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Getting gold and gear isn’t exactly like a walk in the park. With only so few Escape Portals available in the dungeons, it’s a race against time when extracting. The Goblin Caves and High Roller dungeons are even more intense; players must face stronger enemies and other players who are all geared up. By selling Dark and Darker accounts, sellers can help buyers experiment with multiple classes without worrying about trying to level up or getting gear—they can have everything they need in their Stash.


Master the Classes


There are six classes to choose from in Dark and Darker:


  • Fighter
  • Ranger
  • Cleric
  • Barbarian
  • Wizard
  • Rogue


All these classes offer different types of gameplay. For example, a Wizard can cast ranged spells from a distance, while a Barbarian is a slow-moving class that uses two-handed weapons to damage enemies. Players can pick and choose what class they prefer, but luckily, they can create multiple characters with different classes in one account.


Sellers can master all the available game classes and reach the maximum level. By doing so, they’ll unlock all the ability slots that will make their character stronger. During this process, they can accumulate a lot of gear and gold in their Stash, increasing their account's value.


The Fighter is the easiest class to get tons of loot and gold from. Equipment for the Fighter comes easily in dungeons, so they can avoid having anything before they go through an Escape Portal. Plus, since they can wield all types of weapons in the game, they’re essentially the perfect all-rounder class. On the other hand, the Wizard is the hardest class to get gear for. Additionally, if they buy from the merchants, armor and weapons such as staffs and spellbooks cost an arm and a leg. This results in the Wizard with fully decked out gear with gold to spare as the most “valuable” class.

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