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OSRS Fletching Training Guide 1-99

OSRS Fetching Guide

Fletching is one of the members-only skills in Old School RuneScape, and since you will need materials to be able to fletch, the most challenging part in training the skill as an ironman is obtaining these materials. The time spent obtaining the fletching materials makes this skill much more challenging on an ironman account than on a regular account since it is fast, but banking the resources is slow.

You should implement a few general strategies as an ironman that will significantly help you with the fletching skill. These strategies also differentiate the main account playstyle from the ironman playstyle since they are based around “banking XP,” which means storing items in your bank that you will later use for training another skill. Before training fletching, you must “bank some fletching XP” in the form of logs, feathers, bow strings, tips, and unfinished ammunition.


There are several notable milestones in the fletching skill since reaching certain levels will allow you to complete various quests and achievement diaries and access other training methods.

Achievement Diary Milestones

Several achievement diaries are tied to the fletching skill:

  • Level 5 – Easy Western Provinces Diary, Medium Western Provinces Diary, Hard Western Provinces Diary
  • Level 40 – Elite Kourend & Kebos Diary
  • Level 50 – Medium Kandarin Diary
  • Level 69 – Elite Ardougne Diary
  • Level 70 – Hard Kandarin Diary
  • Level 81 – Elite Varrock Diary
  • Level 85 – Elite Western Provinces Diary

Quest Milestones

There are only four quests where you’ll need a particular fletching skill.

  • Level 5 – Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  • Level 10 – Tourist Trap
  • Level 25 – The Fremennik Trials
  • Level 50 – Devious Minds


Certain items, such as the toxic blowpipe, are locked behind questing, so to obtain them as an ironman, you must have a certain fletching skill.

  • Level 53 Toxic Blowpipe – One of the strongest ranged weapons that can be used to kill many monsters and bosses.
  • Level 55 Broad Bolts – A great way to train your fletching and one of the most accessible types of bolts for ironman.
  • Level 58 Emerald Bolts – One of the lowest enchanted bolts you can use with a crossbow for a unique effect.
  • Level 59 Mith Grapple – An item you need to hold in the ammunition slot to use several Agility shortcuts.
  • Level 63 Ruby Bolts – A type of bolt you can enchant and then use when killing many bosses for a special effect that will drain 20 percent.
  • Level 65 Diamond Bolts – A type of bolt you can enchant and use when bossing for their armour-piercing effect.
  • Level 73 – Onyx Bolts – They are a great source of income if you cast high alchemy on them, and the way to make use of the onyx bolt tips drops you can get from bosses such as Thermy or fishing in the tz’haar area.
  • Level 76 Amethyst broad bolts – a stronger variant of the broad bolts for which you’ll also need a high mining and crafting level.
  • Level 78 Dragon Crossbow – another excellent ranged weapon you can use with various bolts.
  • Level 84 Dragon Bolts and Gem-Tipped Dragon Bolts – one of the strongest ammunition versions in OSRS.
  • Level 90 Amethyst Darts – the second best in slot darts you can load your Blowpipe with, and more accessible than dragon darts.
  • Level 95 Dragon Darts – the best darts you can load your blowpipe with.

General Strategies

General Strategies

Woodcutting and Logs

Generally speaking, you should bank the logs when training your Woodcutting skill as an ironman. This will make your woodcutting progress slower, but you will be able to get fletching XP from those logs since you’ll be able to fletch various weapons and arrows from various logs.

Hunter and Feathers

Even though feathers can easily be bought from multiple shops around Gielinor, it is best to consider completing the Bone Voyage quest and get access to the fossil island and to birdhouse trapping early on, as they will bring you a constant supply of feathers on top of Hunter XP, nests, and seeds. On top of this, you might also need the feathers for training fishing, so a steady supply is always good.

Crafting and Gems

If you’re already good on your jewelry supply and have more gems in your bank that you’ve cut for crafting XP, you can use a chisel on them and create gem bolt tips.


