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WoW Classic Class and Build

  • Talent Calculator

    WoW Classic Best Talent Calculator

    No one can deny the massive hype building up around the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic title that will bring us back to the glorious vanilla […]
  • WoW Tanking

    WoW Classic Tanking Guide for Beginners

    Being able to absorb massive amounts of damage has always been quite alluring to many players who are into World of Warcraft. There’s just an un […]
  • WoW Classic Warlock

    WoW Classic Warlock BiS Guide

    Preparing for a challenging fight is always the best choice if you want to become a great player in WoW Classic. As you may already know, reaching thi […]
  • Shadow Priest

    WoW Classic Shadow Priest Guide

    Priests are a familiar archetype of healers and the healer class. WoW isn't an exception, and Priests are pretty famous for players who'd support othe […]
  • Pets and Minions

    WoW Classic Pets Guide - Hunter and Warlock

    WoW Classic Pets Guide for Hunter and Warlock Pets are wonderful companions. They accompany you through thick and thin, helping you through tough tim […]
  • BiS Mage

    WoW Classic Mage BiS Guide

    Through the years of WoW that we have been through, some gaming mechanics never change. Besides the constant leveling and questing, we have different […]
  • Rogue Leveling Guide

    WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide

    Playing as a Rogue in WoW Classic is undoubtedly super fun and exciting. It’s fascinating to sneak up on your enemies and take them down before […]
  • WoW Classic Warrior Guide

    WoW Classic Warrior Leveling, Macros, and Add-on Guide

    Warriors may look simple to use, but they have hidden depths. You’ll need to know the class well to maximize their skills and abilities. Sure, t […]
  • WoW Race

    WoW Classic Best Race and Class

    Players often find themselves forced to make rather challenging split-second decisions in every RPG (Role-Playing Game) in the gaming market. One such […]

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