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When it comes to playing MIR4, players will always have to keep three things in mind: Gold Coins, Darksteel, and DRACO coins. Thanks to NFT games being more accessible to the public, there’s no better time than now for sellers to finally sell their hard-earned cryptocurrency to the public for a fair price.

Darksteel: The Raw Currency of MIR4

Even before trying to think of farming DRACO coins in MIR4, sellers will have to think about the process of getting Darksteel first as it’s the raw material that turns into DRACO later on. Thankfully, there are a few but stable ways players can constantly get the material in MIR4. One such way is by completing the game’s missions. Daily quests and Game History quests are always being provided to players in the game on a day-to-day basis to ensure that they’ll be able to get an adequate amount of Darksteel before they reach the later levels.

The most common way to farm Darksteel is to go mining--literally. Players will have to go to one of the maps that have crystals and make their way there to begin the farming process. However, they have to be at least level 40 first. This is due to the maps having strong monsters that can’t be easily defeated. Once they’re already inside a dungeon or a cave, players can just search the sections of the maps that have crystals and proceed to harvest them.

Smelting Darksteel to Sell MIR4 DRACO

Before selling MIR4 DRACO, sellers will first have to turn their attention to Darksteel. Darksteel in MIR4 can be turned into DRACO and vice versa thanks to the process called smelting. To smelt Darksteel into DRACO, players must possess Darksteel that’s equal to the sum of DERBY, which is the Darksteel Exchange Rate. Keep in mind that there’s a smelting fee of 1,000 Darksteel per DRACO that’s generated. After smelting Darksteel into DRACO, a player’s DRACO tokens will then be stored into their WEMIX Wallet which is linked to their game account. Keep in mind that gamers are only able to smelt 100 DRACO coins per day.

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