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Beginner's Guide to Fortnite

Fortnite Beginner's Guide

Epic Games' battle royale game is one of the industry's biggest games. As one of the premiere BR titles, Fortnite has a massive following and maintains millions of active players, even years after release. New players can get intimidated by cracked opponents and fast-building enemies. They shouldn't feel hopeless, as there are several things that beginners can do to improve quickly at the game.

There are multiple tips that Fortnite newcomers should keep in mind follow before they leap into combat. These can help players maintain calm and make better tactical decisions. From picking the right spawn points to using suitable guns, these pointers can help beginners improve their playstyle drastically. Here are some of the best tips for learning and understanding the game in this Fortnite Beginner's Guide. 

You Can't Bring the Loot from Spawn Island

Whenever players start the game, they will be first transported to Spawn Island, where they will wait for other players to queue up. The island is filled with many items like guns, ammo, and building materials that everyone can use for their perusal. While people can grab everything they fancy on the island, they cannot bring those items to the match.

While the guns and materials cannot be brought to the main area, picking up these items in Spawn Island will help players learn more about using them. For newbies, it is advisable to practice using weapons and building constructs while in the initial zone.

Gliders Deploy Automatically After Ejecting from the Battle Bus

Unlike other battle royales, the glider will automatically deploy itself upon reaching a certain altitude. Players cannot manually activate them as they plummet down. This means that gamers will have to strategically plan their drop zones since they can't use the gliders to reach different areas.

Drink Small Shield Potions First

Shield Potions can be pretty tricky in Fortnite. Unlike some BR games, not all shield repair items can be used at all times. While exploring the arena, players will eventually acquire small and large shield potions. Small potions will grant +25 energy, while large ones will give +50 shield.

However, whenever players reach 50 or more shield levels, they can no longer use the minor potions. It is advised that gamers use their smaller shield consumables before using the larger ones. Following this tip will help players maximize available resources.

Fall Damage

Despite its goofy and cartoonish graphics, Fortnite isn't like Borderlands or Apex Legends. Players who flail about and jump from high buildings will regret doing so. Falling from certain altitudes will cause significant damage depending on the height of the fall. It is highly recommended to use hills or cliffs to slide down high areas or build ramps to avoid damage from falling.

Pickaxe can Destroy Almost Everything

There will be several instances where players might get stuck between structures or walls that gamers built themselves. However, players don't need to fret whenever this happens because they can always break through their current predicament. The pickaxe can break almost everything in Fortnite, and it can be used to smash obstacles along the way. Players will need to be careful when destroying structures since they will make noise that can be heard by nearby opponents.

Weapon Rarities

There are different kinds of weapons in Fortnite. Each of these fire pieces will also have varying rarities. The rarer the weapon, the higher its stats. Here are the seven grades of all armaments in the game:

  • Grey (Common)
  • Green (Uncommon)
  • Blue (Rare)
  • Purple (Epic)
  • Gold (Legendary)
  • Shiny Gold (Mythic)
  • Light Blue (Exotic)

Materials for Building

Players should understand each construction material's durability and other unique interactions when playing in a match where building is enabled. Some mediums are sturdier than others. Meanwhile, some are easier to farm.

When in a pinch, using wood for construction is the best option. Though it is not the most durable, it is the easiest to obtain and can be used to build fast. Wood is beneficial, especially during fights by temporary ramps and walls.

However, gamers should consider using other materials to set up a base at the end zone. Stone and Metal are more suitable when camping in the last area since they are more durable. In addition, they are not flammable like wood, so enemies can't burn the encampment.

Practice Building Ramps

Fortnite is famous for its building feature where players can create various constructs during battle. Each structure has its importance and usage in the game. However, newbie players should learn how and what to do with ramps.

Learning to make inclined planes will teach players to reach higher areas and gain high ground versus their opponents. Ramps can also be used as protection as players go up. Learning the various usages of ramps can help gamers become more mobile.

Crouch to Minimize Noise

Sneaking is one of the best ways to go about Fortnite, especially nearby areas like the Tilted Towers. Making too much noise from sprinting, hacking on walls, and random shooting will alert opponents to the gamers' presence. Not only will players lose the element of surprise, but they are also more prone to traps and ambushes due to the noise they create.