You can use the smithing skill to create various types of darts, bolts, and arrowheads, which you will later use together with feathers and arrow shafts to train your fletching skill. Some of the variants are available in the archery shops, and this is a great way to speed up your way to 99 fletching.


Killing various slayer monsters will bring you fletching supplies such as logs, arrowtips, or strings. It is best to bank these supplies, primarily if you cannot obtain larger quantities from higher-level monsters or shops. If the supplies are stackable, for example, rune arrow tips or noted magic logs, you should always aim to bank them. Also, remember that the brimstone chest contains fletching supplies such as logs, dragon arrow tips, and bolt tips. This makes Konar the most ironman-friendly slayer master since you can only drop the keys that open this chest while on a task given by her.


You can also get a fair amount of fletching XP by subduing the Wintertodt boss. Even though there is no hard level fletching requirement to do Wintertodt, it is best if your fletching level is at least 50 since you will gain a multiple of 0.6 of your fletching level per bruma kindle fletched. For example, if your fletching level is 60, you will get 36 fletching XP per kindle. This is very useful in two ways.

Firstly, you won’t need to bank as much fletching XP if you do this method, and second, you will bank some fletching XP from the Wintertodt reward crates. If you fletch, you will also get more points and, therefore, even more crates. However, since the crates are tied to your level, it is best to wait until you level your woodcutting, mining, and farming skills before opening the crates, even though the Wintertodt is traditionally one of the first grinds ironman players engage in.

Obtaining Logs

Obtaining Logs


The most straightforward way to obtain logs is by woodcutting and then banking the logs. However, this method is extremely tedious. The Forestry update helps a bit since with 70 Crafting, 70 Woodcutting, and 35 Farming, you can make a leprechaun charm which will enable you to spawn the leprechaun event, which will act as a bank and be present for a minimum of 50 seconds giving you time to bank at least 1 inventory worth of logs for most trees.

Another new addition that you should aim to obtain early, which will help you immensely with banking fletching XP is the log basket, which will allow you to store 28 extra logs.

Shade’s Catacombs Chests

Opening chests inside the Shade’s Catacombs near Burgh de Rott is another way to obtain noted logs. This time, the tier of the logs is not decided by your woodcutting level but by the color of the chests you open. However, you will need a certain woodcutting level and a certain firemaking level beforehand to create the pyre logs you use to cremate the shades and obtain the keys that open the chests inside these catacombs.

Windertodt Supply Crates

Depending on your Woodcutting level, you can get 10-20 noted logs from the Wintertodt supply crate. The higher your woodcutting level is, the more likely you will get higher-tier logs. The highest tier of logs you can obtain from a supply crate is Magic logs, and you will need at least level 50 Woodcutting to drop them.

Training Fletching

Training Fletching

The actual fletching training is very similar to a main account once you banked your Fletching XP.

5 quests will give you some fletching XP:

  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters
  • The Fremennik Trials
  • Temple of Ikov

Level 1-55

From level 1 to 55, you should create headless arrows using logs and feathers. You can also buy arrowtips from Archery shops and tip the arrows, and you should also aim to complete the quests.

Level 55-85

You can create broad bolts from level 55 to 85 with the slayer unlock. This is done by adding feathers to unfinished broad bolts, which can be bought from Slayer masters. Here, you can also use whatever logs you have to create longbows, string them, and then use high alchemy. Additionally, you can also do some Wintertodt.

Levels 85-99

At level 85, you can start making magic longbows, and even though they are slower than other methods, you’ll have a steady supply of magic logs from various bosses.

Overall Thoughts

As an ironman, you should account for what’s available to you and what you enjoy doing. If you enjoy barbarian assault, you’ll get a variety of logs to fletch with. If you enjoy killing a specific boss, you’ll end up banking loads of that boss's drops. If you enjoy mining, you’ll also get various fletching supplies.

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