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OSRS Runecrafting Guide 1-99

OSRS Runecrafting Guide 1-99



Our OSRS Runecrafting Guide provides the best tips for reaching level 99 as efficiently as possible. We will cover strategies for free-to-play players and paid members, which will be split into different sections.

Each section will offer the most optimal steps for going from level 1 to level 99. If new opportunities come as you level up, we'll explain these and what level it's best to move to the next step.

Runecrafting Support Items

These items will make your Runecrafting training easier. Having them with you will increase your training efficiency and speed it up a little. It's not necessary, but your skilling will be slower without them.

  • Graceful Outfit (or some other weight-reducing clothing)
  • Lunar Spellbook
  • Energy/Stamina Potions
  • Rings of Dueling
  • Necklace of Binding

The Lunar Spellbook is useful for its NPC Contact and Magic Imbue spells. You'll be running around, which makes the weight-reducing equipment a good idea to wear. The potions are there for a quick refill of run energy, so you don't stop on your trips back and forth to the altar and bank. The rings are for quick teleports, and the necklace is for guaranteeing the creation of combination runes.

What you'll actually use depends on what method you'll go with when training Runecraft. However, you'll always need the potions and the outfit.

The Most Optimal 1-99 Strategy for Both F2P and P2P Players

To begin with, we'll explain the best way to get to level 99 Runecrafting as a F2P player. After explaining this in detail, we'll show you the most optimal strategy for reaching level 99 as a paid member.

Like every skill in OSRS, leveling up is far easier if you are a paid member. In fact, the amount of time you save by being a P2P member is so significant that it's almost worth putting the money aside to get a membership if you're truly serious about reaching level 99 Runecrafting.

Similarly, the most optimal strategy can often involve spending more gold than slower methods. Thankfully, you can always buy more gold here at PlayerAuctions to speed things up. Strangely, though, P2P Runecrafting can be a unique way to make a lot of profit while still achieving optimal experience gain per hour.

Here are the steps for leveling up as quickly as possible at every single level.

For F2P players:

Level 1 & 8

At level 1, you should be crafting air runes. You can do this by buying rune essence. We'd advise buying as much as possible because you'll need more for different runes at future levels. You can craft air runes at the air altar slightly south of Falador. You can run back and forth between the main Falador bank and the air altar.

Level 9 & 19

At level 9, you should switch to crafting earth runes. Once again, you'll need rune essence for this. However, you must visit the earth altar northeast of Varrock. You can travel back and forth between the earth altar and the east Varrock bank. Thankfully, the bank is very close. You can opt to use the Varrock teleport to speed things up.

Level 20 & 99

At level 20, you have two options, depending on whether you want to save money or the quickest option available. Both options will take you all the way to level 99.

Option 1: it's the cheapest and involves crafting body runes. You can do this with rune essence at the altar southwest of Edgeville. You will need a 1.7 million rune essence to reach level 99, which will cost 31 million in gold. You can sell the body runes for roughly two-thirds of that price, so you'll spend around 10-15 million.

Option 2 (the quickest one): you should switch to crafting water tiaras at level 20. To do this, you need to combine basic tiaras and water talismans, which can be purchased at the Grand Exchange. To transform tiaras and water talismans into water tiaras, you can run trips back and forth between the Lumbridge bank to the water altar to the south of Lumbridge castle. It's a tiny bit south of the 'Lumbridge Swamp' text on the world map.

You will need roughly 430 thousand water talismans and tiaras to go from level 20 to 99. The overall cost will be 73 million, and you'll only get approximately 1 million back. As a result, you'll lose roughly 72 million from this method. It is, however, far faster than crafting body runes.

For P2P Players:

Before we begin, it's highly advised that you use pouches when leveling Runecrafting as a P2P OSRS member. They let you carry more runes and rune essence, which means you can craft more per trip between an altar and a bank. You can get pouches from monsters within the Abyss.

The small pouch is easily obtainable, requires no repairs, and carries 3 extra essences. All the other ones larger than the small pouch must be repaired periodically. A medium requires 25 Runecrafting and carries 6 essences. A large one can hold 9 more and requires 50 Runecrafting. Finally, a giant pouch carries 12 more but requires 75 Runecrafting. Having all of them results in 30 extra essence slots, letting you make more runes per altar run.

