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Make Money Playing Escape from Tarkov

For the gamers that want to play Escape from Tarkov while helping other players gain levels while at the same time make money, they have the option to offer Escape From Tarkov boosting services and assist them in making it out alive. After all, EFT is an intense first-person shooter that has a steep learning curve. Not everyone is able to adapat as fast as others, and for that, there are some of them that are looking to get a helping hand or two in becoming a better player.

Becoming an EFT Power Leveler

For Escape from Tarkov, sellers will mostly provide Power Leveling services on a particular account's metrics, particularly the following:

  • Level
  • Experience/Money Farming
  • Escape from Tarkov Skill Leveling
  • Quality Gear
  • Dealer Level

Pricing Escape from Tarkov Leveling & Boosting Services

The price of a seller's services depends on how long the process will be and how many levels and skills will be grinded. Of course, the more levels and skills to be grinded, the higher they can usually charge. One can make the price even higher if they can grind them for a shorter amount of time. At the end of the day, it's up to the seller how they want to price their goods and services.

Sellers have the freedom to set their own price, but it’s recommended that they follow community-accepted pricing so that they won’t scare off potential customers. Also, there will be customers that will negotiate a few adjustments to the terms and conditions that they will set. Some would cut a few levels or opt for a longer leveling process for a lower price, and others would pay more for a shorter grind. Ultimately, it’s up to the seller if they will accept these requests.

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