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Classic WoW is bringing back the old days, which means farming for WoW Classic gold can be tedious. It's a good thing there's always the alternative for players to get gold from third-party marketplaces – from Elysium PVP Gold to Northdale Gold, all servers are covered. Now with WoW Season of Discovery out, players are excited for the new season WoW servers where you can start fresh, but that also means a fresh gold grind. If you are not playing the season, you can also browse the usual classic offers and hardcore classic offers.

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Why Buy WoW Classic Gold?

The endless grind of leveling up in Classic World of Warcraft can be tiring—and downright time-consuming! Nobody wants to exert the effort just to go through the motions of farming. Why waste precious in-game hours doing the same monotonous tasks for money when there's so much more content to enjoy? Well, players no longer have to let the grind suck the fun out of their WoW Classic experience, thanks to having the option to get WoW Classic Gold from third-party marketplaces. Since some players have ample resources in the game, it's typical for some of them to give it to the other fellow gamers in the WoW community who need it the most.

World of Warcraft Classic Gold Cap

Hitting the elusive gold max is one of the ultimate achievements in WoW Classic since it opens up a plethora of possibilities. To help players get a little bit closer to the seemingly unobtainable Classic World of Warcraft gold cap, some veterans have come up with a few key pointers. Take note!

  • Pick a Decent Profession – For this, it's highly recommended that players pick Blacksmithing, Jewel Crafting, and Alchemy. By no means, though, that this is a way of saying that the other professions won’t earn gold; it just so happens that these are the easiest jobs to make gold under.
  • List The Items – Players may then proceed to collect all the items from their mailbox once they are sold.
    Warning: This can be a rather tedious process as the piled-up mail will obviously take a considerable amount of time to collect. Also, note that the mailbox server has a loot limit of 50 mails per access.
  • Undercut The Competition – Even the smallest undercut can work wonders for one's gold-making ventures. While this may seem counterproductive to gold-making, remember that all competition will eventually quit, leaving the player as the sole source of the items that they’re selling.
  • Don’t Panic When Maxing Out - Players won’t be able to loot any more gold if, one day, they do finally manage to hit the gold max. However, it's important to not stress too much about it as the gold cap is per character; not per account!

By no means are these the only ways to earn Classic WoW gold, but they sure are among the easiest. If all else fails, they can opt to turn to marketplaces that specialize in trading in-game assets. Since they can be found all over the internet, it's up to the buyers to find the best deals when trying to get WoW Classic Gold. No doubt that there will be a lot of offers plastered all over third-party websites.

Why WoW Classic Gold is Important to Players

There's always something new to tinker with within the World of Warcraft Classic, but it always requires the player to have enough gold to do it. Compared to Vanilla WoW, farming gold in Classic WoW is more difficult since the mechanics date back to the game's early days when everything was brutally difficult. Gold is the most common currency that can be found in World of Warcraft. It's what players earn when doing mobs, completing quests, and joining raids. With gold, players get to purchase all of the armor and equipment that they need. This is especially vital for those that are keen on experimenting with the different builds available for their class. Players can also use gold to purchase certain quality of life features in the game. A prime example would be the mounts. Mounts can be used by players to travel into specific areas faster when compared to traveling by foot. The only downside is that mounts are ludicrously expensive in WoW Classic, with only high-level players being able to afford them usually. As such, it's important for players to always have a sizeable amount of gold in their inventory at all times.

What Should Players Spend WoW Classic Gold On?

Gold is World of Warcraft's most important currency and this is doubly true in Classic. There has never been a shortage of things to spend gold on. Everyone can remember struggling to grind out 50g for their first mount and in WoW Classic, that doesn't change, here's a brief list of everything WoW Classic Gold can be spent on:

  1. BoE equipment

    WoW Classic makes a distinction between Bind-on-Pickup (BoP) and Bind-on-Equip (BoE). While the former is untradable, BoE items have no such restrictions placed on them and are freely tradable to other players, either face-to-face or on the Auction House. This means that one of the best uses of gold in Classic is to augment weaker parts of your build, whether you've had trouble farming a specific trinket or bracer, you can find a BoE to supplement your build until you can farm a BoP equivalent. There are many notable BoEs in Classic, the Staff of Jordan is not only an iconic item, but it's viability extends into the multiple raid tiers as well. Acquiring a SoJ will set players back from 300-500g, depending on the server.

