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Welcome to PlayerAuctions' OSRS Trading Market

This OSRS market page brings everything a buyer or seller wants to one page. Without the need to navigate through the site, traders are able to view all the categories that other players are trading within for OSRS. Some players are even bookmarking this page so that they have quick access to sellers for OSRS gold, items and services.

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by RuneScape - Old School or its trademark owner.
About OSRS Online Marketplace

What is the OSRS Marketplace?

Whether it is to get around this time sink involved in skilling, farming, and acquiring items, or getting items that are no longer readily available, there is one path that some gamers choose to take: finding an OSRS Marketplace. This is a hub where players can buy OSRS accounts, items, and gold from their fellow gamers.

Things Players Find on an OSRS Marketplace

Players who want to try some OSRS trading are able to find sellers posting offers for a variety of things in a marketplace. The prices of these assets solely depend on the seller. However, despite the freedom to put any on their offers, they generally keep it close to the actual value of what they are selling. The main things that players trade in the marketplace are gold, items, accounts, and power leveling services.

For items, sellers set prices based on their rarity, price in OSRS gold, whether a subscription is needed for them to be obtained, and depending on the item, viability and popularity, or in certain cases, both. Buyers might look for weapons and armor which can be found in an OSRS shield shop, magic items such as those from a rune shop, and tools to help leveling such as pickaxes in the OSRS pickaxe shop.

Accounts, on the other hand, follow a different pricing system, which consider the following as factors:

  • The total value of items in it
  • The level of skills, preferably capped, especially for
  • Subscription status, including length of subscription
  • Price of OSRS gold in account in real money

The price sellers set for power leveling services depends on how long it takes to complete them or the difficulty of the service.

Lastly, the price of gold in the OSRS marketplace depends on the current trends in the community.

When engaging in a trade, players without a membership are limited to trades of 25K by the OSRS trade limit. This means that trading in a marketplace is generally done more by players with game memberships.

The Hurdles in OSRS

Old School RuneScape is a big game. Because of how old the game is, its world isn’t exactly big, nor is it intricately detailed. Nevertheless, because the game offers many things to do, many places to visit and explore, much lore to dig deep to, and many things that they can be, Old School RuneScape

Also, despite the name, Old School RuneScape is not exactly old. Rather, it’s simply meant to be a version that recreates how the game was in 2007, which was considered as the game’s peak. In fact, the game was created for the players that loved how the game was in its 2007 state. Eventually, however, the game received its own original content beyond what the franchise had in 2007.

What makes Old School RuneScape unique and interesting is how community-driven everything is. While it fosters a sense of closeness among players, it has also not only driven the prices of items up, but has also increased the amount of OSRS gold in circulation. Because of this, some players feel like the game’s player-driven economy is stuck in an inflation.

It also does not help that the game itself involves a lot of grinding. This is true mostly for leveling up skills, which takes hours upon hours of doing the same thing over and over again. Old School RuneScape fans – and RuneScape fans as a whole – have grown up and no longer have as much time to play as they used to. This also applies to farming gold and grinding for items.

Plus, items dropped from bosses and monsters can sometimes take even more time compared to crafted items. Crafted items simply require specific items and are obtained with complete certainty once these items are obtained. On the other hand, there is no telling when items from bosses will be dropped – if they are even going to be dropped. It also does not help that some bosses are powerful and aren’t easy to take down. That means less runs, which means lesser chances of getting the rare items.

Latest OSRS News: OSRS is celebrating the game's 9th birthday this week with a variety of events in Al Kharid. Players will be able to join treasure hunts, fish and earn exclusive rewards.

Latest OSRS News: OSRS is replacing the duel arena with a new PVP arena. This change is intended to give players a better experience and to lessen the prevalence of gold scams, which anyone who has used to Duel Arena is familiar with.

Latest OSRS News: The OSRS Android app is in open beta. Finally giving Android players a chance to play the legendary MMORPG.

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