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Warframe Focus Farming

Warframe Focus Farming

Aside from having powerful frames and deadly weapons, many other aspects of the game can influence the progression of a Tenno. The Five Great Tenno Schools are some features that can significantly empower a player’s abilities and stats. These disciplines unlock various active and passive skills that gamers can exploit in their incursions. However, developing these fields requires Focus, an essential points stack for opening skill trees. This guide will help players learn how to farm Focus and progress in Tenno Schools. 

What is Focus in Warframe?

Focus is a skill point system used to advance skills trees of The Five Great Tenno Schools. These points are earned through combat. Focus is used to attain stronger and more reliable abilities for the operator or specific frames. 

As mentioned, this skill point system is mainly used for the Tenno schools. Each discipline focuses on a specific aspect or gameplay, which will significantly alter the efficiency of a particular frame. Knowing which field best suits their current setup will help gamers become more effective in their runs. Here are all the Five Great Tenno Schools: 

  • Madurai – This school specializes in producing solid and powerful fighters. Madurai focuses on developing offense, damage, and power. In essence, this tree increases the attack power and improves the arts of ambush and barrage. Here are all the skills available to this tree:
    • Phoenix Talons
    • Inner Gaze
    • Eternal Gaze
    • Phoenix Spirit
    • Void Radiance
    • Void Strike
    • Flame Blast
    • Rising Blast
    • Blazing Dash
    • Meteoric Dash
  • Vazarin – Unlike Madurai, Vazarin focuses on defense and sustainability. This school prioritizes healing, self-sustenance, protection, and other support abilities. This field focuses on countering their enemies and surviving encounters. Here are all the skills available in this discipline:
    • Mending Unity
    • Mending Soul
    • Enduring Tides
    • Rejuvenating Tides
    • Guardian Shell
    • Guardian Blast
    • Void Regen
    • Void Aegis
    • Protective Dash
  • Naramon – Brute force complemented with tactics and strategy are the central tenets of the Naramon. This school excels in fast and offensive battles for assault. Their speed and power make them strong fighters on the frontline. Here are all the skills in this field:
    • Affinity Spike
    • Void Stalker
    • Void Hunter
    • Mind Step
    • Mind Sprint
    • Power Spike
    • Executing Dash
    • Surging Dash
    • Disorienting Blast
    • Disarming Blast
  • Unairu – Serving at the frontlines to withstand the assault of hundreds of enemies may sound unbearable, but this is what Tenos from Unairu specializes in. This discipline focuses on increasing their defense and tenacity to ensure that attack cannot harm them. They provide various buffs and damage reflection to be a mobile shield. Here are all the skills available in this field:
    • Void Spines
    • Basilisk Scales
    • Basilisk Gaze
    • Void Shadow
    • Void Chrysalis
    • Stone Skin
    • Sundering Dash
    • Crippling Dash
    • Magnetic Blast
    • Unairu Wisp
  • Zenurik – Abilities, and spells are instrumental in combat, especially when you’re part of Zenurik. This disciple focuses on strengthening the mind and intelligence to allow practitioners to overwhelm their opponents with various skills. Controlling the battlefield and dominating enemy resistance is the forte of this discipline. Here are all the abilities under this wing:
    • Energy Pulse
    • Void Siphon
    • Void Flow
    • Energizing Dash
    • Lightning Dash
    • Inner Might
    • Void Static
    • Void Singularity
    • Temporal Blast
    • Voltaic Blast

All these schools are strong in their own right. The key to becoming a strong Tenno is to find the best field that fits your playstyle and complements your Warframe of choice.

How to Unlock Focus for the Schools?

Aside from knowing which disciplines to go to, players also need to know how to farm and gain Focus. However, gamers need to figure out how to unlock this skill system so that they can start empowering their Warframes. Here are all the quests that gamers need to complete to unlock this feature:

  • The Second Dream (opens new abilities)
  • Completed Sedna Junction (unlocks The War Within quest)
  • The War Within (unlock Focus skill trees)

How to Farm Focus?

Once players unlock the Focus system, they will be asked which school they would like to join. After doing so, Tennos will be given a Lens to accumulate points for their current field. These items can be socketed into Warframes, weapons, and other gear. Gamers should note that these Lenses are school-exclusive, so they cannot progress to all the Tenno Schools simultaneously. 

Focus is accumulated by transforming different Affinity, which can be acquired via killing monsters. The Lenses are the primary tool used in converting Affinity to points for the Tennos School. It is ideal to have one equipped for quests with high kill objectives. 

