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Dark and Darker is tough as nails, and it can be a frustrating experience for beginners that aren’t used to losing all their stuff if they die. That said, sellers can help buyers retain all the loot they get from the dungeon and extract successfully by selling them Gold Coins. They can use the in-game currency to buy equipment and potions before gearing up for another round. Classes such as the Wizard and Cleric, to be specific, have a more difficult time getting gear in dungeons since they can only use specific weapons and armor. This is why those classes need all the Gold Coins they can get.


How to Farm Dark and Darker Gold Coins


Farming Gold Coins in Dark and Darker is easy… if players can extract. The ultimate goal is to find an Escape Portal and get out of the dungeon before the circle (or other players/enemy NPCs) kill them. Sellers can farm Gold Coins by looting chests (they’ll need a lockpick if they want to get the good stuff), but be wary, for there are Mimics in the game as well. Besides that, they can also loot enemies that they’ve killed—NPCs and real players alike. Dark and Darker is a fantasy version of Escape from Tarkov.


It’s easier for sellers to loot items and trinkets than Gold Coins if they want to accumulate much currency in the long run. Players can carry trinkets such as bangles, cracked jewels, and anything gold-plated in their inventory. They can sell those items to The Collector for Gold Coins if they can extract.


Trading Gold Coins


To begin trading Gold Coins, players must unlock the Trade option to become a Trader. They’ll need 25 Gold Coins to open trade options to all the classes in Dark and Darker—from the Fighter to the Cleric. Thankfully, sellers will only have to pay the fee of 25 Gold Coins once to gain permanent entrance to the Trade hub. From there, they can initiate a trade with a buyer and transfer the currency.


Another option for trading is inviting the buyer to the seller’s lobby. The seller must bring the currency with them while they are ready for a round in the dungeon. Once both players have spawned, they can transfer the gold to the buyer by dropping it on the floor. However, this method is a bit risky since the buyer has to get to an Escape Portal, which is why going through the Trade hub is preferred.


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