Newbies should aim to minimize the sounds they make. One of the best ways to do this is to use the crouch feature. Crouching allows characters to move very slowly but also very quietly. This maneuver is very helpful, especially when players want to set an ambush.

Move Erratically

Whether exploring seemingly unpopulated areas or strafing during gunfights, always move unpredictably. Walking, running, or jumping in a straight line or a predictable pattern lets opponents effortlessly take out other players. Therefore, moving like a madman helps gamers from getting shot.

Newbies should always run in a zigzag pattern through open fields, making it harder for snipers to shoot them. During gunfights, quickly moving left and right while jumping will make players difficult targets and help them dodge some bullets.

Don't Destroy Trees or Walls Unnecessarily

Hacking at obstacles to gain building materials is encouraged. However, destroying structures and trees will endanger gamers exploring the area. Completely demolishing layouts will leave tracks of destruction that players can use to track others.

For newbies, it is ideal for harvesting materials without destroying walls and trees unless they have to. Doing so will minimize any visible tracks that opponents might see. This practice will help players avoid getting hunted.

Choose the Best Loadouts

There are a lot of various guns and items that people can acquire in Fortnite. Each gun specializes in multiple ranges. It is best to understand where these armaments shine the best.

Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles are the best guns to use from long to mid-range. SMGs and Pistols are the ideal weapons for mid to close-range. Meanwhile, Shotguns are the best offensive item for close-range combat.

Cracked-shot gamers and veterans typically always rely on sniper rifles so that they can hunt others from far away. However, newbies should focus more on using weapons such as SMGs and Shotguns. These weapons are the easiest to use and the best ones for close-range. For new players, it is ideal for picking fights that are nearby until they get the hang of the game.

Bind Keys

One technical aspect of Fortnite that gamers should always do is customizing their keybindings. Epic Games already has a default control setting for every player. However, these bindings might not be ideal or comfortable for many players.

For newer players, they should customize their keybindings right away to more comfortable settings. This will allow gamers to be more at ease and fluid with their actions. Customizing bindings will also help newbies avoid misclicks and finger strain.

Edit the Displays

While some gamers tend to prefer a more visually pleasing game, setting the displays to cater to better quality graphics can affect performance. For newbies, it is advisable to optimize their display settings to use the optimal number of FPS and avoid lagging. The lower the graphics quality, the higher the performance.

Check Your Ammo

It is always ideal to be prepared before entering a duel. Having an entire clip before fighting other players will ensure that gamers do not run out of ammo quickly. It is always ideal to check the magazine when out of combat and reload when the clip is not full.

However, reloading mid-fight should be avoided at all costs. While making sure that the magazine is fully loaded before a shootout, reloading while in a middle of a gunfight is dangerous because it gives enemies an opening to shoot. As much as possible, avoid replacing the magazine unless it's completely empty.

Be Mindful of Traps

Traps are another form of structure that gamers can build. While they are not used that much, people who know how to use them can inflict damage on unsuspecting victims. Newbies should be very observant about their surroundings and where they are landing. Accidentally touching a spike trap after a grueling battle can instantly end the match.

Let Other Players Duke it Out

The objective of players in a battle royale is to be the last team/man standing. That doesn't mean that gamers are required to eliminate other people. New players don't need to engage in gunfights unless they have to.

Newbies should let other people take each other out. Hiding and waiting for the right opportunity to strike is the ideal strategy. Third, partying is the best way to gain more points than being the first one in a gunfight.

Talk to NPCs

While players tend to focus on the gunfighting and the building aspect of Fortnite, the best gamers know that talking to NPCs is a worthwhile venture. These non-playable characters may seem useless, but they provide players with many rewards. All it takes to get these prizes is to interact with them.

Some NPCs provide exp, while some will give the players weapons or healing items. Most of the time, the objects these characters offer are for sale. In some instances, these figures will provide people with other offers such as disguise, rifts, or even information about the next Storm Circle. Newbies should talk to NPCs when they have the time.

These are some tips that newer players need to understand or know while playing the game. As they spend more time in Fortnite, they will learn more pointers or strategies to incorporate into their playstyle. Playing more matches and exploring more of the game will help newbies grow into skilled opponents.

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