  2. Repairs

    Classic has an item durability system that degrades items with usage, once durability drops to 0, an item becomes unusable, granting no bonuses. Repair costs can quickly become exorbitant. Currently, at level cap, grinding regular mobs can cost upwards of 10 gold an hour in repair costs. While the overhead is managable at lower-levels, as a player reaches the end-game, it becomes a constant struggle to keep up with ballooning repair costs. Having a comfortable stash of gold means that players don't have to stress about unusable equipment ever again.

  3. Crafting materials and reagents

    Leveling any of the crafting professions in WoW Classic to the cap can be a long and resource-intensive experience. This is mostly owed to the sheer cost of crafting mats. To give an example, to craft a rank 2 iLevel 60 Nightfall Axe requires 8 Lava core, 5 Fiery Core, 10 Arcanite Bars, 12 Dark Iron Bars, and 4 Huge Emeralds. This means that the cost in gold can reach 1,000g, depending on the server. That being said, Nightfall is undisputably BiS for many classes, including enhancement Shamans. One of the best uses of gold is cutting down on this burden and making sure players have all the mats they might require without being forced to grind endlessly.

  4. Mounts

    A significant amount of gold is required to own high-end mounts. While there isn't the same sheer variety of retail. It's still easy to spend thousands of gold acquiring epic mounts, not to mention the farming time required. For example, generic epic amounts cost 100 gold each, not to mention what is required to level up the riding skill itself. More rare mounts require a significant investment, the Black War Steed Bridle, Black War Ram, Reins of the Black War Tiger, and the Black Battlestrider all cost 100 gold each.

  5. Consumables

    Consumables such as potions are crucial for any adventurer in WoW Classic. Food and drink are required for many raids and pre-made groups will require players to have a certain amount and type in order to participate. This is because certain consumables such as the Steak a la Mode are not only recommended, but a neccessity, to pass certain DPS or survivability checks in a raid. Missing a consumable, particularly in Heroic raiding will quickly lead to wipes. Stocking up on the required consumables is one of the best uses of WoW Gold.

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About WoW Classic Gold

Why Do Some Players Buy WoW Classic Gold?

Money is made up of three types of coins in WoW Classic; copper, silver, and gold—with copper pieces being the smallest denomination and gold pieces the largest. Gaining 100 copper will result in conversion to 1 silver piece, and earning 100 silver pieces results in conversion to 1 gold piece.

Gold coins have many functions in Classic World of Warcraft and are an integral part of the gameplay. It can be used to buy items from NPCs or in the auction house, to trade with other players, to repair armor, and much more. There are many ways to earn money in WoW Classic such as completing quests, looting mobs, and selling items. WoW Classic gold can also be bought from third-party marketplaces should players want to spend less time farming the currency and more time for PvP-ing, raiding, questing, and whatever else that tickles their fancy.

World of Warcraft Classic Gameplay

WoW Classic is a version of the hugely popular MMORPG World of Warcraft in which gamers can play the game in its original state - before the release of WoW's first expansion set in 2007: The Burning Crusade. The following year another expansion set, Wrath of the Lich King, arrived. Since then, five expansions have been released at two-year intervals; Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, and finally, Battle of Azeroth in 2018. It's clear to see that World of Warcraft has undergone tremendous change over the years. World of Warcraft Classic allows players to dial the clock back and experience WoW in its original form.

Don't be fooled—World of Warcraft Classic offers long-time WoW fans more than just mere nostalgia. It is a legit game to be reckoned with that provides a unique experience. While it is indeed a genuine recreation of WoW’s fan-favorite version 1.12 way back in 2006, it has a few tricks up its sleeve that make its long-awaited release worthwhile. So why is there so much hype surrounding Vanilla WoW? What makes it so special that legions of fans would rather play it over the current incarnation of Wow?

It is filled to the brim with improvements and upgrades such as:

  • Smoother graphics experience compared to Vanilla WoW
  • Modern server architecture for better overall gameplay
  • Access to social features

What Makes Classic WoW Special

Other than those said upgrades, the proverbial song remains the same as WoW Classic stays true to the more-than-a-decade-old version of the game. As awesome as the current version is, WoW Classic’s charm and ultimate allure are undeniable. Sure, the current version boasts flashier graphics and intricate quests, but Classic gives players more reasons (as well as opportunities) to have deeper and far more meaningful interactions with other players. The world it offers is overflowing with game facets that force players to build upon those relationships in order to progress further. A tangible example is that warriors need the help of healers to survive even the simplest of encounters. Travel time across WoW Classic’s sprawling world can also be cut short not only by mounts which players buy with WoW Classic Gold, but also through Mages’ portals or Warlocks’ summoning rituals. Most noticeable, however, is the fact that their gaming experience is directly affected by the choices other players make. In World of Warcraft Classic, player cooperation is a must!

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