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Selling MIR4 Items for Money

Some players prefer to sell MIR4 items for real money instead of virtual currency. They can do so for many reasons, from quitting to having too many on hand. Whether it’s weapons, armor, materials, or consumables, they can sell these items for a hefty profit.

Players need to upgrade their weapons and armor every so often, so they remain relevant to their level. That’s why they are always, always in demand. As for materials, they’re needed for either crafting or upgrading equipment or the character itself. Because progress is a constant process, these resources would be precious. Lastly, consumables are good for all kinds of situations, whether in a pinch or when just needing buffs.

Sellers can sell these MIR4 items on reliable trading platforms. With great security, a large trading community, and the freedom to set prices, it’s the best place to do so. They rely on all the benefits that come with offering these items in the marketplace.

How to Farm MIR 4 Items Efficiently

MIR4 items come from many different sources. Players can complete tasks or quests, defeat enemies, buy from the market, and craft them. However, if aiming to gather one kind of item, the best way to do so is to farm them.

Farming is a tedious and repetitive process, but it can get the job done. It can take a long time, but there are ways to make the process more efficient and gather more in the same amount of time. The first is to equip spirits with Drop Chance Boost Talismans to increase the chance of items dropping.

The second is to do item collection for a passive increase to drop chance. This can be seen in the codex and use the filter to only show those collections that increase drop chance. Players can see which items they still need to collect to have the stat boosted.

The third is by using potions. There’s a consumable item in the clan shop the ‘X of Greed’, depending on how strong it is. They vary in duration and strength, but they can help when gathering resources and farming items.

With these boosts, sellers should get more items from their farming runs. If before the buffs they only get 2, they might be able to get double or more than double in their buffed runs. More items to sell means more profit, so this method is valuable to sellers.

MIR4 Item Farming Methods

There are two ways of farming MIR4 items.

  • One is Active Farming. It is the player controlling the character to mine and gather resources or run through dungeons to collect items. This is a more focused method, to gather one or two specific items. They might coincidentally get other items as well, but it’s mainly for hunting that specific item/s.
  • The other is Passive Farming. By putting the game in Power Saver or Sleep mode, the character can still move around and collect items. When the player gets back to it, the character will have collected some loot, depending on how long it spent in that mode.

Because there’s no control over the character, the items received through this method can be random. To add to the randomness, they sometimes get mystery boxes that give a random object from a set pool of items. Still, it’s a way to farm items without having to spend time on the game.

By using the Drop Chance Boost and these two farming methods, sellers won’t have to run out of stock when selling MIR4 items. They can keep their business going and keep getting profits. Combined with a reliable and trustworthy online marketplace, they won’t have to ask for anything more.

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