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OSRS Hunter Guide 1-99

OSRS Hunter Guide



The Hunter Skill is one of the more complicated non-combat skills in OSRS. However, it offers some wonderfully fun adventures and objectives. This is the newest skill in OSRS, and there are numerous critters to hunt in many spots around Gielinor.

Because of that, the best methods to level 99 and get the skill cape are not clear to many players. Luckily for you, we are back with our OSRS Hunter Guide for 1-99 to help you out. Follow these instructions, and you should have no problem hitting 99 if you’re patient.

What do I Need to Get Started with This OSRS Hunter Guide?

  • Fairy Ring Transport (gained by beginning Fairy Tale II quest and strongly recommended)
  • A small fishing net
  • Rope
  • Bird Snare
  • Box trap
  • Butterfly net & Butterfly jars

Level 1-9

You don't need to look further than the Varrock Museum and the Natural History Quiz for the early levels. It's doled out by Natural historians in the museum. Speak with Orlando Smith to get started. Afterward, you must answer three questions about each display correctly to succeed.

This method is not only fun but straightforward if you have some trivia knowledge (or Google). This will also lend you some Slayer experience, a nice perk. When you’ve completed all the questions, talk with Orlando once again.

Alternate: Level 1-7

Those who have anxiety about quizzes or have trained Slayer already can start training Hunter by catching Polar Kebbits. They’re found northeast of Rellekka around a Snowy Hunter area. Some ways to get there is the Camelot teleport or a Fairy Ring code. Use a Ring of Pursuit to speed up your leveling if you have one.

Alternate: Level 7-15

Continuing from Polar Kebbits (or from the Varrock Museum quiz), you can start hunting Feldip Weasels. This is faster than catching some birds, detailed in the Level 9-15 section of this guide. Get to the Feldip Hunter Area using a Ring of Dueling Castle Wars or a Gnome Glider.

Level 9-15

If you have access to the Fairy Ring transport system (you are really going to want it to train this skill), use the code “akq” to head to the Piscatoris Hunter Area. You’ll be catching Copper longtails here until level 15 – and it’s pretty slow-going to get started, but hang in there because it’s only 6 levels.

Level 15-33 (or 37)

Head back to a bank, swap your bird snare for butterfly nets and jars, and then head back to Piscatoris. This time, you’re looking for a Ruby harvest butterfly spawn point. Stand next to it and capture butterflies. There’s nothing else to it.

This can be tedious, so you can stave off the stagnation by catching both butterflies and Copper Longtails. While they’re both tedious, at least you’re not doing one boring thing at a time. It also increases your cumulative XP gain, so there’s also that.

Alternate: Level 33-37

If you’d like a change of scenery, you could leave at 33 to start catching Barb-tailed Kebbits. I recommend against it, as you’ll be heading back to Piscatoris in a few levels anyway. Still, it does break up the stagnation, so suit yourselves.

You can also make this part go faster by catching Crimson Swifts too. This part is faster than catching butterflies and Copper Longtails up until level 37. You can choose which method you’d like to go with.

Level 37-59+

This is personally my favorite part of Hunter training – Kebbits! You’ll be in the Piscatoris area for the next 20 or so levels, so bring a knife, 1000 or more GP, and a chisel. That last one is for fletching Kebbit bolts (it's optional but valuable and easy) if you want to make some OSRS gold on the side.

You may also want to bring along a bird snare or butterfly net and jars, as Kebbits can take some time. You can catch butterflies or copper longtails in the meantime. Lastly, don’t forget to leave any handheld equipment behind!

Begin with Prickly Kebbits and deadfall traps; there’s nothing special about it. At level 43, you’ll be able to start catching Spotted Kebbits with falcons, but be sure not to leave the Falconry, or you’ll have to pay your 500 GP again.

At 57, you’ll be able to add Dark Kebbits to your list of prey, which will give you a slight exp boost per hour. This method can be much faster than catching salamanders of any type, depending on the world you’re on. I personally enjoy it more anyway and usually find some players to chat with, so it’s more enjoyable than other methods. If you’d like, you can stick with it until you reach level 80 like I did.

Alternate: Level 59-80

Red salamanders are a decent option until level 67 but not my favorite for a few reasons. One, Ourania Cave is difficult to reach without teleports. It’s usually crowded with the number of salamanders available. Plus, you won’t gain as much experience as you would using other methods.

Additionally, you cannot make any gold by catching salamanders, which involves a lot of running. Be that as it may, some players enjoy this method. I’d be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t tell you about it, at the very least.

Bring ropes and nets to Ourania Cave. If you don't have a better option, you can reach it at least with a teleport to the Khazard Battlefield. Placing traps 3 or 4 at a time, depending on your skill level and attention. This method can yield anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 experience points.

You’ll have a far better time doing this with a Graceful Outfit. I’ve only done it a few times, mainly to see what all the fuss is about, and I had trouble taking care of 3 traps at a time in this area. I leave this method to better men (or women) than I.

Black Salamanders (starting at level 67) give far better experience rates for less work. They are located in the Wilderness, North of the Chaos Temple. Bringing a torch can slightly increase your exp per hour, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with Player Killers. If you are getting attacked, switch worlds a few times. Since you aren’t carrying anything valuable (right?), you shouldn’t have any major issues in these areas.

Level 80-99

Red Chinchompas are the way to go if you’re looking to make some great profit and not have too much trouble doing it. As most players know, Chinchompas are one of the greatest allures of the Hunter skill for their extreme value to Ranged trainers and high market value.

To get the most out of this method, you will want to complete the Hard Western Provinces Diary tasks to access the Red Chinchompa hunting grounds. With a bit of world-hopping, you should be able to find sparsely if not unpopulated worlds and make the most of your time.

It will be slow going, as all high-level skill training is, but you’ll begin to see high-profit margins right away. Hopefully, that will spur you onward!

Alternates: Level 80-99

You can also track Herbiboars on Fossil Island at level 80. It requires the player to finish the Bone Voyage quest, but you can get around 150,000 Hunter XP per hour. That’s an estimate since the actual rate might be higher or lower depending on your clicks. This method can also give you Herblore XP, so that’s a bonus if you haven’t started training it yet. Lastly, you can get the Herbi pet through this method.

Another alternative is to catch Maniacal Monkeys. It’s a more AFK method, so if you’re not into click-intensive ones, this is a good training process, though slower. There’s little gold to earn this way as well. Monkey Tails will be the primary source of GP, and its drop rate is a very rare 1 in 5000 chance.

Alternate: 73-99

You can catch Black Chinchompas in the Wilderness with a bit more risk. Of course, since players gather there, it has become a PK hotspot. However, if you risk this method, it’s one of the best ways to earn gold through Hunter. Starting to catch them at level 73 and continuing it up to 99 can make you about 125 million in OSRS gold. Still, training with Red Chinchompas is more stable and consistent.

Alternate: 5-99

You can also do Birdhouse runs to level up Hunter to 99. It will take longer, but you have the time to focus more on other skills or tasks. Just set an alarm, so you know when to replace your birdhouses. You can get some decent profits with this method as well.


If you stick with these OSRS Hunter Guide tips, then that skill cape will be yours before you know it! Choose the method that fits your style, whether the fastest or the most profitable. Now’s the time to test your might! Go out and make something happen.

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