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OSRS Woodcutting Guide 1-99

OSRS Woodcutting Guide

Woodcutting is one of the skills available to free 2 play in Old School RuneScape. It is one of the F2P skills for which the training methods are efficient, making it possible for you to reach 99 Woodcutting quite easily compared to other skills, especially other gathering skills such as Fishing or Mining, which have much smaller XP gains per hour.

There are plenty of reasons why you should train Woodcutting. This is because many woodcutting levels are required for completing diaries and quests. Besides this, there are many milestones that will offer you various upgrades within the woodcutting skill, such as better axes or the ability to create forestry items that will help you in many ways in your woodcutting journey.

OSRS F2P Woodcutting

As a F2P who wants to level their Woodcutting skill, you have access to most of the woodcutting axes members have access to, but you only have access to a minimal variety of trees:

  • Level 1 Tree
  • Level 15 Oak Tree
  • Level 30 Willow Tree
  • Level 45 Maple Tree
  • Level 60 Yew Tree

You’re also limited to just a few forestry events, but overall, the run from 1 to 99 can be smooth. Make sure to hop to a F2P forestry world whenever you train your woodcutting skill. Currently, you can either hop to 298 or 434.

Levels 1-15

From level 1 to level 15, you should be cutting regular trees. Forestry doesn’t apply to them, and you’ll need to cut one at a time, obtaining one log per tree before it despawns. You should head towards a location with plenty of regular trees, such as west of Lumbridge or between Varrock and the Barbarian village. If you’re an ironman, you should consider banking the logs since you will need them both for your fletching and your Firemaking skill. If you don’t want to drop the logs, you can bring a tinderbox and train your firemaking, slowing down the woodcutting XP you gain per hour.

Levels 15-30

At level 15, you can start cutting oak trees, and there are several around Varrock and around Draynor village, where you also have a bank pretty close. Falador is another option close to the bank. You can either keep cutting oak till 99, 60, or 30. As an ironman, you should go towards willow logs once you reach level 30 and either bank them or use a tinderbox to train your Firemaking.

Levels 30-45

You can start cutting willow trees once you reach level 30 woodcutting, and the best place to do this is Draynor Village since you’ll be able to bank very quickly.

Levels 45-60

Once you reach level 45, you’ll have to pick between cutting oaks for the best XP or cutting maple for somewhat slower XP rates but with some profit. You can find it in Corsair Cove but know you will need the Dragon Slayer 1 quest.

Levels 60-99

At level 60, you’ll unlock the highest level tree for F2P, and with it, you will unlock the most profitable tree you can cut as a F2P: Yew trees. There are a few just west of Lumbridge, around Varrock and Falador, but the best F2P spot is Edgeville since this is the place with the closest bank.

OSRS Members Woodcutting

As a member, both the reasons to level the Woodcutting skill and the methods are much more varied, and on top of this, you will also have access to stronger woodcutting axes, which can boost your XP per hour even more. You can also wear many other useful items while woodcutting for other benefits.

OSRS Best Woodcutting Items to Have

Dragon Axe

The dragon ae is a drop from the Dagannoth kings and one of the strongest woodcutting axes in OSRS. Besides giving you the best woodcutting speed, its special attack will allow you to visibly boost your Woodcutting skill by +3. You need 70 attack to wield it, but you can use it from your inventory; however, if you have it in your inventory without wielding it, you won’t be able to access its powerful special attack.

Infernal Axe

The infernal axe is the product of combining a dragon axe with a smouldering stone dropped by Cerberus. On top of giving you the best woodcutting speed and the special attack, it also has a passive ability that will burn some of the logs you cut. This means you will get some passive firemaking XP and must drop your inventory or bank less often, making your experience even more relaxed. The axe will consume charges, so you will need to use either another axe or another smouldering stone on it to charge it before benefitting from its passive again. You should choose whichever alternative is cheaper or available if you’re an ironman.

Crystal Axe

The crystal axe is even more efficient than the dragon and infernal axe. It also has the boost on the special attack, but its charges are much more expensive, and they deplete much faster. After completing the Song of the Elves quest, you can only access it after gaining access to Prifdinas.

Lumberjack Outfit

The lumberjack outfit is one of the few XP-boosting outfits in RuneScape. You can obtain it via the Temple Trekking minigame or the forestry expansion. Since it is one of the fastest outfits to get, it is worth getting it before you embark on a higher-level woodcutting training journey. You can even visually enhance it with its forestry cosmetic upgrade.

Log Basket

This is an item you can get via the forestry expansion, and similarly to the fish barrel, it will help you gather more logs in one trip before banking. The basket holds up to 28 logs, and it’s a must-have, especially if you want to woodcut for a profit rather than go for the fastest XP.


The Lightbearer is a ring you can obtain as a rare drop from the Tombs of Amascut. Its effect is to regenerate your special attack energy much faster, and it is best in slot when used with items that give you a temporary skill boost, such as the Dragon or Infernal Axe. Timing the special attack well will give you at least a +1 boost of the skill.


