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In 2022, 21,988 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Sell MIR4 Accounts for Real Money

Many players hate the grind but love playing with high-level characters. Sellers can take advantage of this by selling a MIR4 account with high levels. Otherwise, buyers may want more money and resources to start with an advantage. Whatever the reason, sellers can make a tidy profit from selling MIR4 accounts.

Increasing the Price

Here are some ways to increase the price of a MIR4 account.

  • Have a High Character Level - This lets the buyer skip the grind and get right into PvP or whatever activity they want to do. They won’t have to grind or farm, just get straight to the fun parts of the game.
  • Have a Good Stock of Resources - Resources, including currency, are the cornerstone of progress. Various leveling up and enhancing processes would need materials and some amount of copper or other currency. Accounts with a good stock of these will cut the farming time for the buyer, so the more of these there are, the more expensive the account can be.
  • Have Good Equipment - Any RPG character relies on equipment of some kind. Having top-tier equipment and the best of the best can rocket the account’s value to incredibly high prices. The buyer doesn’t have to farm or grind for the gear, which is a convenience they’ll gladly pay for.

Combining those three characteristics can result in a truly expensive account. However, buyers may have their own preferences. They might want a mid-level or even a fresh account. It depends on their needs for their new account. Sellers have to keep a balance between price and the account’s functionality, so to speak. Otherwise, with a really expensive account, it might take a long time before a buyer takes interest in it.

At any rate, enjoy MIR4 and the riches a seller can make playing it!

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