an exact quote. All they need to input is their Trailblaze Level, Number of 5-stars, Number of 4-stars, and the Credits they hold.

After that, click the ‘Calculate the Account Value Now!’ and they’ll get a number. It’s that easy, and it only takes a few clicks.

Honkai Star Rail Account Value Breakdown

Trailblaze Level

This is just a fancy name for the account level. It denotes the progress made on the account and unlocks various features as the player levels it up. The mechanic can also be considered the amount of time invested by the owner into the account.

The higher the level, the more time invested, the more expensive it is.

Number of 5-Stars

Having many 5-star characters on the account makes it more valuable. They are the most vital units of the game and would likely be the best at their roles. It’s no wonder why many players want them on their rosters.

While generally, a high number of these characters drive up the account’s value, some other characters give more weight. These are the limited banner characters, as they are only available within a time limit. This makes them rarer and more desired.

The calculator has yet to reflect this, as it was programmed just when the game was released. As of the time of writing, Seele is the only limited banner character. However, more will come as time goes by.

Number of 4-Stars

While less desired than 5-stars, this can determine how many Warps have been done on the account. Those need resources to do, and the process of collecting the Passes adds to the account’s value. Also, 4-stars may not be as strong as the above, but they have sufficient strength to get players through the game.

Some four stars that players would love on their accounts are Tingyun, Pela, or Sushang. These three are desired for their abilities in DPS (Sushang) and support (Tingyun as a buffer and Pela as a debuffer). With these fantastic additions already, you can expect more to come as the game updates.


As for Credits, it’s the currency the game uses for various processes. Examples are leveling characters, ascending characters and Light Cones, and unlocking Traces. Enhancing Relics and Planar Ornaments also require this currency.

Having much of this stored up in the account means less farming and grinding, leaving more time for activities to enjoy.

About This Honkai: Star Rail Account Value Calculator

Please note that this calculator derives its results from previous sales at PlayerAuctions. It takes the current offers on the marketplace, analyzes their characteristics compared to the settings, and then shows an approximate value.

Other calculators might give a different result, depending on how they process the information. Treat the results as a baseline or ballpark figure for setting a tangible value on the account. These will always be approximate, non-standardized costs.

Your results today may be wildly different in a few months as more offers come and go, and players progress further into the game.

Whatever the reason for wanting to find your Honkai: Star Rail account value, this is all you need. It’s convenient and fast, with results out in seconds. With your curiosity sated or inquiries answered, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your Honkai: Star Rail account.

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