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How to Sell Your OSRS Gold for Real Money Safely

Since the announcement of Classic RuneScape finally closing its servers for good, there are thousands of nostalgia hungry players who would want to satiate their hunger pangs by reliving the old days by playing Old School RuneScape. Many players have formulated that they lose focus of the game in the quest of collecting gold as a lot of time and energy is spend on it. To ensure that they play the game with full concentrate and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, they much prefer buying gold online instead of spending hours to grind it.

If you are in a circumstance where you have a lot of old school RuneScape gold and wondering what to do within, then take advantage of the situation by selling RS 2007 gold to the nostalgia hungry players and turn your digital assets into real money quick!

By following these easy steps, here’s on how to sell OSRS Gold at PlayerAuctions:

  1. Register as a seller on our website.
  2. Post your offers complete with their descriptions accordingly.
  3. When someone buys your old, we’ll notify you immediately so you can reach out to the buyer.
  4. Once the buyer lets us know that the trade went down smoothly, we’ll send you your payment.

Tip: If you have a large quantity of gold to sell, we recommend offering a bulk discount to your buyers, as this will almost certainly boost sales.

How Do You Sell Gold On OSRS?

Some players scour forums to trade with others. This method, however, is quite unsafe as you could potentially be scammed by fraudulent sellers. For safer transactions, you’re better off selling OSRS gold at trusted marketplaces. There are, for instance, websites that provide players with a chance to sell their OSRS gold easily and safely. One such site is PlayerAuctions. Such marketplaces often have tight-knit communities with thousands of active daily users. As a result, you won’t be left wanting for buyers for the OSRS gold you intend to sell.

Where to Sell OSRS Gold Then?

If you are still not sure where to sell Old School RuneScape Gold, the simple answer is PlayerAuctions. For years now, we have remained one of the premier player-to-player trading platforms. This means we can help you sell your Old School RuneScape gold quickly and safely.

When it comes to selling in-game currency over the web the payment security is probably the biggest concern. Sellers are always unsure of full-payment recovery and the fear of getting scammed is on the top of their minds which results in sleepless nights. But not when you register with PlayerAuctions! We are the pioneer and the safest place to trade MMO digital assets in the world. We provide you 100% protection against payment frauds and chargebacks, ensuring that you sell RS2007 gold with confidence and enjoy worry-free trading.

At PlayerAuctions, you are fully protected from fraudulent buyers through our PlayerGuardian, security technology. When you become our member, the buyer sends the payment to us. This payment is secured by PlayerGuardian. Once the payment is received, then the gold is delivered to the buyer. Upon delivery confirmation from both sides, you and the buyer, the payment secured by PlayerGuardian is then disbursed to you. Moreover, you can register and post free of charge. Without a doubt, PlayerAuctions is the best OSRS Gold site!

How Do I Make Money In Old School Runescape?

Old School RuneScape is a veritable haven for MMORPG enthusiasts who have an innate knack for moneymaking since it offers a plethora of ways to earn RuneScape gold (the game’s currency).

Here are some noteworthy ways for you to earn riches in OSRS:

Merchanting – Also known as merching, this is the act of buying an item and re-selling it for a profit.

Note: While merchanting isn’t an offense that can get you banned, joining a clan and subsequently manipulating item prices is. Be warned!

Skilling – Leveling up your skills in Woodcutting, Fishing, or Mining can earn you serious gold! How? By selling the resources these skills provide at the Grand Exchange.

Defeating Monsters Gielinor is rife with fiendish monsters. The good news is that they reward you with awesome drops should you decide to take them on. Some notable monsters include anything from the mundane (Chickens) to the downright formidable (Dark Wizards).

Rune Running – A relatively easy method of raking in cash, Rune Running is when rather “rich” players pay others for running rune or pure essence for them either to a bank or a general store (for unnoting).

So if you’re ever strapped for cash and are wondering just how to make money in Old School RuneScape, worry no more. Just give these methods a try!