What Fortnite Skin Are You?

Fortnite isn't just a game; it's a world filled with vibrant personalities, each represented by a unique and stylish skin. Ever wondered which Fortnite skin matches your personality? Dive into this quiz to discover which Fortnite skin truly resonates with your character. Whether you're fierce like the Black Knight or as cool as the Ice King, there's a skin that's just right for you. Ready to find out? Let's drop in!
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Unleash the Extraordinary Within!🌀🎮

Collabs Have Made Fortnite A Haven for Skins

The world of Fortnite is like a multi-verse within a multi-verse. There are layers built across on top of one another due to many collaborations Epic Games had with other companies. In the early years, Fortnite was simply a no-fuss, no-frills battle royale with cartoony graphics that had a unique building mechanic. Over time, the game evolved into something more—something with an identity. This identity came in the form of skins; Epic would dish out their own creations that became massive skins. Such examples include Peely, Skull Trooper, Midas, and more!

After Epic’s creations came the collaborations. Players enjoyed having Marvel and Star Wars characters running around the island as seasons come and go—like Iron Man, Deadpool, and Luke Skywalker. Who could forget the Fortnite Avengers Infinity War that happened on May 2018, where players could wield the Infinity Gauntlet? And when players could wield a lightsaber and parry all of the shots gracefully from enemies? Fortnite truly has the high ground when it comes to the number of crossovers it has received.

If that wasn’t enough, Epic managed to collaborate with Destiny 2 and Naruto to have their skins available for purchase on the Fortnite Item Shop. Yep, that’s right—even anime has no escape from the battle royale. Iconic characters like Goku and Beerus from the Dragonball anime series have already visited the island; it was a time when gamers could Kamekameha their way to victory. It was absolutely bonkers, but the silliness of it all made it fun.

Then, of course, there are also live in-game concerts. Pop superstars, singers, rappers, and even DJs made their way to the battle royale. Marshmello’s concert was a feast for the ears, while Ariana Grande’s and Travis Scott’s concert visuals were pure eye candy. After the shindigs, players would have a limited amount of time to purchase the skins of the said musicians. Who wouldn’t want to be Ariana Grande while holding an AK-47 in Fortnite?

Skins Are An Integral Part of Fortnite

Skins for Fortnite were basic at first (ex: Renegade Raider), but with Fortnite having so many collaborations over the years, it feels like new skins are added to the game at least every month. Fortnite’s Item Shop has benefited greatly in terms of profit from loyal players buying every skin they could get.

As of July 2022, 1,371 skins have been added to Fortnite. Players can expect to reach the 2,000 mark after two years at this rate. Luckily for those interested, the skins are much more colorful now than in Fortnite’s first year at the foray. Surprisingly, OG skins that don’t look all that visually pleasing, like the Aerial Assault Trooper and Black Knight skins (which are entirely original), are now hard to obtain. Owning the OG skins that were only released when Fortnite first launched has become a status symbol.

The main reason players buy Fortnite skins despite having no competitive advantages is for customization—it’s what makes their characters unique, after all. Plus, it’s turned into a trend; if everyone has it, people are pressured to get it too. Then there’s the fact that players get bored with skins quickly due to how fast Epic cranks out new skins for Fortnite. People are always looking for fresh content regarding online games, and releasing new skins is one way to appease that insatiable thirst.

Take the Fortnite Quiz to Find Out What Fortnite Skin Are You

Everyone except the naysayers loves the skins Epic Games puts out for Fortnite—regardless of whether it’s from a collaboration or their creation. Considering that Fortnite has one of the biggest multiverses, the skins it receives comes in different shapes and sizes. On the upside, players have ample access to many options in picking their favorite Fortnite skin. But on the other side of the spectrum, it can be overwhelming to choose just one.

By taking our Fortnite quiz, Fortnite enthusiasts can easily find out which skin best fits their personality and sense of style. Gamers have different choices, which are tantamount to the result they’ll get at the end of the quiz.

Note that not all of the skins in Fortnite’s catalog will be part of the results. There are more than a thousand skins in the battle royale. The quiz also does not include the cosmetics released from crossovers since they do not retain the “originality” of Fortnite. As such, skins and characters that Epic Games only created are included.

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