There are tons of aspects that influence how much Focus is accumulated after quests. One of the main factors here is the type of Lens being used. There are currently four types of these items that players can equip at any given time. Here is all the available Lens in the game:

  • Regular Lens – transforms 1.25% surplus Affinity into Focus
  • Greater Lens – transforms 1.75% surplus Affinity into Focus
  • Eidolon Lens – transforms 2.25% surplus Affinity into Focus
  • Lua Lens – transforms 3.25% surplus Affinity into Focus

Gamers will most likely target to acquire Lua Lens as soon as possible. However, obtaining different types of this item can be pretty tricky. Fortunately, there are multiple ways players can try and get the best Focus accumulator they can. 

  • Bounties - Bounties in Cetes or Fortuna have a chance to drop Regular Lenses. In addition, they can also be provided as a reward for completing the missions. It may take players several tries to get one since Lense drops rely on RNG.
  • Market – Obtaining Greater Lenses might be a bit expensive since the only way to get them is via buying them from the Market. There are no quests that players can take that will drop this specific item. Furthermore, these things cannot be traded, so gamers mainly rely on buying them.
  • Tier 5 Bounties – Like regular lenses, Eidolons can be acquired via loot in bounty missions. These quests need to be Tier 5 to gain a chance of obtaining them. However, instead of the actual item, players will receive a blueprint, which they will use to craft the Eidolon Lens. The difficulty of these tasks, paired with the low drop chances, can make this activity quite tedious. Fortunately, these types of Lenses can be traded with other players.
  • Lua Disruption – The blueprints for the Lua Lenses can only be obtained from the C Rotation of the Lua Disruption quest. It might take players multiple tries due to the low drop chances. Fortunately, it is also tradeable with other gamers, so Tennos can try their luck looking for others who are up for an exchange.

Convergence Orbs

Whenever players go on missions, they should actively seek out Convergence Orbs as much as possible. These yellow spheres increase the rate of accumulating Focus by eight times for 45 seconds. Finding these orbs takes priority over killing foes since gamers will benefit more from slaying their enemies after seeing these yellow Convergence spheres.

Where to Farm Focus?

Farming Focus points are straightforward as there are no specific places or zones that players need to focus on. However, doing tasks that requires a lot of killing will help since Focus is generated from Affinity, which comes from slaying mobs. The trick to farming points faster is to ensure that you can quickly take down large hordes of enemies. 

Warframes with large sweeping attacks or extensive AoE damages that can take down multiple foes at once is the best ones to use. Here are all the recommended missions that players should consider doing:

  • Normal or Elite Sanctuary Onslaughts – Onslaughts are the best places to generate Focus due to the endless waves of enemies available. In addition, foes become increasingly stronger as players progress through the incursion, which will also result in accumulating more Affinity for conversion. The best thing about these raids is that the Convergence Orbs are automatically activated at the start of each zone with boosted rates to 16x.
  • Regular or Fissure Survivals – Like Onslaughts, Survival missions provide infinite waves of enemies that get stronger over time. Not only does this increase the Affinity generated, but it also includes bonus drop rates for other essential materials. Fissures are highly recommended since players can get tons of buff rates for resource drop, Affinity, and further boosts every 5 minutes. This task is very efficient since Tennos can farm multiple things in just one quest.
  • High Level – Stealth Approach Exterminates – Another great way to farm more Focus is to do Stealth Extermination missions. Players gain bonus Affinity for executing kills while the Stealth Affinity Multiplier is up. Since these quests encourage gamers to be subtle, Tennos can cash in on the benefits of the multiplier. Raiders should be very careful to maintain the Stealth boost to avoid resetting it.
  • Zariman Missions – These quests can be pretty slow in farming Focus. However, they are also the most reliable and consistent source of points. All Thrax enemies drop 2,500 Focus regardless of Affinity and Lense used, so players who don’t have access to much higher generating missions should consider this category.

Eidolon Shards

Aside from farming Affinity for conversion, the only other way to acquire Focus is via Eidolon Shards. These shards can be used to earn more points and do not contribute to the daily cap. However, this can be tedious since gamers will need to hunt Eidolons traveling the Plains of Eidolon at night. Here are the rates for each shard:

  • Synthetic Eidolon Shards – 5,000 Focus
  • Brilliant Eidolon Shards – 25,000 Focus
  • Radiant Eidolon Shards – 40,000 Focus

Things to Remember When Farming Focus

  • Players should be aware that there are Daily Caps for Focus accumulation. The maximum daily Focus is 250,000, with an additional 5,000 for every Mastery Rank. Monitoring whether you hit the cap or not ensures you don’t waste any mission.
  • Offensive Warframes are the best choices for farming Focus. Frames such as Saryn, Mirage, Volt, and Harrow are some recommended to take to missions.
  • Unlocking other Schools requires 50,000 Focus if they are not the ones chosen after the “The Second Dream” quest. Gamers will need 200,000 Focus in total to unlock every field.

Gamers can accumulate sufficient Focus even if they are not actively farming them. As long as players do their usual activities usually, they will generate points for their Tenno Schools. The only thing that raiders should be conscious of is how efficient they are in their runs. 

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Warframe Farming

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