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OSRS Cooking Guide 1-99

OSRS Cooking Guide



Want to learn how to get to level 99 in Cooking as efficiently as possible? Read through our OSRS Cooking Guide to learn how.

There are two different sections to this guide. To start, we’ll focus on free-to-play Cooking. After that, we’ll look at how you can get to level 99 as an OSRS member.

Remember that membership will significantly speed up the experience you can gain per hour, saving you many hours of grinding.

Equipment to Obtain

To ensure maximum efficiency when training Cooking, here are some items to obtain first. You don’t have to, but they’re good aids to speed up training.

  • Cooking Gauntlets from the Family Crest quest
  • A cooking range

The second isn’t exactly obtainable, you only need to locate a convenient one. It depends on whether you’re a paid member or not, as paying players have more options. At any rate, with these two at hand, you’ll have a significantly reduced chance of burning food.

Sometimes, convenience trumps since you can also cook with fire. If you’re bumming fish off someone training in Fishing, running back and forth to get to a range isn’t convenient nor efficient. In that case, you’ll have to make do with an open flame.

What's the Best OSRS Cooking Guide for F2P?

Our strategy below is the best F2P OSRS Cooking guide, where we will teach you how to level from 1-99 as a free player.

We will go through the best methods for leveling from 1-99 below. The tips offered will tell where you can find each cooking method. In most cases, you can also buy them from the Grand Exchange if you can afford them.

Level 1-14

At level 1, the easiest thing to do is catch and cook shrimp. It doesn’t require anything to fish, so you can gain fishing experience simultaneously. A good location is a stream near Lumbridge Castle. A better alternative is to cook sardines, which provide 10 more XP than shrimp. Buying all the ingredients would cause you to lose gold, but it can be worth it.

Level 15-29

Once you hit level 15, you should move to trout. If you have 20 Fishing, you can catch trout in the Barbarian Village or Lumbridge. Some fishermen will drop trout while they fish to speed up their experience gain. If you don’t have the level or the money to buy them, consider sitting in fishing spots and picking up dropped trout.

Level 30-49

At level 30, you can move to tuna. You can catch tuna at Karamja with a harpoon, but you need 35 Fishing. You can also pick up dropped tuna, but make sure to bring an ax and some tinder because you won’t be able to find a cooking stove in Karamja.

Level 50-99

Once you hit level 50, you can cook swordfish. Once again, swordfish can be caught at Karamja, but you need level 50 fishing. It is recommended that you do not cook swordfish until level 86 because you won’t burn as many fish.

It will be a very long grind to cook swordfish from level 86 to 99. In fact, you’ll need to cook 67,000 swordfish.

If you purchase fish directly and sell the fish you cook, you’ll spend about 4 million from level 1 to level 99. Note that before you reach certain levels, your food will frequently burn. Going for salmon first before tuna and swordfish will keep you from wasting ingredients and be more efficient. Burning food will not provide XP, so you’ll want to avoid it as much as possible.

How about the Best Cooking Strategy for P2P?

Follow the same steps as above up until level 50. After that, you can start cooking with different methods for quicker experience gain.

Level 1-50

For levels 1-50, you can follow the same steps listed in the F2P section above. We have provided a quick reminder below. Remember that because members can make money far faster, it makes more sense to buy the fish outright instead of fishing for them or picking up other people’s dropped fish.

  • Shrimp – Level 1-15
  • Trout – Level 15-30
  • Tuna – Level 30-50

Level 50-75

Once you reach level 50, you should start cooking lobsters. The price can vary massively, but you won’t lose much money in most cases. You should buy and cook lobsters from level 50 until level 75. You can do it from within the Grand Exchange.

You’ll need to cook roughly 9,000 lobsters to reach level 75. This will take approximately 10 hours of Fishing. If you have a lot of money, you can speed up the process by stopping lobsters once you hit level 68.

Level 68-79

At level 68, you can go straight to making jugs of wine. All you need to do is buy grapes and a jug of water and use the grapes on the latter. You can make wine all the way to level 99. It will take roughly 35 hours to do, and you’ll need to spend about 12.5 million.

If you are low on funds, you should instead stick to lobsters and then move to swordfish at level 75. You can continue to cook swordfish until level 80. If you purchase the swordfish, you’ll lose a few hundred thousand. It will take 5 hours to get from level 75 to level 80.

Level 80-99

Once you reach level 80, you can move to sharks. Once again, buying raw sharks and selling cooked sharks won’t lose you much money. From level 80 to level 99, you should only lose 1-2 million.

It will take roughly 40 hours to go from level 80 to level 99 by cooking sharks.

Overall, you can expect to go from level 1 to level 99 to take roughly 50 hours, or 40 hours if you make jugs of wine.

Going for fish may take 10 hours, but you’ll spend only 2-3 million at the very most, instead of 12-13 million.

Alternate Methods and Additional Information

Cooking Karambwans can be a suitable method for training Cooking. However, you’ll have to finish a few quests to be able to do so. It can be done AFK, but with a slight decrease in XP gain. It can also cost quite a bit of gold to pursue, so take note of that when choosing a method.

Barbarian Fishing is another method you can do. You can cut the fish you catch for some Cooking XP with a knife. The downside is that this only works up until a certain point. In the end, its main focus is on Fishing, so you’ll max that skill out before you can get so far with Cooking. Still, it could be an excellent way to save money and start training both talents.

Ironmen will have to procure their own ingredients, making Barbarian Fishing a convenient activity to do. The other methods are only quick and efficient when buying ingredients in bulk, so those options are unavailable for them.

Wine-making is also available to F2P players, though the sheer amount needed (if starting from level 35) can make it daunting. Only do the methods you have the budget for.

Ironmen and F2P players may use the Mess Hall with the requisite Hosidius House favor. It can be a significant source of XP for the skill, plus you won’t need to store ingredients nor have lots of money. The activity involves serving people by arranging utensils and preparing food. What food you can serve depends on your Cooking level.

Because the price fluctuations on the Grand Exchange are so massive, it is possible to sell fish for more than you purchased them. Usually, though, if you take the possibility of burning into consideration, you are likely to lose a little bit of gold.

There is also one more alternative option for those with access to Lunar spells. With the Bake Pie spell in the Lunar spellbook, you can earn Magic experience while baking pies. You will need to spend money on runes to cast these spells and the uncooked pies.

This method is suitable because you can quickly do it in the Grand Exchange and don’t need to set fire to logs or worry about burned fish. However, it is costly and certainly not the fastest option for earning cooking experience.

You can still use the Bake Pie spell as an effective method for training both Magic and Cooking, and it’s reasonably practical all the way to level 99 cooking. It should only be considered if money isn’t a concern.


Cooking is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient skills to get to level 99. In fact, if you are lucky, you may even profit from buying raw fish and selling the cooked fish. This wraps up our look at the best methods to get to level 99 for F2P and P2P in this OSRS Cooking Guide. We hope that the information in this guide has been helpful to you.

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