Level 1 & 34

Completing the Enter the Abyss miniquest will unlock the Abyss, which also features the best leveling opportunities for the Runecrafting skill as a P2P member. You must complete the Rune Mysteries quest before the Enter the Abyss miniquest is unlocked. Thankfully both quests are straightforward to complete.

Once you are in the Abyss, you will need to run through obstacles and monsters in the outer ring each time you enter. Obstacles require mining and agility skills – the higher your levels in these skills, the less chance you'll have of failure. You'll be in the inner ring once you make it past the monsters and the obstacles. You can mine runes by visiting whichever altar is suitable for your level. Start at air runes until you are level 9. After, move to Mind runes until you are level 35.

Level 35 & 64

At level 35, you'll need to switch to Chaos runes. At level 44, you can craft Nature runes with Pure essence. You can craft Nature runes until level 65 to get a nice 5.5 million profit, or you can switch to Law runes at level 54-65 for faster XP but less profit.

Level 65 & 99

At level 65, you can craft Death runes up to level 91, upon which you can switch to Blood runes up to level 99.

What's great about using the Abyss is that you can make a considerable profit. In fact, reaching level 99 with the methods we have included will allow you to earn over 100 million gold.

One thing to realize about the Abyss is that it will automatically make you skulled, and you will need to enter the wilderness to get back to the bank. We'd suggest using amulets of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville to save time. You can also use it to teleport to get out of dangerous situations.


Level 23 - 99

Creating Lava Runes is the fastest single method of leveling Runecrafting. However, it needs at least 82 Magic and the completion of Lunar Diplomacy for the Magic Imbue spell. The Necklace of Binding lets you create combination runes without using talismans or failing to complete the rune.

Lunar Diplomacy also unlocks NPC Contact, which helps repair pouches. A Ring of Dueling enables you to teleport to the Fire Altar and back to Castle Wars, shortening your runs. Use the two largest essence pouches to save up some inventory space because you'll also need replacement rings and necklaces. Other runes can occupy the slots to fuel spells, though this can be mitigated by using suitable staves or tomes.

Level 27 - 99

The Guardians of the Rift minigame provides a more engaging way to train Runecrafting. It also provides some XP for Mining and Crafting. More than that, rewards from this activity include the Colossal Rune Pouch and the Raiments of the Eye. The latter lets you craft 60% more runes when wearing the whole set.

A Varrock Armor set will give you the chance to mine double Guardian Fragments for those who don't have them yet. An Abyssal Lantern fueled by Redwood Logs will prevent your pouches from degrading.

This method can be slow, but it certainly beats running from altars to banks and back again. Plus, you can train two other skills while you're at it. The rewards aren't bad either, so this is an excellent method to use even if you're not sticking to it until level 99.

Level 23 - 99

The Ourania Altar is different from all other altars since it can convert Pure Essence into a random rune. It also doesn't require any talisman, tiara, or staff to enter. At lower levels, you'll get more common runes than rare ones. Once you get to the higher levels, you'll start getting rarer runes more often.

A Lunar Spellbook can teleport you directly to the altar, but there are ways to run to it. The latter is not recommended because it can destroy your XP rates because of the time it takes to do so. It can be a profitable method, though only at higher levels when you can get the more valuable runes from the altar.

Runecrafting Quests

Here are some quests you can do to break the monotony of training Runecrafting.

  • Ascent of Arceuus
  • Enter the Abyss
  • The Slug Menace
  • Temple of the Eye
  • Devious Minds
  • The Fremennik Exiles
  • Lunar Diplomacy
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie
  • What Lies Below

Aside from the above, here are some quests that reward lamps or books you can allocate to Runecrafting.

  • X Marks the Spot
  • Client of Kourend
  • Fairytale II - Cure a Queen
  • A Tail of Two Cats
  • The Great Brain Robbery
  • King's Ransom
  • Darkness of Hallowvale
  • A Taste of Hope
  • A Kingdom Divided
  • Architectural Alliance
  • In Search of Knowledge
  • Curse of the Empty Lord
  • One Small Favor
  • Recipe for Disaster (the final battle)
  • Sins of the Father


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