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The Secrets on How to Make Money Playing WoW Classic

WoW Classic is known for being a game that’s only for hardcore fans of the original WoW. This is why new players are having difficulty getting the right items and leveling up their characters. This is where the sellers come in. By offering WoW Classic leveling services, they can speed up their leveling process quicker than a buyer can say Azeroth—and they can have a fun time from it! It's perfect for loyal fans of World of Warcraft on both spectrums: those who may have missed out on the revolutionary gameplay aspects of WoW vanilla or those that are veterans of it who may be driven by nostalgia. Plus, they also get to help out other players that are having a difficult time adjusting to the new mechanics.

The original level cap in World of Warcraft Classic used to be level 60, but thanks to the Burning Crusade expansion being added to the ever-growing MMO, it was raised to level 70. The Burning Crusade Classic really changed the game for a lot of the folks that were tired of the usual stuff in WoW Classic as it introduced a whole new continent to explore. Plus, there are also areas that were added that are downright gorgeous. Only time will tell as to whether Blizzard will be raising the level cap even further when the other expansions come in, but for the time being, there’s a lot for sellers to do if they want to specialize in doing boosting services for World of Warcraft classic.

Tips on How to Level Up Quicker in WoW Classic

Leveling can be tiresome and even downright boring at times, which is why the best thing to do when the players are unmotivated to play is to mix it up. Here are some ways to level up faster and have fun playing the game at the same time:

Do Dungeons

Leveling takes a lot of time. It’s slow, long, and can be tedious at times. Which is why going to dungeons in World of Warcraft Classic is a great way to get more experience than, say, questing. If a seller has a group of friends who are around the same level as their buyer’s account, maybe they can set up a time and place to meet in-game and complete a dungeon or two. This works best if they have max-leveled friends who are willing to carry them. So if they do, then spamming dungeons is definitely the way to go!

If gamers do the same thing over and over again, then it’s bound to get boring one way or another—even if it’s something fun. The same thing applies to dungeons. While doing dungeons is a great way to gain lots of experience points, mixing both questing and dungeoning is the best way to keep players from getting a bad case of burnout. And don’t worry about running out of quests either since WoW Classic is known for having lots of them in the first place.

Don’t Do PvP

Unless one considers themselves among the fastest WoW Classic leveling speedrunners, then avoid playing on a PvP server as much as possible. If sellers want to get to level 60 quickly, go to a PvE server instead. But if the account that they’re boosting is locked to a PvP server, then they can reduce their run-ins with enemy players by sticking to faction-specific zones and not going to neutral zones. The less time that gamers spend trying to defend themselves from the enemy faction, the more time they’ll have on their hands to undertake quests and complete them.

Go Solo or Group Up: Which Is Better?

Two is better than one, but that doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to leveling up in WoW Classic. Not only will the experience points you earn be halved, but the amount of time that players will spend will be twice as much compared to going solo. While partnering with someone during leveling sessions is fun, it also means twice the work.

Make Money Playing WoW Season of Discovery

Whether someone’s a seasoned veteran returning to relive their glory days or a newcomer eager to experience the world of Azeroth, it doesn’t hurt to get some help now and then. Sellers can help these players by optimizing questing routes and mastering the intricacies of each class. If they’ve been playing Classic ever since it launched, they can get to the maximum level of each of SoD’s phases in one or two gameplay sessions.

How to Level Up Fast in WoW Season of Discovery

Run Dungeons

Sellers should make it a priority to run dungeons in SoD. Unlike in WoW Classic’s Hardcore, where the dungeons were a threat, they’re treated as a bountiful resource in Season of Discovery, especially for leveling. The amount of items and XP that dungeons yield in the game can’t be beaten. To make things even easier, players can grab all the quests related to the dungeon they’re running beforehand. Suppose they enter a dungeon during the leveling process while having all the quests for it. In that case, gamers can exit with a chock-full of experience, which can significantly expedite the grind up to level 25.

Grind Mobs

Grinding mobs isn’t as exciting as doing dungeons, but most high-level players prefer this, mainly because there's a chance to find rare loot. The first thing to know about is the best grinding spots. There are specific areas in each zone with high-density mobs that are easy to kill. As long as sellers grind these spots, they can consistently get XP. With that in mind, they should look for spots with monsters close together and a fast spawn rate.

Another tip they can do is to optimize their efficiency. Sellers can’t choose the class and specialization of a character since they’re just using a buyer’s account, but they can change the runes using the Rune Engraving system. This lets them turn Mages and Warlocks into AoE killing machines or Hunters and Rogues into single-DPS killers.


Like WoW Classic’s other expansions, questing is a direct way to level up. Rather than grinding mobs or running dungeons, questing can often be more attractive since it involves completing tasks in multiple steps. Should sellers decide to pursue this method, it’s best to utilize add-ons like Questie, which helps players identify available quests, objectives, and locations. This makes the process of planning a route easier.

Sellers can also minimize downtime by completing quests that are close to each other geographically and share the same objectives. That way, they can decrease the travel time it takes to go from point A to B.

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