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Why Sell Dark and Darker Items?

Dark and Darker is an incursion-type game where you travel to a specific area and loot as much as possible before trying to get out. This activity can be very rewarding as there are tons of items that you can get that you can use for your next adventures. However, the game has its drawbacks. 

Players are not alone when scavenging through empty catacombs and abandoned tunnels. Chambers can be filled with undead monsters eager to put down unwary adventurers. Other players can also try and murder you to steal all your hard-earned loot, which can leave you penniless and broke. 

Fortunately, players can ensure that they can get some fantastic items for their characters by getting them from willing vendors. You can earn tons of profit by selling excellent equipment to needy explorers. Help players prepare for successive incursions by providing them with the best items and making real-world money. 

Earn Money Quick with These Tips

The best way to collect items to sell is to focus on farming mobs and avoiding confrontations with other players. However, slaying other people can also be lucrative, so if you want to gather things via that method, it is best to run with a party to ensure your success. If you plan on engaging in something other than PvP, focus on farming each dungeon's creatures. You should remember that if you cannot fight specific monsters, you can trap them in a room by luring them inside and running out to lock the door. 


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