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Eldritch Orb, Volatile Orb, Harmonised Orb for Sale

There are all sorts of items in Old School RuneScape. Some are obtained as monster drops, some from quests, and some have to be crafted. In the case of OSRS orbs, it’s a mix of both monster drop and crafting, making it quite difficult for some players to get. Some of these players decide to buy OSRS orbs from online sellers.

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Trading Information

Why Gamers Buy OSRS Orbs

Some of the orbs in OSRS can be extremely difficult to get, particularly ones obtained by completing the Nightmare as they fetch extremely high prices on the GE and the boss itself is incredibly though. One way in which players get these orbs is by buying them from online sellers so that they can avoid the challenge or gold farming required to get them.

All About Orbs in OSRS

Orbs are used to create four elemental orbs: air, earth, fire, and water orbs. Its base form is the Unpowered Orb, which can either be created at Crafting level 46 using Molten Glass, or be obtained from the following sources and their rarities related to the source:

  • Barrels in Viyeldi Caves - Common
  • Average chests in Dorgesh-Karaan – 1/20
  • Skeletons in Tarn’s Lair (requires level 42) – 1/42.6
  • Kraken – 1/64
  • Skeletal Wyvern – 1/64

In turn, these orbs are used to create elemental battlestaves, which not only provide unlimited runes of a particular element, but also give the autocast option, and has higher melee staff bonuses.

Creating elemental orbs is simple: players just have to learn the necessary Charge Orb spell related to that particular element. This will turn an unpowered orb in their inventory into the orb of the element wanted. For this, players need an uncharged orb, level 66 Magic if they want to craft all of them, and to be on the respective elemental obelisk. Two of the obelisks are found in areas Edgeville and Taverley Dungeons that correspond to the element, specifically the following:

  • Charge Air Orb – above Edgeville Dungeon
  • Charge Earth Orb – Wilderness Area of Edgeville Dungeon
  • Charge Fire Orb – deep in the Taverley Dungeon, past the water obelisk and two black dragons in the dungeon’s main floor
  • Charge Water Orb – an island in Catherby Bay, which can only be accessed by a ladder in the Taverley Dungeon

Here are the level requirements to create OSRS elemental orbs:

  • Water – Level 56
  • Earth – Level 60
  • Fire – Level 63
  • Air – Level 66

With these orbs, battlestaves can be created. Once created, it’s up to the player whether they want to keep and use these themselves or sell them on the Grand Exchange for profit.

On the other hand, there are also other kinds of orbs which are unrelated to elemental orbs and making battlestaves. The most similar among them is the harmonised orb, a rare orb that can only be obtained from The Nightmare, and can only be attached to the Nightmare Staff, which is also only obtainable from the same namesake enemy. This creates the Harmonised Nightmare Staff, which requires level 75 Magic and 50 Hitpoints to equip. It allows the wielder to autocast standard spells, and increases attack by 4. Both the staff and the orb fetch quite the price because of their rarity as well.

Finally, there’s the Orb of Light and the Light Orb. The former is used in the Underground Pass quest, while the latter is used to fix magical lamps in Dorgesh-Kaan, and is created by combining a Goblin Cave Wire and an Empty Light Orb. However, because the Empty Light Orb is untradeable, players will need to get an Orb of Light themselves.


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Sellers will select this method of delivery if they intend to meet your character in-game with one of their own characters. Usually a seller will coordinate a time and location in-game to meet your character.


  • Be sure to confirm the time to account for time zone differences
  • Confirm which Shard or Server the delivery is to take place in case your game world has more than one.
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Option 2: In-game Mailbox delivery.

Some sellers will select the option to deliver gold or items directly to an in-game mailbox. This option is less popular for larger Games like WoW, but is still viable amongst other games. This option can be convenient for smaller orders because you do not need to coordinate time of delivery.

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About OSRS Orbs

Harmonised Orb, Volatile Orb, and Eldritch Orb

These orbs are extremely rare items in Old School RuneScape dropped by The Nightmare of Ashihama, an entity residing in Morytania with a combat level of 814.

Why are they so popular?

Harmonised orbs, Volatile orbs, and Eldritch orbs are so popular in RS07 because they can be combined with a Nightmare staff in order to create the Harmonised nightmare staffVolatile nightmare staff, and Eldritch nightmare staff respectively. These powerful staffs have the potential to wreak havoc in the world of Old School RS and each have a special attack. The Volatile nightmare staff and Eldritch nightmare staff can autocast both standard and Ancient Magicks spells, while the Harmonised nightmare staff can be used to destroy the field in PvP.

Why do I need one?

If you want to own one of these extremely powerful staffs in RuneScape 07, you will need to purchase one of the three orbs: Harmonised orb, Volatile orb, or Eldritch orb. As the staffs are untradeable, you must purchase an orb and nightmare staff, and then create one of these staffs yourself.

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