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Sell RS 2007 Account And Make Money 

It’s time to cash on your efforts! If you are a veteran old school Runescape player, you can easily make money by selling your Rs 2007 account. There are thousands of players who are eager to buy veteran accounts. It helps their guild, enables them to surpass difficult levels and defeat opponents successfully. To sell Rs 2007 account, register with PlayerAuctions!

Can You Sell OSRS Account?

Jagex has strictly prohibited people from selling OSRS accounts. However, there are reputable account sellers across the world in various marketplaces. Selling the username and password to a buyer isn’t illegal by any means, making it a great loophole since the account itself belongs to Jagex. The worst thing that can possibly happen is that they can ban the accounts you’ve made, but there have only been a few cases where this has happened.

Where Can I Sell My OSRS Account?

Selling accounts isn’t anything new in the gaming community. With that being said, there are marketplaces like PlayerAuctions where you can sell your OSRS accounts with ease. What you should worry about though, is the amount of stiff competition you’ll have to go through. OSRS is a well-known MMORPG around the world; it has amassed millions of players since its release. No doubt you’ll be facing some sellers that have been around for years doing the same thing as you. To stay relevant in the OSRS account marketplace, you’ll need to price your accounts competitively—not too high, but not too low where you won’t be able to make a profit either. A surefire way to one up the others is to constantly check the latest trends on what prices do buyers usually look for when buying an account. By doing that, you’ll always make a sale and stay ahead of other sellers.

How Much do OSRS Accounts Sell for?

The pricing of OSRS accounts can vary. Some sellers have premium prices (more than $100) while some offer more affordable ones (below $50). The reason for the disparity is what the accounts hold inside. For example, if the character in the account has reached the endgame, has a lot of party hats and other cool weapons, and has hit max level in almost all of the Gathering and Slaying skills, then it justifies having a lofty price tag. Getting to all of the rare items and hitting the max level cap on the character and skills can take hundreds of hours, so you’re basically paying for the time that the seller has put into grinding the character for you. As for cheaper accounts, these are usually what other players look for when they acquire smurf accounts. By having just the right items for a mid-level character, they can easily level up the account by themselves. If you’re having trouble pricing the OSRS accounts that you’re planning to sell, you may use your OSRS Account Value Calculator here.