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Everything About The First Descendant: Character Creation, Party Size, and PvP

Everything About The First Descendant: Character Creation, Party Size, and PvP

The First Descendant offers players a new FPS raid game, giving gamers many character options to take on and fight various threats. Some players may have taken on this new game through the Early Access option, but many others may not be familiar with the game’s features. This guide will tell you everything you’ll need to know about the game and help convince you to play The First Descendant.

What is The First Descendant

The First Descendant is a pure PvE game that focuses on cooperative play. It offers fast-paced gameplay with various mobility mechanics and parkour elements. Despite the game's hasty features, players can still focus on combat mechanics instead of worrying about their movements. 

The game has been in beta testing for several years, which has allowed mods to fine-tune The First Descendant to its refined form. While there are still some bugs here and there, gamers should expect a smooth experience on top of the dynamic gameplay. Players will also appreciate the game's unique aesthetic and graphics.

Will There Be a Character Creation? 

Unfortunately, the game won't have character creation, but we have access to a diverse Character Roster, with each offering distinct and unique playstyles backed up with exciting Lore and kit. These Descendants are the game's class type, offering different skills and abilities. 

While there is no character creation, you can customize each Descendant using modules. There are over 600 mods that players can equip to personalize their characters' builds to open up new options and combinations. You can also have multiple loadouts to quickly swap between your raw attack power builds and your ability spam setups.

Aside from the customizable loadouts, we also have many cosmetic options. These items range from awesome-looking getups to cute accessories. You can get these as rewards from quests, battle pass drops, or offers from the in-game shop.

Will There Be PvP in the Game?

Devs have stated that they don't intend to insert PvP into the game because they want to fine-tune the PvE experience. From the beginning, the team's core vision was pure PvE gameplay that gamers can enjoy for a very long time. This is evident in the game's in-depth lore and strong world-building.

What's the Max Party Size in the Game?

The game lets you play solo or cooperatively, enabling you to form a four-person group. We may get more game modeswhich will allow more members in the future, but for now the max is four.

You also have the option to set your party to public or private. If you are public, you can let randoms join your groups and help you in your missions. However, you can also set your party private to avoid strangers entering your lobby. Doing this will limit your invites to friends only. You can change party options to private while the map opens when choosing which area to go to next.

How is the Microtransactions in The First Descendant

Devs have been upfront since the beginning about microtransactions to set player expectations. Most of our purchases will revolve around skins, outfits, boosters, and battle passes. These offers ease the community's mind off the potential of the game being P2W. The only remote relation to pay-to-win mechanics come in the form of boosters, but it's not that big of an impact.

A lot of the content in the game can be earned through various activities. Devs designed the PvE experience so gamers can grind to buy certain cosmetics. However, all weapons and armor need to be crafted and require schematics.

The First Descendant Power leveling Offers

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