There are many milestones surrounding the Woodcutting skill, from quests that you cannot complete without it to achieving diaries that will require your woodcutting skill to be as high as 90 to skill-specific milestones and upgrades.

Diary Milestones

Many achievement diaries can only be completed if you perform tasks involving the Woodcutting skill and requiring a specific minimum woodcutting skill.

  • Level 15 - Easy Lumbridge & Draynor Diary
  • Level 15 - Easy Fremennik Diary
  • Level 35 - Medium Desert Diary, Medium Western Provinces Diary
  • Level 45 - Medium Morytania Diary
  • Level 50 - Medium Kourend & Kebos Diary, Medium Karamja Diary, Hard Western Provinces Diary, Hard Morytania Diary
  • Level 56 - Hard Fremennik Diary
  • Level 57 - Hard Lumbridge & Draynor Diary
  • Level 60 - Hard Kandarin Diary, Hard Kourend & Kebos Diary, Hard Varrock Diary
  • Level 61 - Medium Wilderness Diary
  • Level 75 - Elite Falador Diary, Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary, Elite Wilderness Diary
  • Level 90 - Elite Kourend & Kebos Diary

Quest Milestones

Several quests involve the woodcutting skill:

  • Level 10 - My Arm's Big Adventure
  • Level 35 - Animal Magnetism
  • Level 36 - Lost City
  • Level 40 - The Fremennik Trials
  • Level 50 - Legends' Quest, Olaf's Quest
  • Level 55 - Lunar diplomacy
  • Level 56 - The Fremennik Isles
  • Level 62 - Sins of the Father
  • Level 70 - Song of the Elves
  • Level 71 - Grim Tales

Axe Milestones

Your fail rate is directly related to the axe you are using and your skill level. The better the axe and the higher your skill, the more you will be successful at cutting trees. This is why upgrading your axe as soon as possible is important.

  • Level 6 - Steel axe
  • Level 11 - Black axe
  • Level 21 - Mithril axe
  • Level 31 - Adamant axe
  • Level 41 - Rune axe
  • Level 61 - Dragon axes, 3rd Age axe, and Infernal axe
  • Level 71 - Crystal axe

Trees Milestones

There are also significant milestones for trees because you will unlock different trees to cut and expand the variety of training methods you can access.

  • Level 15 Oak
  • Level 30 Willow
  • Level 35 Teak
  • Level 42 Juniper
  • Level 45 Maple
  • Level 50 Mahogany
  • Level 54 Arctic Pine
  • Level 60 Yew
  • Level 62 Blisterwood
  • Level 65 Sulliuscep
  • Level 75 Magic Tree
  • Level 90 Redwood

Forestry Milestones

With the Forestry expansion, other woodcutting levels become vital since you can start creating and using certain forestry-specific items.

  • Level 35 Foresters Rations, Secateurs Attachment, Bees On A Stick
  • Level 50 Clothes Pouches
  • Level 68 Nature Offerings
  • Level 70 Leprechaun Charms
  • Level 75 Sturdy Harness

OSRS Woodcutting Guide for 2 Tick

The fastest woodcutting XP involves click manipulation, which means it is very click-intensive. You’ll need to turn auto retaliate on and get two low-level enemies to attack you by using a harmless spell on them and them. You will need to time your clicks on the tree then and on the ground with the hitsplat created by the low-level monsters attacking you.

Another method involves planting your own teak on Fossil Island and clicking the teak, then clicking to move one tile again and then the teak again quickly.

OSRS Most AFK Woodcutting Methods

Two semi-AFK woodcutting training methods will give you much slower XP rates, but at least you don’t have to be constantly focused.

Cutting Magic or Redwood Logs

You can cut Magic or Redwood logs within the Woodcutting guild’s vicinity and bank them.

Kill Ents

If you’re brave enough to head to the wilderness, you can kill ents and harvest them with the Woodcutting skill. You can also find them in the woodcutting guild, and they are an excellent way to mix combat and woodcutting.

OSRS Despawn Timers for Trees

Each tree has a set despawn timer, which will start once anyone hits that specific tree:

  • Oak tree - 27 seconds
  • Willow tree - 30 seconds
  • Teak tree - 30 seconds
  • Maple tree - 1 minute
  • Hollow tree - 36 seconds
  • Mahogany tree - 1 minute
  • Arctic pine tree - 1 minute, 24 seconds
  • Yew tree - minute, 54 seconds
  • Magic tree - 3 minutes, 54 seconds
  • Redwood tree - 4 minutes, 24 seconds

Consider Other Skills

When training woodcutting, it is crucial to consider other skills. Besides the attack skill, which will enable you to wield the axes, two processing skills are dependent on Woodcutting: Fletching and Firemaking. While as a regular account, it can be more beneficial to drop the logs and later on get other logs from the GE when you’re training another skill, as an ironman, it is crucial to consider banking the logs, especially the early levels, since end game you will be able to drop logs from some bosses or high-level monsters, such as the Smoke Devil.

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