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Fortnite Loot Map: The Best Places to Drop

Fortnite Drops

Fortnite's Battle Royale is still one of the most popular games on the planet. The game mode pits up to 100 players to hunt each other down in a 'last man standing wins' scenario. Players have a large map to work around where they can loot weapons and gather resources to build forts.

Playing the map to your strengths is essential to success in the game. A great drop can get you a lot of loot and resources and grants chances to eliminate enemies, while a lousy drop can immediately drop players out of the game or starve them of the stuff they need. Excellent decision-making also gives players an edge; knowing when to move or join a crossfire can lead to a win. This guide will talk about the different places players could drop depending on how they want to play the game.

In Fortnite, there are points of interest where most players drop because of the loot density and the available mineable resources. Note that these places are dangerous because of the number of players who drop here. Players will often find themselves in a gunfight as soon as they land in the area. Here are some of the best places to drop but are also highly contested. Bring your A-game if you want to land in these POIs. 

Tilted Towers

The Tilted Towers is situated close to the map's center, making it a common choice for players to land. This is one of the best places to land because the area has many chests for players and a lot of ground loot and ammo boxes. The Tilted Towers area has several structures, meaning there are many resources for gathering. Players will most likely encounter several enemies here, making it a highly contested drop. There are several ways to play around the area; safe players can drop to the shoreline on the north, get some loot, and then make their way towards Coney Crossroads. More aggressive players can raid every building while eliminating players to ensure strong gear and weapons.

Reality Falls

The Reality Falls is a new POI added in Fortnite's latest season. The place is the home to the Reality Tree, a huge and colorful tree that rests on a body of water. The Reality Tree scatters purple-colored pods that players can break with their pickaxe to get Reality seeds. Players can plant these seeds anywhere on the map. In the player's next match, these seeds will grow; players must remove the weeds around the plant and harvest them, giving players high-quality weapons and items. This is only one of the interesting things about this drop. For players that choose to loot this place, the best place to go is the waterfalls in the northwest part of the area. In classic video game fashion, these waterfalls have a hidden area behind them with good loot and chests. Be careful because it's likely there's another player around. There are also bouncy mushrooms around the area that can launch players to a quick escape. 

Rave Cave

Another new POI that came with Fortnite's latest season is the Rave Cave, an area that features a cave inside a hill with the vibes of a nightclub, complete with glow sticks and a dancefloor. Above the hill is a bear's artificial head with a roller coaster track going around it. The cave area has many chests and weapons for players to loot, but the better way to play the Rave Cave is to enter through the bear's head, which has some loot and chests, including Slurp Barrels. Drop down from the head, and you will find more loot. Stay alert when dropping this way because the Rave Cave is a popular drop, and there might be players that follow the same strategy. For players who want to play safe, a launchpad is nearby once they are done looting the place. For aggressive players, they can go around the area with the loadout they have and pick fights with other players for a chance at better items.   

The Daily Bugle

The Daily Bugle is a nod to the famous newspaper company from Spider-man. In line with that, the place is lined with spiderwebs and features three buildings that have varying sizes. The best place to drop for loot is, of course, the biggest building. It has a lot of chests and ground loot laying around, but it will also have the most number of players compared to the other two, so stay sharp. 

There are safer options for drops, which have decent loot and resources available while being free from many enemies. You might still encounter a few enemies along the way, so be careful. Here are some places you can go that will get you a good loadout while staying in one piece.

Shell or High Water

This place just northeast of Logjam Lumberyard seems to be a residential area with a huge house and a garden that features a grass maze. The main house area contains some chests and ground loot for players to take. The garden area also has three chests scattered around. This is out of the way of the named areas, so it's a relatively safe drop. The house can also be mined with the pickaxe for resources. Other structures here can be mined, like the garage, which sometimes spawns a vehicle that players can use to get around the map faster.

The Temple

This area features several structures that look like Mayan temples. Each structure has three floors that contain chests or ground loot. Overall, the place has a good amount of loot for grabs. This is a relatively safe drop because it's located right next to the Daily Bugle, which is often a contested drop. Players can loot the structures and make their way towards Daily Bugle armed with what they need for a fight.

Cuddle Cruisers

People rarely go to the Cuddle Cruisers because it's situated at the edge of the map. Players who do not want to get caught in the Storm often avoid areas on the map's edges. This means that the area is relatively safe. Cuddle Cruisers features a villa on an island. The place has few chests and ground loot enough to gear up a player. There is also a chance for a safe to appear there. Suppose players are caught in the Storm while in the area there are motorboats readily available down the villa. Don't forget to gas up in the gas stations nearby.

Chonker's Speedway

Chonker's Speedway is another relatively safe drop because of its position on the map. Situated close to the south edge of the map, this area has two buildings with a lot of loot. This is an excellent drop because it's between Synapse Station and Condo Canyon, which also have tons of loot for players to take. Players can use nearby trucks to move to another location or get out of the Storm in case they get caught in it. Take note that Chonker's Speedway is a safe drop depending on the route of the Battle Bus. If this area is one of the first POIs in the Battle Bus' route, other players are most likely to drop here.

There are several places for players to drop in Fortnite, and strategy can change from game to game. Good players have a good grasp of how to play the map to get a win. These locations are some of the best places players can go, depending on their playstyle. Drop in a good spot, loot for your loadout, and have fun shooting enemies in Fortnite!

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