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Buy OSRS Ancestral Robes, Hat, and More

Sometimes, the old works better than anything new. One example of this is the Ancestral Robes set. Players unanimously agree that it is the best-in-slot for any Magic-user. It does give the best Magic attack bonus yet doesn’t give as much protection as Ahrim’s robes. It’s exactly what you would expect of something coming from the Chambers of Xeric.

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Trading Information

About the Chambers of Xeric

The Chambers of Xeric is one of the most challenging raids in OSRS. Its normal mode pits players against a random selection of its rooms. That means they have to be prepared for everything the raid can throw at them. Though they don’t have to go through everything, it’s better to be prepared for anything than to be caught off-guard by something.

The Challenge Mode makes the brave souls face all the puzzle and boss rooms, befitting the ‘challenge’ modifier. In any case, whether playing solo or with a team, the Chambers of Xeric will put challengers to the test.

It houses 9 bosses in certain rooms, some of which double as puzzle rooms. One of those bosses is always the Great Olm at the end of the raid. Remember, normal mode bosses are variable, but players meet every one of them in challenge mode. Here are the other bosses:

  • Ice Demon
  • Lizardman Shamans
  • Muttadiles
  • Skeletal Mystics
  • Tekton
  • Vanguards
  • Vasa Nistirio
  • Vespula

Players will have to fight some of them, but the others have to be dealt with by other means.

Though the chambers will pose a challenge, the raid does have some mechanics that benefit the players running it. There are fishing spots and bats to cook, as well as mobs and bosses sometimes dropping raid-instance-only potions. However, relying on drops won’t be enough. Some enemies will drop herbs that can be used to make those potions. The player has to have the requisite Herblore level to make effective ones.

They can also make a storage compartment that would appear throughout the raid. Taking the time to manage inventory is an important step to keep strategies streamlined. It’d be hard to recover from a mistake of using the wrong item, after all.

All these actions (combat, survival, storage, even clearing shortcuts, and cooking) contribute to the points participants can accumulate. Earning these points makes them eligible for more and better rewards, though it has a cap of about 131k.

The Rewards

Of course, players wouldn’t torture themselves by running this difficult raid without the promise of loot. The Chambers of Xeric gives out some of the best rewards such as the Twisted Bow, the Dragon Hunter Crossbow, and the Ancestral Robes set!

There are also the Dragon Claws, Twisted Buckler, Elder Maul, and Kodai Insignia. More than that, challengers can get runes, herbs, ores, gems, and even a pet!

All these rewards would be enough reason to fight and make their way through these chambers again and again. For magic users, the Ancestral Robes set is the best reward.

The Ancestral Robes

Three pieces make up one set of these robes. They are the Ancestral Hat, the Ancestral Robe Top, and the Ancestral Robe Bottom. Wearing all three of them gives a 69 Magic Attack Bonus, the highest of any armor set. Adding to that is a 6% Magic Damage bonus, as well as some modest defenses for Stab, Slash, Crush, and Magic.

With a Twisted Ancestral Color Kit (from the Challenge Mode of the raid), players can recolor their Ancestral Robes. From its blue-purple and yellow scheme, it becomes tones and shades of grey. It won’t affect the armor’s boosts or benefits in any way. The kit also renders the armor untradeable. Fortunately, kits can detach from the armor, giving back both items.

Why Some Players Buy Ancestral Robes

If running the Chambers of Xeric is too hard, some players take the option to buy the robes from other players. There’s the Grand Exchange, but a whole set costs about 126M gold at the moment. Without those funds, and being unable to run Chambers of Xeric, some players see the only other option being to buy Ancestral Robes from online sellers.

Buying lets buyers skip going through the raid and immediately get their robes. Completing the challenge doesn’t guarantee the player gets the robes. Maybe they’ll get a part they already have or something else entirely as the loot system is based on RNG.

Players who are considering getting involved in online trading should first check out the game’s policies and terms. By ensuring they are all clued up on these, they can then make an informed decision on whether they would like to go through with trading.


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