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How to Level up Fast and Reach Level 100 in Fortnite

Fortnite Level 100

Fortnite’s latest season was recently released, meaning your season levels will be reset and a new Battle Pass to level up. Releasing a new season is a way for the developers to keep the players invested in the game while introducing new content.

Your season level is reset whenever a new season drops, and a different Battle Pass will be available for players — gaining levels grants players rewards and bonuses. There are two different systems for levels in Fortnite, the seasonal level and the Battle Pass level. The seasonal level corresponds to your level during the season and directly contributes to increasing the levels of your Battle Pass. In this guide, we will give you tips on how to increase your Battle Pass level.

Take note of these tips to ensure you get to level 100 before the end of the season.

How much XP do you need to get to level 100?

First of all, getting to level 100 is no easy task. To get there, the player must accumulate 7,920,000 experience, which translates to an 80,000 XP requirement to reach the next level. The season lasts only 10 to 12 weeks, meaning players need to grind at least 113,000 XP per day to get to level 100.

How do you get the XP that you need?

You need to remember two basic things when you farm for XP.

  • Start playing as early as you can in the season
  • Play as much as you can every day

The time for grinding your levels is limited, so it only makes sense that you start farming that XP as soon as the season starts. Getting behind on levels only means you need to invest much more time every day. Don’t worry because you can still farm XP from challenges and quests from previous weeks, but it only means you have to pay more to complete them all. It’s best that you plan ahead for an upcoming season, save up for the Battle Pass, and start as early as the new season drops.

In Fortnite, there are challenges and quests that refresh daily; this means there will always be XP from quests waiting for you every single day. You also get XP from just playing the game. You get XP from interacting with objects in-game, getting loot, eliminating players, and winning. You even get XP for staying alive and away from the Storm. The experience you gain from these is little, but as you play more games, they will slowly accumulate into a more significant sum. The more games that you play, doing all these means more levels. Play as many games as you can squeeze into your day’s schedule to make the most out of it. Don’t forget to play every day as well!

Playing the game to get XP

You can earn passive experience by playing the battle royale game mode and interacting with objects and entities. Regular actions in-game also grant experience. Placing above 50 grants 80 XP, and getting a Victory Royale increases experience gain from actions done in your next battle royale game. Eliminating a player grants 150 XP, and surviving the Storm grants 140 XP. Opening loot chests grants 140 XP, while opening ammo boxes grants 100 XP. You can also fish, which grants 80 XP. Exploring the map and discovering new landmarks award the player 1,000 to 4,000 XP. The amount of experience these actions give may be small but accumulate into a larger sum as you play more games.

Daily and Weekly Quests

Every day, there are three quests available for the player. These quests are straightforward and can be finished after one game. Each daily quest a player completes gives 1,000 XP. Once a player completes a daily quest, a new one will be available. There is also the Daily Bonus Goal which awards the player 15,000 XP for completing the first three quests. This translates to a 48,000 XP gain for completing three daily quests. You can gain more by completing additional quests, but the first three are essential for getting a considerable amount of experience. Completing three daily quests every day during the season will earn you around 3.6 million XP, which is enough to get 42 levels.

There are also weekly quests available that grant the player much more experience. Each week, a set of quests is released for the players to complete. These quests remain until the end of the season or when finished. For Chapter 3, Season 3, each weekly quest gives 15,000 XP. Each week releases seven quests, which total up to 100,500 XP per week. The weekly quests have their own Weekly Bonus Goal, much like daily quests. The player is rewarded experience for completing a certain number of weekly quests. Achieving the Weekly Bonus Goal gets you to the next tier, with experience rewards increasing as the tier increases. The tier 1 Weekly Bonus Goal rewards 43,000 XP for each a certain number is completed.

Completing the weekly quests amounts to around four million experience, which translates to 50 levels. The experience gained from the combined weekly and daily quests can get you to level 92, which is near the goal of reaching level 100.

Milestone Challenges

Milestones are a great way to earn additional experience by just playing. During the season, there are 19 milestone challenges available for the player to complete. Each milestone has 20 stages, with each step granting 5,000 XP, and meeting all the stages of a milestone challenge totals up to 100,000 XP. If you get all the milestone challenges to their final stage, it amounts to 1.9 million XP, equal to 24 levels. There are also Milestone Bonus Goals, like the Weekly Bonus Goals that award experience for completing a certain number of milestone stages. Upon achieving Milestone Bonus Goals, the tier goes up along with the rewarded experience.

Play other game modes for XP

Aside from the Battle Royale mode, the other game modes in Fortnite also award the player experience for playing.

  • Save the World - a game mode that requires players to buy to unlock. You can earn up to a limit of 450,000 XP from this game mode.
  • Creative Maps - these maps feature achievements that grant players experience when they get it.
  • Impostors Mode - this is a model based on the game Among Us, where players accomplish tasks and vote out the impostor players. Each game awards around 5,000 to 10,000 XP

Other ways to gain XP

Players can spend real money to increase their Battle Pass levels as an alternative to grinding. Each level costs 150 V-Bucks. Players can earn V-Bucks from the Battle Pass or buy them with money.

There is also the Supercharged XP. Whenever a player misses out on playing the game for quite some time, their experience gain becomes Supercharged, which awards five times the normal experience. This is a system in place for players that do not have time in their schedule to play. Remember, though, the experience you earn while Supercharged caps at around 300,000 XP. They are earning that much XP, while Supercharged will return your experience gain to normal.

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