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OSRS Skilling & Leveling Guide

  • OSRS Fetching Guide

    OSRS Fletching Guide 1-99

    Fletching is a fan-favorite member skill in OSRS, and it's easy to see why. If you're a first-time member, Fletching is an accessible and approachable […]
  • OSRS Herblore Guide 1-99

    OSRS Herblore Guide 1-99

    OSRS 1-99 Herblore Guide Herblore is one of the most painful level 99s to achieve in OSRS. It's alright in the early-midgame grind, but once you get […]
  • OSRS Runecrafting Guide 1-99

    OSRS Runecrafting Guide 1-99

    The pain of training Runecrafting to level 99 is legendary. Many skills in OSRS, back when OSRS was new, could have been better trained. But none of t […]
  • OSRS Hunter Guide

    OSRS Hunter Guide 1-99

    Hunter has always been a bit of a mixed bag, especially when players go into the skill blind. OSRS is a game full of dragons, demons, and magic. Why w […]
  • OSRS Construction Guide

    OSRS Construction Guide 1-99

    Construction is a skill of extremes. It's effortless and straightforward to level up. But it's also costly to train and arguably the most costly skill […]
  • OSRS Mining Guide 1-99

    OSRS Mining Guide 1-99

    In Runescape 3, Mining is fantastic. Ore boxes, gem bags, extremely AFK-able. What more could you want? But Mining in OSRS? That thing scares me. Sin […]
  • OSRS Agility Guide

    OSRS Agility Guide 1-99

    Agility will be your best friend in OSRS. It doesn't matter what activity you like most; skilling, PVM, questing, etc. You will be running around a lo […]
  • OSRS Slayer Guide

    OSRS Slayer Guide 1-99

    Content What's Your Combat? Getting to Know the Slayer Masters Slayer Leveling Guide Level 1-25 Below 40 Below Level 70 Level 85-99 Ho […]
  • OSRS Firemaking

    OSRS Firemaking Guide 1-99

    Content What Do I Need To Know About Firemaking? Level 1-50: Firemaking Level 50-99: Winterodt Level 60+: Yew Logs Level 90+: Redwood Logs […]
  • OSRS Farming Guide

    OSRS Farming Guide 1-99

    Why Should I Train Farming In OSRS? How Does Farming Leveling Work In OSRS? Tools Of The Trade The Process Level 1-17 Level 30+ Tips On […]
  • OSRS Magic Guide

    OSRS Magic Guide 1-99

    Content The Best Quests To Farm Magic Exp 1-99 Osrs F2P Method Level 1 - 29+: Starting Out Level 29 - 43/55: Curse Splashing Level 13-37+: Ki […]
  • OSRS Smithing Guide

    OSRS Smithing Guide 1-99

    Content Why Should I Do The Knight's Quest? What If I Don'T Want To Do The Knight's Quest? The Best Equipment For Smithing What About The Blast […]

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